Maine Coon Grooming Tips & Tricks : 6 Amazing Hacks You Should Try

Maine Coon cats are remarkable for several reasons. The amiable nature, gentle behavior, beautiful round eyes, and pointed ears are some of Maine Coon cats’ notable features.

However, one of the most striking features of Maine Coon cats is their flowy, beautiful coat. They have medium-length fur with a protective undercoat, and they come in several unique colors and patterns.

It may look exquisite, but Maine Coon owners follow a strict grooming regime to ensure the sustenance of that beauty.

If you do not want hair loss and the coat’s matting, you need to follow a specific grooming regime. In this article, we will give you crucial tips to keep a healthy Maine Coon coat.

We will start by giving you some tricks and move into some of the frequently asked questions on the same topic.

Amazing Maine Coon Grooming Tips You Should Follow:

Grooming is an essential activity for any Maine Coon owner.

The long, swirly hair of the Maine Coons needs more attention than a regular short hair cat. You need to know the following tricks and tips to maintain a healthy coat and a healthy cat:

1. Start When They Were Young:

Cats are a creature of habit, and starting a particular regime from infancy can reduce the chances of anxiety because of those activities.

Like any other cat, Maine Coons do not like the grooming process.

However, if you have started this technique from an early age, they are likely accustomed to the brushes, vacuums, or other grooming equipment.

Adopting a kitten has its perks, and developing early habits is probably one of the best perks.

2. Patience:

Patience is a virtue, and you require a lot of it while taking care of a cat. You can take as much time as needed for getting your cat habituated with the grooming process.

You should not be hasty with the process and force the Maine Coon into the grooming process. It can have adverse effects on the cat, and they may despise you and the equipment later.

You can keep the brush and other grooming equipment on the floor where the cat usually plays. Let them play with it and be comfortable with it.

When they habituate themselves with the brushes, you can slowly start grooming them. Remember to give them a treat every time you brush your cat. Be patient with your cat, and the result will be fruitful.

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3. Maintain Grooming Schedule:

We recommend a daily grooming regime for the beautiful fur of Maine Coon cats. But we know that daily grooming may not be possible for you.

In that case, you can make sure that you groom the cat at least once every week. However, it will be beneficial for the Maine Con if you keep a daily grooming session.

You should find a time when you and your cat are comfortable and let it sit on your lap. You can slowly groom her as much as it needs and keep the feller hair out of the fur.

Some cat owners also claim that the regular grooming session helps make a strong bond with the Maine Coon. We can consider it to be a trust-building exercise between you and your cat.

4. Claw Maintenance:

Claw Maintenance is a crucial part of the grooming process. You cannot let the nail get too long as it can create a lot of problems.

Nails are essential for the defense mechanism. Maine Coons prefer to stay indoors, and you can make sure that they get enough opportunities to trim their claws.

You can keep a scratching post where they like to play. Scratching posts or trees are great ways of keeping the nail at an appropriate length without giving a sweat.

You can make sure that the scratching post is long enough to be compatible with the Maine Coon’s large size.

You can also use Nail clippers, grinders, or filing machines to keep the nail in check. It is essential to keep the defense mechanism of Maine Coon cats intact.

However, you can avoid declawing at all costs. It will leave the cat defenseless and vulnerable to attack by other cats or animals.

5. Bathing:

If you have owned cats in the past, you should be well aware that cats do not like the idea of bathing. They despise it.

However, Maine Coons are well-known for their love of water. You can train a Maine Coon with regular bathing to keep the fur in the best condition.

Bathing will reduce the chances of matting and tangled hair.

Like the grooming technique, you should be patient with the cat while training them to take a bath.

You can introduce bathing to them when they are young and slowly build on that as time progresses.

6. Daily Teeth Brushing:

Oral hygiene is another significant part of keeping a healthy Maine Coon.

This particular breed is prone to developing dental or gum issues, and that is why you need to be notably careful about oral problems.

You can follow a daily schedule to brush your Maine Coon’s teeth.

It will keep the oral health perfect, and your Maine Coon will not suffer from any undesirable toothache.

How Often Should I Groom My Maine Coon?

You should groom your Maine Coon daily. If you are not finding time for the daily grooming session, make sure to groom it at least once per week.

However, a healthy recommendation is 2-3 times every week. If you are finding hairballs everywhere in the house, you should groom as soon as possible

Should Maine Coons Be Shaved?

We strongly discourage shaving the Maine Coon. Maine Coon cats need their fur for protection against the weather.

It saves them from getting sunburn, and it also protects them from cold weather. So, shaving the Maine Coon will leave them defenseless against the weather.

However, if the coat is matted, and there is no other way, you can shave the Maine Coon. You cannot let the cat go outside after shaving the fur.

Should I Shave My Maine Coon In The Summer?

Maine Coons have double-layered coats to withstand freezing climates. However, in recent years, these cats have become an indoor cat breed, and the need for such an efficient coat lost its importance.

Many would believe that the Maine Coons suffer a lot due to their coats during summer, as it probably feels like a human coat on a hot summer day.

However, it is not how Maine Coons feel about their coats. Maine Coon cats do not have a problem with their coats.

Although it might seem that the unique coat is only there to save the Maine Coon from cold climates, it saves them from harsh weather.

Hence, the Maine Coon can keep a colder body temperature when the outside temperature becomes too hot. We can say that you definitely should not shave Maine Coons in the summer unless it is necessary.

How Often Should You Shave Your Maine Coon?

Honestly, you should not shave your Maine Coon if it is not necessary. You need to shave your Maine Coon only when the fur becomes matted.

If that is the case, don’t take the responsibility of shaving your Maine Coon. You might hurt the cat unknowingly, and it can exacerbate the situation. So, you should take the cat to the veterinarian if that is the case.

You might need to have a Maine Coon shave when the cat has an injury at some particular place, and it needs some dressing. Skin disease may also need a bit of shaving.


By now, you should be comfortable with the grooming technique of Maine Coon cats. It is one of the most crucial parts of owning a Maine Coon cat.

We have provided you with the best grooming tricks you should follow if you own a Maine Coon cat.

You must keep the Maine Coon healthy, and maintaining the fur of the Maine Coon cat is notably crucial in that case.

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