My Cat Peed On My Bed Right In Front Of Me : [ Reasons ]

Is your kitten peeing on the bed? If so, it is probably one of the most frustrating things for you. It is frustrating and annoying when you wake up by the smell of pee and realize that your cat peed on the bed while you were sleeping.

In fact, in some scenarios, your lovable cat might pee on your bed in front of you. So, you might be wondering why your furbaby is doing so, right? Well, your kitten might pee on the bed for many reasons. To know all these and prevent such behavior, go through the upcoming segments.

What to do if my cat peed on my bed right in front of me?

You might be wondering what you will do if your kitten peed on your bed in front of you, right? Fair enough. The first thing you need to do is, contact your vet if you presume that your cat is suffering from any medical issues.

It is imperative to consult a specialist, as most of the time, cats peed due to illness.

So, whenever you notice such unusual behavior, you should consider it a sign of serious conditions that should be ministered sooner rather than wasting time. Thus, if your lovable furbaby urinates outside of the litter box or its usual urinating area, go to a veterinarian without delay.

Why does your cat pee on your bed?

Cats peeing on the bed in front of people is a normal thing. As you might know, kittens are emotionally detached and also highly sensitive. As a result, when they try to give humans some message, they often communicate in ways that we cannot always understand.

Peeing on your bed is one such way of communication for them. Therefore, if your coveted cat is peeing on the bed, you need to understand that it might be trying to tell you something.

Besides, there are multiple reasons associated with such behaviors also. If you want to know all these, glance at the section below. We have provided a handful list of all possible reasons that will help you to determine why your furbaby is peeing in your bed.

Medical complications

The first and most prominent reason for cat peeing on your bed is this. Due to various medical issues, your furbaby often peed on the bed. Medical complications like bladder stones, urinary tract infections, bladder infections, diabetes, kidney disease can lead to such problems, and as a result, your kitten peed outside the litter box.

These health hazards cause your kitten’s bladder to inflame. As a result, they cannot control their urge to urinate and reach their litter box in time.

Apart from these, if you notice your cat is in pain when peeing or taking the position to pee and then do nothing, you must understand that your furbaby is unwell. Thus, if your kitten uncharacteristically pees outside of its litter box or usual spot, consult a vet as early as possible.

Litter box issue

Sometimes due to the litter box, your cat might feel uncomfortable and start to pee on your bed in front of you. Many cat owners often made the mistake of keeping one litter box.

But you should keep two and put them in separate locations in your abode. Not only this, but you also need to place a litter box in a secluded area away from the noise as cats never want to feel trapped or vulnerable at the time of urinating.

Apart from the box location, you also should look at the type. You will find different litter boxes like covered, uncovered, small, and large. So, if your kitten urinates on your bed, try different kinds of litter boxes to find if your furbaby has a preference or not.

Therefore, litter box location and types play a dominant role behind such unusual habits. Hence, consider it as a reason for your cat’s such behavior.

Stress or anxiety

Sometimes stress or anxiety is the reason why your cat pees on the bed right in front of you. Stress or nervousness can cause such habits because your furbaby does not feel safe.

It happens due to multiple reasons. If you have recently changed your living place, brought home a baby or guest, or rearranged furniture, you will see your kitten do some unusual behaviors, and peeing on the bed is one of them.

Besides, maybe your cat is stressed because of other pets in your house or other cats hovering around your home. Therefore, these are some possible reasons that create anxiety among cats, and as a result, they urinate on your bed to communicate with you.

Affection and insecurity

Sometimes urinating on your bed has something to do with your furbaby wishing to mingle its scent with yours. If this is the case, it is not due to anger or hatred. It happens out of love and affection.

You will see if you have been out of location for some time, your kitten pees on the bed in front of you as it might feel the urge for extra bonding.

Besides, if someone is sleeping in the bed beside you, cats often feel insecure, and they show it by peeing on your bed. It is so because cats never want to share their owners with others. Therefore, it is another reason behind such a habit.

Litter box mechanics

As you learn, litter boxes come in different shapes and sizes. Besides, these boxes also have various materials and textures. Sometimes your cat might feel uncomfortable using the material and texture while peeing.

As a result, they urinate on the bed to express their discomfort. As a cat owner, you need to keep in mind that the soft underside of their paws is sensitive to textures. Due to this, sandy litter can irritate them, and they might feel uncomfortable using such litter boxes. Hence, choose a box wisely to control their habits.

How to stop a cat from peeing on the bed?

By reading the above segments, you can understand the reasons why your furbaby is peeing on the bed. Now it is time to look at how you can control a cat urinating on the bed in front of you. Again to get some knowledge, read the below section.

Visit a vet

First and foremost, you should take your furbaby to a vet to know if there are any medical complications like kidney disease or infection. It is one of the fundamental things you can adopt to stop such issues.

Look at the litter box

As you might understand from the above segments, kittens are sensitive and have preferences for their litter boxes. As a result, you need to test the litter to determine your cat’s preference.

For example, you can experiment with covered, uncovered, scented, unscented, patterned-litter boxes. Apart from this, you need to keep at least two litter boxes in your home.

Therefore, litter box type, position, and quantity play a crucial role, and if you look at these attentively, you can stop your coveted furbaby’s peeing on your bed behavior.

Remove stress and anxiety

As you know, the cat urinates on the bed out of stress and anxiety too. As a result, you need to teach your cat how to control stress, and you also need to remove things that cause anxiety.

For example, if you change your home or rearrange the furniture, your cat might feel stressed. Therefore, you must keep these things in order and the exact place so that your furbaby feels secure. In this way, you can control your kitten from peeing on the bed?

Other ways

Apart from the above, you can also perform a few things to control their bad habit. For example, you can remove extra pillows, blankets, and mattresses from the bed. Besides, you can also make your bed a play spot. All these will help your cat to control peeing on the bed. 

End Words

Thus, by considering the above reasons, you can understand your cat is peeing on you for various reasons. To stop such behavior, you should first consult a vet to determine if your kitten has some medical issue or not.

If it is okay, you should follow other solutions to stop it. If you apply these strategies efficiently, all these will assist you in controlling your furbaby peeing on your bed. Thus, start working on preventing such issues and helping your coveted cat control peeing on your bed. 


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