Scared To Let My Cat Outside : Here’s What You Should Do

If you are a cat owner, you are sure to face the dilemma regarding sending your cat to play outdoors. It might scare you to let the cat outside out of fear of losing your furry friend and the possibility of it getting hurt.

You will surely want the best for your cat, and therefore, you need to make a decision that benefits them in every way possible.

Are you scared to let your cat outside?

It is quite familiar for cat owners to get terrified of the idea of their cat being outside without any supervision.

You surely want the best for your beloved kitty and might have often debated whether you should keep it inside your house at all times, or you should allow it to be outdoors.

Being outdoors increases the probability of an accident or an injury, which might scare you a lot. It might also be terrifying for you since your cat can get lost while they are outside, and you never see them again.

It is always advised to make a decision that ensures your cat’s well-being. You know your pet better than anyone.

Your assessment of their personality and behavior will surely help you to decide whether you should allow them to go outside or keep them indoors at all times.

Will my cat come back if I let him outside?

Allowing your cat to be outside can be quite risky as they might not be well adapted to the outside environment.

It also adds to the risk of your cat running away from your home. If you introduce your cat to the outside world for the first time, it is always recommended that you accompany them for the first few times.

You can take them outside on a harness or leash to ensure that they do not get over-excited and run away.

If your cat has a very strong bond with you, it will surely return after it has been outside. You need to ensure that the cat is comfortable inside the house and gets proper food and care.

It is better to take them outside under supervision as it decreases your cat’s chances of getting lost.

Always ensure to keep your house door open when your cat is outside, so it works as a reminder to be back inside after some time.

If you have introduced the outside world to your cat at a very young age, there is a very low chance of them running away.

They will surely return after being outside for some time. But, if you have adopted a stray into your home, there is a higher chance of them running away.

As they have been outside for quite a long time, they might not want to return to their indoor life.

Your cat’s personality also determines whether they will come back to your house or get adventurous and go away to look for new places.

Should you let your cat roam around outside?


If you have a completely comfortable cat with their indoor life, there is no need to let them roam outside.

You might worry about them getting an appropriate amount of exercise, which might eventually tempt you to allow them to go outside.

But, you don’t have to choose to let them go outside merely for training.

You can always choose different types of cat toys available in the market designed to entertain your cat and help them get the required amount of exercise.

However, if you notice that your cat gets anxious from staying inside the house at all times, you might need to allow them to roam outside.

Cats that are enthusiastic about the outside world will frequently stare outside the window and scratch your front door to allow them to go out.

But, their certain risks involved in letting your cat go outside without any supervision. In some unfortunate cases, you might even end up losing your feline friend forever.

Please do not force your cat to roam outside until and unless they are willing to do so. Even if you decide to take them out, try to keep them under your strict supervision.

You can train to walk on a leash or harness to take proper care of their safety. You can also take them in a carrier to a nearby park & allow them to enjoy the outside scenery while being in a safe space.


It is quite reasonable for you to get scared of your cat roaming outside without your supervision.

Keeping them indoors at all times would not harm them in any way. It is safer to keep your cat indoors rather than allowing them to go outside to play.


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