Prescription Diet I/D Cat Food Alternative

An upset stomach or a stomach infection can be a significant reason behind your cat being a picky eater. In such cases, the vet often recommends prescription diets i/d cat food alternatives to help with the cat’s symptoms.

You must look into the variety of options available in the market and research to find the ideal i/d cat food alternative for your cat.

Here is a list of some of the most popular brands of prescription diet i/d cat food alternatives:

Prescription diet i/d cat food alternative

1. Natural Balance L.I.D

In case you are looking for a premium quality cat food alternative with a limited amount of completely safe ingredients for your cat.

In that case, the ‘Natural Balance Limited ingredients diet’ in the green pea and chicken flavor might be quite ideal for you.

Chicken is an excellent source of protein and provides essential amino acids to your cat. Its ingredients are designed in such a way that they get a balanced diet regularly.

The peas in this formula also provide the required fiber content to help with digestion. It is also known to help with cat allergies and reduce weight in an overweight cat without side effects.

Your cat is sure to fall in love with this food, and it will provide a healthy and safe solution to their health problems.

You will surely notice an improvement in your cat’s digestion and other health problems if you continue using it for some time.


  1. Made with premium quality chicken
  2. It is grain-free
  3. Provides a balanced diet and proper nutrition to the cat
  4. Makes your cat’s skin and fur more healthy and shiny
  5. No added preservatives or artificial colors


  1. New formula might trigger allergies in some cats

2. Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet

If your cat has a sensitive stomach, the canned wet food by the brand ‘Instinct’ is ideal for your cat. It is made with limited ingredients that are quite simple and does not cause any stomach complications.

It is made out of real meat and vegetable products, making it natural and a healthier alternative.

It is made with one animal protein and one vegetable, unlike most other wet foods that contain a mix.

It does not contain any grain, dairy, eggs, chicken, beef, corn, sweet potatoes, soy, artificial color, and preservatives, making it easily digestible and safe for the cat.

You will also notice your cat’s coat getting shinier and healthier after switching your cat’s diet to this wet food.

It is very beneficial for cats with allergies as this cat food contains a limited amount of ingredients and avoids several allergens. If you use it for some time, satisfaction is undoubtedly guaranteed by this brand.


  • Simple ingredient list
  • Made with ethically sourced, cage-free turkey
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Helps cats with sensitive stomach and allergies


  • The previous formula has changed a bit

3. Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Natural Adult Dry Cat Food

If you are looking to feed your cat, a balanced diet made out of natural ingredients, the Blue for Cats dry food is the perfect solution for you.

It is made out of the finest quality ingredients and is enhanced with vitamins and minerals essential for the cat’s well-being.

It is effective for cats of all ages and is designed to meet the cat’s essential dietary requirements.

The finest quality real meat is the dominant ingredient in this cat food, followed by wholesome grains, vegetables, and fruits and the bonus ingredient of their exclusive anti-oxidant rich Life Source Bits that are helpful for the cat’s health and well being.

It contains essential elements like Fructooligosaccharide, taurine, etc. Fructooligosaccharide is a plant-derived prebiotic that increases the number of healthy bacteria in the cat’s intestines.

It enhances digestion and helps to get a healthy stool. Taurine is an amino acid that immensely improves eyesight and combats heart problems and eye problems.

This cat food is helpful if your cat has a sensitive stomach or kidney and liver problems. It can also help you reduce your overweight cat’s weight or meet its nutritional requirements.


  • It is made with real meat and loaded with vegetables and fruits
  • It is made out of natural ingredients that meet the cat’s nutritional requirements
  • The high fiber content and essential proteins improve digestive health
  • It helps you to manage the weight of your cat


  • if your cat is allergic to any of the ingredients, it might have a reaction.

4. Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract

The Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Urinary Tract Health cat food is an essential ingredient to meet your cat’s dietary needs.

This nutrient-rich diet that contains a high amount of protein is beneficial for your cat’s well being.

This brand specializes in maintaining your cat’s urinary tract health and strives to avoid infections, kidney stones, and other diseases. It reduces the pH of the cat’s urine and contains a low amount of magnesium.

A large number of cats also favors the seafood flavor. It contains real salmon or ocean whitefish, based on the flavor you choose.

You should try all the available flavors and let your cat decide their favorite. It supplies the cat with essential vitamins and other nutrients.

Your cat’s overall health will surely improve as this brand of cat food contains an optimal amount of proteins and fats.


  • Helps to maintain urinary tract health
  • Provides a balanced diet and the necessary nutrients
  • Seafood flavor available along with other flavors
  • Recommended by veterinarians


  • Cannot be fed to pregnant and nursing cats
  • The presence of salmon might cause allergies in the cat

Things to look for while buying i/d cat food alternative

A) Ingredients

It is always important to look at the ingredients list before buying any i/d cat food alternative. You need to rule out any brand that contains substances that might trigger allergies in the cat.

Brands that use artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, etc. should not be preferred as it can worsen your cat’s health condition.

You need to look at the sources of protein in the food.

You can also lookup the different vitamins and minerals that are available in the food. It will help you make sure that your cat gets a balanced diet that is healthy and safe.

B) Price

While buying i/d cat food alternatives, you need to ensure that it is no way out of your budget. Choose a brand that is good for your cat yet does not hurt your pocket much.

You need to determine a budget before choosing a cat food alternative. It will help you decide which brands you can afford and which brands you cannot.

There are many options that provide your cat with all the essential dietary requirements yet retail at a very affordable price.

C) Quality

The most crucial aspect you need to look for while choosing an i/d cat food alternative is food quality. You should never compromise with the quality of the food as it might impact your cat’s health.

You should look into the list of ingredients and find out about the quality the brands provide. This will help you ensure that your cat stays safe and healthy.


you need to be careful before choosing the right i/d cat food alternative for your cat.

Your cat’s health should always be the priority, and you need to choose a brand that suits their individual needs. Make sure that they get a balanced diet and their daily dose of essential nutrients.