My Cat Is Dying And I Have No Money: Here’s What To Do

Having a pet and knowing about their health condition not working fine can be a devastating state for any pet lover. If your cat’s situation is terrible, you can start feeling panicky.

Knowing that your cat is about to die can leave you in distress. Also, you can try harder to get your pet well, but if you run out of money for taking your pet to the veterinarian or giving proper medical care, the situation will be havoc for you.

My cat is dying, and I have no money: What to do?

You may feel helpless at times when a little one will die soon or is near to death, but if you own sufficient money to treat your cat, you can always look ahead in giving your cat the best possible treatment.

However, if you do not have enough funds to provide medical care to your cat, all you can do is wait for his natural death. It can be sad for anyone, but to know your cat will be free from the pain forever will soothe your pain.

On the other hand, you can weep for your cat and start the grieving process. Moreover, you can even try to fund your cat through pet insurance or some help.

You can even try calling a rescue team for pet lovers and tell them about the condition of your cat.

Today, we will give you some ideas on what and how you should treat your cat when he is dying, and meanwhile, you have no money.

If you lack funds to treat your cat but want to give proper medical care, you may look for the following options.

  • Take him to a local veterinary
  • Call to animal shelters such as NGO
  • Sell your old or valuable items
  • Leave for natural death at home

However, all the above options will give you some hope to help your cat survive a little more.

1. Call a local veterinarian

If your cat’s health is worsening, then the first thing you can do for your cat is call out for local help, such as the veterinarian. For this, you need to have some patience as your cat’s health demands human care.

Now, after you take him to the veterinarian, they will tell you about the different ways that you can apply to help your cat’s death.

It can ask you for a certain fee, but few veterinarians do it for free if they know your cat’s condition. However, they may also help you by providing different ideas to euthanize your cat.

On the other hand, if the ideas given by your veterinarian are unacceptable, then you may try explaining your financial condition to the vet.

Your vet may feel mercy on you and offer you a discount or give you the option to pay later. Also, there could be a chance that your vet might let go of your cat’s treatment cost, so he gets a painless death.

We will advise you to always visit your local vet if your cat is dying. Your vet will try to help or offer you an idea that could solve your financial burden and provide relief to your cat’s death.

As such that vets are also pet lovers, there is a fair chance that they had undergone the same situation earlier. They could have a solution that reduces pressure on your cat’s death.

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2. Call for an animal shelter or hire a rescue team for animals

It could be that your local vet is not ready to help or provide you with a solution to your cat’s situation. So, approach an animal shelter or a rescue team for animals that will look after your cat’s death.

You can also go to a local NGO supporting animal expenses. A rescue team will always come forward to help your cat and do the remaining process. Also, they are well aware of the pet’s situation and come up with an idea to help you.

Besides, the rescue team for animals will come to you and ask you to sign the caveat to completely give them the cat’s rights. It is the most painful time when you will be asked to do so.

However, always hope for all the good in your pet’s life as they are the ones who will try harder to give your cat the most painless death by providing euthanasia. By doing so, you could pray and wish for your cat’s health and handover them the rights to look after your cat.

3. Sell your old stuff

However, taking your cat to a vet or calling a rescue team to look after your cat’s health can reduce your expenses, but it can be a bit of a heart-wrenching thing to do.

If you are ready to handle the situation independently, you can always go ahead. Such that you could walk the extra mile by selling your old stuff. It would certainly make you feel fewer grievances and provide your cat with the remaining treatment.

4. Let your cat have a natural death

Mostly, it is alright to let your cat have a natural death. It is rightly courteous as having your cat pass a natural death will eventually give him less pain.

You can also consult your vet and look for some advice, if necessary. When you leave your cat at home to die naturally, you could pray for your cat’s next life.

5. Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is the amount you pay for your pet’s health to secure it in the future. Pet insurance could be an advance option if you have one already.

However, relying on pet insurance is a heartbreaking thing to do as you know that the time of your pet is near to end. So you can easily rely on such insurance as that could cover the expenses of your cat’s health and free you from the financial burden when needed.

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What to do if you can’t afford to take your cat to the vet?

You can do the below things for your cat if you cannot afford to take your cat to the vet.

1. Give your cat a peaceful space to die naturally

If you observe your cat is not doing well, and on the verge of dying, you could give him space to offer peace to them.

Also, let him have a comfortable life at the end of his days and do not disturb him with anything. However, if your cat is doing uncontrolled urination in the bathroom, you should clean it to ensure your cat has a peaceful death.

2. Assist your cat in doing the toilets

If your cat is finding a problem with doing the toilets, you could assist or take them to the lavatory to do the toilet. It could make your cat feel better and content near death.

3. Check for your cat’s health

If your cat is experiencing near death, you are sure to receive signs that will tell about their passing away.

When you check their health, you will understand their suffering better. You could also look for gestures such as appetite changing, body strength, temperature, and physical health.

If your cat is having weight loss or cannot walk properly, you can visit a veterinarian to ask about your cat’s health and tell them to reduce the fee or pay later. You may also look for signs such as your cat trying to be alone or away from everyone to find some space for having a peaceful death.

4. Take him to an Animal Shelter or NGO

If you cannot afford your cat’s treatment, then you can seek help from an animal shelter and request them to look after his dying process. They will eventually visit and help you according to their potential. You will also have to sign consent to give them the entire responsibility for your cat’s death.

5. Sell your personal belongings

If you cannot afford your cat’s last rites, you could sell your personal belongings to get some money in return and help your cat die peacefully.

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Wrapping it up

Taking your cat to a doctor can be expensive at times as you may run out of funds. However, you should follow the above instructions and give your cat a peaceful death.

It is natural for you to mourn your cat’s sudden death, but making things easy for your cat when he is dying could offer you peace and happiness.

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