Male Or Female Beagle For Hunting : Which One Should You Pick?

Male or female beagle for hunting? Want to know? Read ahead. Regarding choosing the correct Beagle for hunting/chasing, there comes a lot of exhortation on the best size or best demeanor.

But shall shouldn’t something be said about picking the right beagle sex? Majority of the canine proprietors convey that male and female canines have diverse personal conduct standards.

Also, both of these can act much more contrastingly after being desexed.

Thus, considering these components among many others, while picking your next beagle for hunting, sex can have a significant effect. 

Male or female beagle for hunting: which one is better & why?

As I said above, your beagle’s sex can play a vital role in its hunting capabilities; still, sex is not everything in this regard to being frank enough.

While sex may not tell anything about their hunting abilities, some differences form specific owners’ specific preferences. Some of these differences are:

1. Size

Of course, male canines are bigger than their female allies and, thus, better hunters. Hence, some owners are inclined towards a male beagle to get greater prey, too, in harder chasing conditions.

Others favor a female as their more modest size implies they occupy less room (less space in the bed) and are simpler to lift (into the truck or onto the table). 

As a thumb rule, if you’re not stuck on a specific variety like a beagle, in this case, you could pick:

  • A female of a wider variety; 
  • Or a male of a more modest variety. 

This way, you’ll get the ideal qualities of both sexes for hunting.

2. Scent detection skills

Those who hunt with male dogs feel that their propensity to sense scent frequently is diverting and a bit irritating.

It may very well be tedious if you need to sit tight for them to meander around spraying their region. It could even frighten their nearby prey.

A canine who is more determined on peeing wherever possible, won’t be focused on the hunting job you have for them. 

Most of the individuals who own male canines don’t get put off by this as it’s one of their tendencies.

Therefore, letting them pee is something you pay for a canine who is dutiful and ready to give their all when you require them. The above is a contrast to a female beagle, and at last, it comes down to one’s taste. 


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3. Intelligence and ease of training & hunting

Female beagles evolve more rapidly than males. This comes as an immense resource with regards to training and/or hunting.

The quicker your canine can comprehend the training guidelines, the sooner they can put their training to the test.

Thus, female canines are more straightforward to instruct than male canines of a similar age. However, this distinction will level out as they age.

The same goes against a male counterpart as they mature a tend slower than females. Owing to this, they find it challenging to get going from an early age.

4. Temperament

Hunting is all about your dog’s temperament. Some female canines can appear to encounter mood swings that set off their game.

Though this mainly breeds dependent, however, as a rule, it is more uncommon in males. For example, in laid-back breeds like retrievers, there lies less contrast among males and females.

While the same is an issue in the females of other dominant breeds. Hence, when it comes to a better temperament for hunting, male beagles win the race.

5. Obedience

As long as your training is practical, your beagle’s sex doesn’t hold that importance in hunting. Yet, it’s a fact that early obedience training is vital for your dog in knowing its place and job (of a hunting dog).

Male dogs are more obedient and affectionate, form a better bond with their owners & their family, vital to some bird hunting elements.

In contrast, females, being more independent and less affectionate, are better for hunting, but may not be for family purpose.

In short, if you’re looking for a dog for merely hunting, go for the female beagle else; males are better for the family purpose too. 


In general, the above contrasts among male and female canines don’t make one notably preferable over the other.

Be that as it may, the above contrasts make one an especially better fit for a specific proprietor.

Understanding where you stand on the strong contrasts among male and female beagles will make you come to a more firm decision.