10 Meanest Cat Breed You Should Know : [ Beware Of These Angry Cats ]

The Meanest cat breed does not convey the actual situation with any particular breed. As we cannot expect similar behavior from every cat of a specific breed, it is not fair to deem one of the cat breeds entirely mean.

What we perceive as mean can also be a result of incredible love and affection. You have to remember that the cat’s behavior entirely depends on how an owner treats the cat.

If you do not like the aggressive side of these cats, it is probably better to stay clear of them. Otherwise, if you want these sassy cats, you can choose them as well.

So, which are some of the meanest cat breeds in the world? There are many cat breeds, but we will cover 10 of them in this article. So, let’s jump into the subject matter straight away.

10 Meanest Cat Breeds With Pictures

There is no such thing as meanest cat breeds, as it is simply some form of reaction that one could portray as mean behavior. We will reflect on these behaviors as we process through the list to see how every cat breed is unique in its ways.

That said, let us move forward to the ten of the meanest cat breeds that we know of and fully decipher all those behaviors.

Siamese Cats

We have all heard the name of Siamese cats as they top the most popular cat breed lists. Their talkative nature and remarkable characteristics managed to win the hearts of millions of people.

However, they can also be on the list of meanest cat breeds for a reason. As you probably know, Siamese cats mostly bond with only one of the family members. Their behavior towards others in the house can be pretty different than what is with their favorite person.

They can be pretty distant and sometimes aggressive with others who are trying to talk to you. They can howl or do something to scare or grab the attention of the other person.

While you can perceive it as mean behavior towards others, someone can also consider it to have a devoted love towards a specific individual. You can even compare this behavior with possessiveness.

So, associating this behavior with meanness is totally on you, but Siamese cats are still outstanding as a pet. You will be thrilled if you take a Siamese cat as your pet, that’s for sure.

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Bombay Cats

Bombay is another cat breed that is known for its excellent social skills. They are extremely friendly, attention-seeking, and sensitive. These beautiful black cats hate loud noises, and they can lash out when exposed to such loud environments.

This behavior is quite understandable, as these peace-loving cats get startled when someone wakes them up with a loud noise. You would expect such behavior from a human being as well.

Attention-seeking behavior can also go quite far as it can be pretty aggressive if you are not paying enough attention. However, it should be common knowledge that the Bombay cats need significant attention for their healthy mental state.

As you can see, both of these qualities are normal, and it falls upon you whether you are going to consider these as mean behavior or not.

Sphynx Cats

This world-renowned hairless cat is also one of the most famous cats in the cat world because of its unique physical characteristics and amiable nature. However, one of the leading behavioral traits is their need for attention.

Sphynx cats love to be the center of the conversation and get as much attention as possible. This need can be pretty hard to fulfill, and many Sphynx owners struggle to do so.

When the Sphynx cat realizes that the cat is not getting enough attention from its owners, they will let everyone know. Being aggressive is one of those traits that come out in this condition. As these cats are very vocal, you will see your cat meow constantly in front of you.

So, you might see this behavior as mean when they demand the attention they need irritably and be aggressive. But you can have the best time with a Sphynx cat if you make it to the center of your world. So, adding Sphynx cats to the list of mean cat breeds is pretty justified.

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Scottish Fold Cats

Scottish fold cats received their name from the folded ears and round faces. However, they are also infamous for one of the behavioral traits. It is a widespread belief that Scottish fold cats only react to humans when they need them. Otherwise, they tend to have separate life.

Apart from that, they also tend to mingle with one or two people at max. They will not interact or get cozy with anyone else. So, your Scottish fold can give a cold response to any visitor. Most of the time, it can even be only the primary caretaker that the cat likes.

So, this trait can seem to be a mean one, and that is why Scottish Fold gets their name into the meanest cat breeds list.

Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are probably the closest cat breed to an actual wild cat, which is evident in their stunning appearance. When the Asian Leopard Cats are the ancestors, the cats are bound to have some wild side to their behavior.

Although Bengal cats are known for their friendly behavior, there could be times when they turn aggressive. This aggression generally comes from their need to be loved, and so we can’t blame them for it.

The aggressive nature of Bengal cats puts them in this list of meanest cat breeds. All they need is attention, and the rest should be just fine with Bengal cats.

Egyptian Mau Cats

Egyptian Maus have a gorgeous appearance, and they make for a fantastic house cat due to their friendly nature. They will bond with everyone in the family equally and love all the members. So, you will not find any problem in bonding with the cats.

They are still on this list because of their protective nature. They can be pretty aggressive if you take their things away from them. This protective nature even extends to humans. They consider humans to be their property, and if anyone comes to the house, they can be pretty protective of you.

While it is a charming behavior from the cat, many people can perceive this protectiveness as meanness because they can go to extreme extents to protect their properties.

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Pixie Bob

Pixie bobs are cute, friendly, playful, and highly active cats. So, you might wonder why these cats are on this list of mean cats. It is not that different from the other cats on this list.

Like any other cats, Pixie Bobs also have a tinge of aggression mixed into their sweet behavior. One of the characteristic behaviors of these cats is that they use different kinds of sounds to communicate with their humans. It would help if you were not surprised when they are growling at you either because there’s a high chance you have missed something.

Another form of meanness can come when you introduce them to a stranger. While they are very friendly with the immediate family members, they remain suspicious of others. One can consider this coldness towards others as meanness.


Singapura cats are well known for their excellent behavior, but let us decipher what one can consider being mean behavior from this cat breed.

As we have seen amongst many cat breeds, they are inherently resistant to new things, and it is valid for Singapura cats. They are reluctant to be friendly with any strangers in the house.

Above that, socialization is crucial for these cats when they are young. If you do not do it correctly, they will have a hard time adjusting to anyone.

Singapura cats also tend to hide whenever they are in an unknown situation. So, people often think it is mean behavior towards strangers, whereas only their shyness overpower them.


Korat is a peace-loving cat breed that likes to stay in a calm and friendly environment. As a result, you would prefer that the cat receives the surroundings that it needs.

The aggressiveness is not because of unnatural or impulsive behavior. It is in the mean cat breed list because of its reaction when exposed to loud noises. It is just any kind of disturbance that causes this behavior.

It is also one of the main reasons why these cats are not good with children. As children can be loud at times, they might react aggressively. So, if you have a child in the house, or your house is on a busy road, it is best if you look for any other cat breed.

Otherwise, these cats are just sweethearts, and you will be pleased to have them once the sound pollution is not a problem.

American Wirehair

American Wirehair is probably the most misunderstood cat on this list. American wirehair owners often forget that the inherent nature of the cat is that they want to be left alone most of the time.

Cats are, in general, entirely independent. It is understandable to be mean when you are invading their private space. It is just extreme for American Wirehair cats.

It is also one of the reasons why they are uncomfortable around strangers. It is tough for them to trust someone, which they can express aggressively.

If you are disturbing their peaceful time, they can even defend themselves with force. That is why American Wirehair makes it into the list. However, we can ensure that they are probably the most unfair ones on this list.

Which Is The Most Aggressive Cat?

When people ask, “which is the most aggressive cat that you can think of?”Siamese cats generally pop into my mind first. These cats are famous for their unique personality and beautiful features.

These cats are highly possessive and demanding in nature. Possessive behavior becomes critical because they often become jealous of others. So, this gives rise to two uncomfortable situations.

As Siamese cats generally bond with only one person, they don’t consider others to be a part of them. As a result, it can lead to conflicts and aggressive behavior towards others.

The other reason for becoming aggressive is their demanding nature. Until you are playing with it and bonding well, Siamese cats create no fuss about it. However, letting the cat alone for a long time creates a plethora of problems. One of which is their loud, incessant meows.

What Is The Most Dangerous House Cat?

When we are talking about house cats, the word dangerous doesn’t come to mind. While it is not extremely dangerous to have one of these cats around, it can cause potential harm to the people around due to their aggressive nature. If we have to pick one breed that you should be careful about, it should be Bengal cats. A

Their direct lineage to Asian Leopard cats makes them wilder than most of the house cats we see. Although they are friendly, playful, and a joy to be with, they can turn aggressive and violent on different occasions.


We want to be clear that all of the cat breeds mentioned here are not inherently mean. Some of them top the most popular cat breeds as well. So, it is entirely on you whether you want to take a particular moment as mean, or are you going to find the cause and solve it.

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