Male Or Female Pitbull For Family? [ Here’s The Answer ]

You can say one thing for sure about a Pitbull: that it is one of the most affectionate canines. As a result, this family pet has earned immense popularity in the pet owners’ community.

Many pet lovers feel interested in this dog breed as Pitbulls can make an ideal domestic dog. But, confusion often arises before adoption.

Which one will be the best for the owner- a male or a female Pitbull? But, there are only a few distinctions between them. So go through our article to select the perfect canine companion for you and your family. 

Male or female pitbull for a family: which one is better?

While a male Pitbull can be the perfect loving dog, the female counterpart will be an appropriate watchdog. Since both male and female Pitbulls can turn out to be excellent pets, it is hard to tell which one is better. Still, some pet owners look for a loving, kind, and respectful family dog, a mongrel that can become a playmate for the children.

If you are looking for this kind of domestic dog, then male Pitbulls will be the apt choice for you. On the other hand, female Pitbulls can protect you from any possible threat. 

Many Pitbull lovers choose female Terriers for their protecting mentality and caring nature.

The intelligent dog can shield her master and even the property. So, a female Pitbull can be extra protection against intruders.

Still, no matter which sex you opt for, proper training and socialization are mandatory for raising a Pitbull. Discipline your pet from an early age so that it can make an ideal dog. Also, read further to know more about both of them. 

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Are female Pitbulls less aggressive than males?

Yes, female Pitbulls generally bear less aggression than their male counterparts. Female Pitbull usually does not engage in fights with other canines. But, male Pitbulls feature more hostility than female ones, even after being well-trained. Although like every other behavior, aggression depends on several factors. 

Environment, training, socialization, genetics, and even sterilization determine how aggressive a Pitbull will be.

Even though you will not find a significant difference between the aggressions towards humans, female Pitbulls show lesser aggressive behavior towards other animals.

But, if your Pitbull is unspayed or going through pregnancy or post-pregnancy phase, it can display more hostility. 

Are female or male Pitbulls better with kids?

Although your children are safe around any well-trained Pitbulls, female Pitbulls are likely to show more affection towards kids than their male counterparts. Both male and female Pitbulls serve exceptionally well as nanny dogs. They are not only the safe playmates of your kids, but the Terriers can also protect them from any threat.

Still, female Pitbulls are calmer and careful with kids than male ones. If you ask the reason, it could be the early maturity only the female Pitbull gains. 

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Are female Pitbulls more protective than males?

Yes, there is a common belief that female Pitbulls are more protective than their male counterparts, but several factors influence the phenomenon. According to the experienced Pitbull breeders, both genders have an equal protective instinct that provokes them to shield their masters.

But, male Pitbulls generally show more protective behavior than female Pitbull. On the other hand, female Pitbulls are the best in guarding a single entity, like the owner.

Also, if they feel their little pups are in danger, they become more protective. That is why many Pitbull adopters train their female Pitbulls to make them good guard dogs. 

Is a female pitbull better than a male?

Yes, in several conditions, female Pitbulls are better than males. Even though both male and female Pitbulls are usually friendly and affectionate towards the owners, female Pitbulls are generally easy to train. It is difficult to tell which one is better male, or female, Pitbull. Since both come with distinct advantages and disadvantages, they can suit their owners in specific circumstances.

Still, if you are looking for a Pitbull with more obedience, female Pitbulls will be the best choice for you. 

Since an obedient dog is easy to train, your female Pitbull will turn out to be a loving dog. Apart from this, female Pitbulls also feature plenty of advantages. They mature earlier than their male counterparts.

So, it is easier for the owners to handle the tantrums. Also, female Terriers do not do markings. So, there are higher possibilities that they will not bark at every stranger who passes in front of them. It could be a calmer and peaceful experience for both the pet owner and the neighbors.

As we have said before, female Pitbulls do not bark easily.

But, it does not mean they are not cautious.

Even in some cases, they are more careful than their male counterparts. Adopting Pitbulls also come with plenty of risks, as they generally feature aggression. 

But with female Pitbulls, you only need to tame a little hostility. As a result, they do not commonly engage in dog fights.

Female Pitbulls are also appropriate as a family dog since they are patient and safe around children. So, if you are a dog lover and like to avail all these advantages, a female Pitbull would be a great choice.

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Male Versus Female Pitbulls Differences

Male PitbullFemale Pitbull
It can grow up to the height of 18-21 inches.Their grownup height generally stays within the range of 17-20 inches.
A grownup male Pitbull can weigh 35-60 pounds.An adult female Pitbull can weigh 30-50 pounds.
They are chubbier and more muscular than their female counterparts.They are slimmer and have fewer athletic features.
Male Pitbulls are less suspicious of unknown persons and animals.Female ones can show suspicion at the very sight of strangers.
It is more attention-seeker and can show various tantrums.Female Pitbulls are more mature and occasionally show childish behaviors.
Male Pitbull can protect not only the owner but also the whole territory.It is more prone to protect a single entity, like the owner.

Even though there are not many differences between a female and a male Pitbull, there are some. Below we have shared all the differences in detail so that a Pitbull lover can decide which one to choose. 

Basic Physical differences

If we compare a grownup male Pitbull to his female counterpart, the primary difference we get is the gender.

Other than that, you will notice male Pitbulls tend to be bulkier and more athletic than female Pitbull.

On the contrary, female Pitbulls are slimmer and do not feature a robust, muscular body like their male counterparts. 

Generally, female Pitbulls thrive up to a height of 17-20 inches, while male Pitbulls can grow even 18-21 inches. If you weigh two Pitbulls from different gender, you will also find a variation in the numbers.

While a male Pitbull weighs 35-60 pounds, his female counterpart weighs within a range of 30-50 pounds. But, both of them have the same lifespan of 12-16 years. 

As we have mentioned earlier, male Pitbulls feature more bulky and husky bodies than female ones. The male Pitbulls are even more chubby and muscular than most other dog breeds.

While on the other hand, the female Terriers tend to feature tinier bodies. Also, the male Pitbulls can even develop their neck and head muscles to highlight a more developed body. 

The head shape of the male Pitbulls generally grows huge and broader than their female counterparts. If you observe minutely, you can notice a more extended jaw in a male Pitbull.

On the other hand, female Pitbulls have narrower and smaller faces compared to the male ones.

Also, their back portion grows longer and thinner than their male counterparts. Apart from these basic variations, we also share some trivial differences regarding their eyes and fur. 

If you closely observe the shape of the eyes of male and female Pitbulls, you will notice the female one has wider eyes.

Along with bigger eyes, the face of female Pitbulls also features tight-packed fur around the mouth. Male Pitbulls do not have these characteristics. 

Variations regarding the temperament

Irrespective of gender, Pitbulls tend to show temperamental issues. They are usually aggressive. Male Pitbulls can be more playful yet independent compared to their female counterparts.

But, if you observe unneutered Male Pitbulls, you will notice they usually feature more dominant personalities than female ones.

While on the other hand, female Pitbulls grow as less aggressive dogs compared to their male counterparts. 

If you do not spay your female Terrier, it could show aggression during and after pregnancy. But, with male Pitbulls, you do not need to worry about any of these conditions.

We all know Pitbulls are territorial dogs. So, what male Pitbulls do is mark their territory by their urine.

Also, if anybody enters into the boundary, they show extreme aggression towards him. 

Although your female Pitbull can mark her territory, this behavior is not so usual to them. Only after sterilizing your girl Terrier can it show this type of behavior.

However, both Pitbulls tend to express less hostility towards humans and other pets after they become well-trained.

Socialization usually makes both genders of the Terriers friendly and easy-to-please.

No matter what sex your Bulldog belongs to, they excite the most whenever they see their human friends. 

But, male Pitbull owners often face an attention-seeking attitude from them. So, if you own both male and female Pitbulls, chances are your boy pup demands more attention from you than the girl dog.

Also, male Pitbulls promptly welcome a stranger if you socialize them rightly, while female Terriers do not come with a social butterfly feature. The male pups tend to be more affectionate and kind than their female counterparts. 

But, with any well-trained Pitbull, you will not face any temperament issues.

Still, there are some exceptions. Often poor environment and improper pet parenting can result in a temperament issue. 

But, the condition appears on rare occasions, so do not worry. Also, male Pitbull puppies tend to be more energetic than female ones. However, the energy level reduces after they hit the milestone of 1 year old.

Having a female Pitbull is a bit more calm experience than owning their male counterparts. Another fun fact, male Pitbulls tend to be clumsier and messier than female ones. 

Health differences 

Pitbulls usually feature fewer medical issues, health problems, and diseases of pets. Both male and female Pitbulls generally lead a healthy life with a span of 12-16 years.

Also, apart from some definite health conditions, they are not prone to catch other diseases. However, female Pitbulls can suffer from specific health issues other than that. 

But, you need not worry, as every Pitbull does not suffer from these illnesses.

If you take care of them properly, they will live in sound health. Still, get yourself aware of the health situations so that you can identify a medical emergency at the earliest. 

Pitbulls are prone to bone diseases and joint inflammation. But, male Pitbulls are more prone to suffer from these illnesses than their female counterparts.

As we have mentioned earlier, male Pitbulls are more energetic than female ones.

So, this is the reason why they hurt their bones more often while playing carelessly. For the same reason, male Pitbulls are prone to suffer more from hip dysplasia and knee problems than female Pitbulls. 

On the other hand, female Terriers are less likely to suffer from bone issues. So, that is good news for the girl dog parents. However, the joint pain issues can be plausible only by allowing them a required break during their playtime.

Pitbulls generally face problems as their hyperactivity makes them run and jump at their top speed. It results in bone injury. Male Pitbulls often tear their ligament while doing any sports. 

Pitbulls often experience struvite bladder stones. But the fact is, the female Pitbulls suffer from this illness less than their male counterparts.

Apart from these, your male Pitbull can undergo various health conditions like thyroid issues, nerve problems, Ichthyosis, cleft lip, balance disorder, parvo, and blindness.

On the contrary, the list enlarges when it comes to the female Pitbulls.

Not only are they prone to these common health disorders, but also there is some specific health conditions only female Pitbulls experience. 

Many female Pitbulls can undergo Pyometra, an infection that affects their uterus. There can be several reasons that can lead to this medical condition.

But, the main reason is the hormonal changes that take place in their reproductive tract.

The sad thing is if the situation worsens, the disease can become fatal for your female Terrier. The only way to prevent this mortal illness is by neutering them at the right time. 

Although male Pitbulls are not prone to such severe medical conditions, they can also develop serious skin issues.

Male Pitbulls generally have short coats that cannot cover the skin fully from bacterial and fungal infections.

That is why they often experience multiple skin disorders like itchiness, skin allergies, mange, tumors, and even chronic skin cancer. 

But, female Pitbulls do not commonly develop any of such skin issues.

Still, they can undergo some serious health problems like breast cancer or mammary tumors. So, if your Pitbull shows any abnormality in behavior or you can feel they are in pain, immediately consult with your vet.

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Wrapping it up

If you compare male and female Pitbulls, you will notice both have their pros and cons. But, appropriate discipline from an early age can make both of them great family dogs with a heart full of love, affection, and care for the owner’s family.

While raising a Pitbull, always remember your behavior and treatment towards them, shape their mentality, and determine the amount of their aggression.

So, along with all the supervision and training, also treat them as your canine companion. Whichever gender you choose, your kindness towards them can make a huge difference.