Older Cat Hissing At New Kitten? [ Here’s Why & What To Do ]

Pets are the friendliest creatures you can have who will be the closest to your heart throughout your life. Raising them well with love and care is like raising your own child.

You need to take care of them, ensuring they eat well, their health is fine, and in return, they endow you with the most precious and cherishable moments and memories of your life. So, just like little innocent children, your cat, too, can show some unfavorable behavioral patterns.

But, there is always a solution to every problem. And in the following discussion, we will be discussing the various factors relating to this behavior of your old cat hissing at the new kitten.

So, follow the given discussion to learn the reasons and prevention ways of this behavior of your cat. Without much delay, let us get started with our discussion.

Older cat hissing at new kitten: Here’s why

First, let us understand the possible reasons why your old cat is hissing at the new kitten. It is important to know, for this will help you understand the proper causation and how your cat’s mind functions. As a result, you will tackle this problem more effectively and effortlessly.

So, here are the reasons why your old cat is hissing at the new kitten.

Cats do not like changes

You may be aware that cats are known to be an animal controlling by nature. They are not quite a lover of changes and thus, act quite disruptively when they face changes. When you adopt or introduce a new kitten, it automatically changes the house, which is the environment of your old cat.

Firstly, the new kitten is a new addition to the life and environment of your old cat; this becomes a great change, which, as we know, cats are not comfortable with.

Also, it brings changes in their regular habits or the patterns in which they conduct themselves. Such a change doesn’t appeal to them, which creates anxiousness, irritation, confusion, and thus, aggression. And as a result of this, our old cat hisses at the new kitten.


As we told you earlier, your pets are like your children, and at the same time, your pets, too, consider you as someone very close. So, when you bring a new kitten, you tend to share your love and time with it as well.

It leads you to cut off the time and attention you used to give to your old cat. It is becoming quite disturbing for your old cat, as it should be. It makes your old cat feel frustrated, and thus, it hisses at the new kitten.

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Your cat finds the new kitten similar to itself

When the cats find someone similar to them, they become aggressive because they see the other kitten as their competitor. So, check whether your new kitten and old cat have too much in common.

It can be their gender, color, size, or other characteristic features. But, if your old cat finds the new kitten similar to it, it might be considered a threat or a competitor in the environment which was previously his. And this can be the reason why your old cat is hissing at the new kitten.

Your old cat does not want to share

You may not have been riveting a new cat pad or bed that makes it to sleep or use the cat pad or bed of your old cat. And your old cat does not want to share its belongings with the new kitten. As a result, your old cat becomes angry and aggressive and is hissing at your new kitten.

Also, even after providing your new kitten with a separate bed, it creates the same anger and aggression in your old cat as it does not want to share its belongings. Thus, resulting in your old cat hissing at your new kitten.

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How do I get my older cat to stop hissing at my kitten?

Now that we have discussed the different reasons why your old cat is hissing at your new kitten, it is crucial to know about the remedies to this problem as well. The following list offers the different ways to prevent your older cat from hissing at your kitten.

Try to attend to your older cat as much as you can

One of the easiest ways to prevent your older cat from hissing at your new kitten is by ensuring that you do not leave your older cat unattended. You might be excited about bringing your new kitten but do not cut off the time that you used to give your older kitten.

It is understandable and obvious that you will not be able to give your older kitten the time you used to before, but the difference should not be so huge that it affects your older cat.

Try not to interfere as much as possible

This remedy might sound strange, but it is in the nature of cats to be protective towards their position, power, and place in their surroundings. Since you are introducing a new kitten to the surroundings, which solely belongs to your older cat, it might get protective and, thus, aggressive.

Initially, a few swats and hisses are normal. If it prolongs or intensifies, do interfere by separating the two. And then, by and by, as your older cat gets used to your kitten being around him, the hissing behavior will eventually stop.

Ensure that your cat and the kitten spends time together

It is a very crucial remedy. As much as you encourage your kitten to stay around your older cat and spend time together, your older cat will get used to having the kitten around quicker. It helps in decaying the hissing behavior, and they might also form a good bond.

Allow your older cat to feel superior

Since it was your older cat’s place before, it is important to feel so. Otherwise, it might get protective of its position and thus, become aggressive. So, the hissing will continue.

Is it normal for an older cat to hiss at a new kitten?

Yes, it is absolutely normal for your older cat to hiss at the new kitten. Your older cat might be protective because he sees the new kitten as its competitor. It is also very common among cats because they are controlling in nature.

There are various other reasons that justify that the behavior of your older cat hissing at your kitten is normal. But, you must take it under consideration if the hissing prolongs and intensifies.

How long will it take for my cat to stop hissing at my new kitten?

If everything goes fine, your older cat will stop hiding in a day or two. But, the maximum time till which your older cat should stop hissing at your new kitten is three weeks. After this, you might need to take effective measures.

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These were the different factors related to your older cat hissing at your new kitten. There is nothing to worry about this behavior, for this is quite common.

The remedies mentioned above will help you ensure that your older cat stops hissing at your new kitten as soon as possible. With that being said, enjoy your time with your precious cats and make great memories!

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