Maine Coon M On Forehead : Do All Of Them Have It?

Do all the Maine coon cats have an “M” on their forehead? What does it mean? In this article, we are going to explore everything you need to know.

There are several striking features of Maine Coon cats that can differentiate a Maine Coon from others.

These individualistic features include big size, exquisite medium to long hair, pointed ears, square muzzle, and many more.

You have also seen ‘M’-like marks on the forehead of a Maine Coon. So, we often come across cat owners who think that this mark is also an identifying feature of a Maine Coon cat.

While there is a delightful taste of mythologies associated with the markings on the forehead, it certainly doesn’t mean that the cat is a Maine Coon.

In this article, we will look into this unique feature some of the cats possess and answer a few questions to clear your doubts surrounding it.

What does the M on the forehead of a cat mean?

The presence of an M-like marking signifies that the cat is a tabby cat. A cat can have several color patterns, including blue, grey, and tabby is just one of them.

Tabby is the most common cat color pattern in the world. It is one of the main reasons why we generalize the features of a tabby cat with all other types as well.

So, if your cat has M on the forehead, it only means that your cat is a tabby cat.

Do all Maine Coons have an M on their forehead?

No, all Maine Coon cats do not have an M on their forehead. This marking is not a signifying feature of Maine Coon breeds.

However, it is a predominant feature of tabby Maine Coon cats. Tabby cats often possess this distinct mark on their forehead.

There are several types of tabby cats, and each type possesses a different kind of forehead M. But, they have these marks nonetheless.

Hence, we can say that the forehead M is not a trait of Maine Coon cats. There are a variety of Maine Coon cats having solid or bi-color coats that do not have an M on their foreheads.

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What Does The ‘M’ Forehead Marking Look Like?

As we have already mentioned, the ‘M’ marking is a specialty of tabby coat colors.

The actual shape of the M depends on the type of tabby coat pattern that the cat has. According to the Cat Fanciers Association, there are primarily three tabby patterns.

1. Classic Tabby:

Classic tabby cats have swirls of deep color all over its body. This majestic looking tabby pattern is broad, deep and serves as a satisfying contrast to the light background. The ‘M’ marking is due to the frown marks on the forehead.

2. Mackerel Tabby:

This pattern gives fish bone-like markings on the body of the tabby cat. That is why we call it Mackerel tabby. The marking on the forehead is prominent due to the stripes of distinct color and narrow nature.

3. Ticked Tabby:

As the name suggests, this type of tabby cat has ticking throughout its body. It has rings of deep color on the legs and tail.

You can not find any other marking on the body of the ticked tabby cat. However, the ‘M’ marking is very prominent.

How did the Maine Coons cats get the M on Their Forehead?

There are several legends regarding the reason behind this M marking on the forehead of Maine Coon cats.

Although all Maine Coons do not have these markings, tabby Maine Coon cats should have it. Let’s look at the various stories behind this and fascinate that your cat is probably a descendent of a special cat.

1. Egyptian Goddess Mafdet:

We all know that cats were an integral part of the early Egyptian civilizations. Egyptians believed that cats serve as the protector of the home and defend against evil spirits.

There is another myth in which the Egyptian goddess Mafdet brought cats to earth. We can find the cat-faced goddess in the hieroglyphs of the early Egyptian civilization.

2. Muhammad’s love for Cats:

In the Islamic religion, the prophet Mohammed loved cats. There is one story that gained its popularity throughout the ages.

Muhammad used to call his cat Muezza. This story claims that Muezza saved Muhammad from getting bit by a snake.

Muhammad drew an M on the forehead of the cat to express his gratitude and love for cats. The myth also suggests that Muhammad gave the ability to land on their feet after this incident.

3. Mother Mary’s Gratitude:

There is another popular myth about the M mark on Maine Coons in the Christian religion as well. This story suggests that Mother Mary was unable to keep baby Jesus warm on a cold winter night.

So, she asked the animals in the barn to come near the baby. When no other animals came to help, a cat came and lay next to baby Jesus.

The purring of the cat also calmed the baby down and helped him fall asleep. Mary expressed her gratitude by stroking the forehead of the cat, and the mark of M came into existence.


The fascinating stories behind the ‘M’ on the forehead is probably a unique way to look at your cat. Although we can never be sure of the actual cause, this gives us the reason to be proud of it nonetheless.

However, all Maine Coon cats do not have this special marking on their forehead. The M mark is a unique feature of tabby cats.

Almost all tabby cats or kittens will have this marking on their forehead. So, if your Maine Coon cat has an ‘M’ on its forehead, it only means that your Maine Coon has a tabby color pattern.