Maine Coon Breeders : Check Out The Registered Breeders Across USA & Canada

Maine Coons are one of the most majestic purebred cats in the world. Cat owners often regard them as the ‘gentle giants.’ They are probably the largest domesticated cats in the world.

However, they are like ‘giants’ in terms of their magnanimity as well. They are one of the most lovable cat breeds in the cat world and their dog-like behavior.

These features are the reason why Maine Coon became one of the most popular domesticated cats.

However, adopting a purebred Maine Coon can be a tough job for many cat owners. Countless fake breeders would sell you an unpedigreed Maine Coon.

You need to be extremely cautious about the breeder, and it will be beneficial for you if you check the breeder’s background thoroughly.

So, it becomes a monumental task for any cat owner or prospective cat owner.

In this article, we have made a list of all the respectable Maine Coon breeders in the United States of American and Canada and answered a few frequently asked queries to help you go through the process of adopting a Maine Coon.

List of Maine Coon Breeders in USA & Canada:

Looking for a respected Maine Coon breeder can take a considerable amount of time and energy.

So, we have compiled a list of breeders in the United States and Canada and saved you from going through the same process. You can choose according to your location.

TICA or The International Cat Association is a world-renowned cat club that conducts several cats shows worldwide.

They also control the accepted features of every purebred cat in the world. They excel in maintaining the pedigree of the cat, and they are passionate about this.

So, we preferred the TICA approved breeders because of the assurance. Other than that, we have also given the reputed breeders in Canada and the USA’s top 20 states.

Maine Coon Breeders In United States of America:

List of Maine Coon Breeders In California

Name of CatteryWebsite
Cascade Mountain Maine Coon Kittens
Windwalker Maine Coons
Whatatrill Maine Coons
Gold Rush Maine Coons

List of Maine Coon Breeders In Florida

Name of the CatteryWebsite
Caylee’s coons
Sassy Koonz
Ma Melody’s Maine Coons
Florida Maine Coons by Opticoons
Tropikoons Maine Coon Cats

List of Maine Coon Breeders In Massachusetts

Name of the CatteryWebsite
Oldestage Cattery
Codycats Maine Coons
Uncle Buck’s Kitty Korner
Koontahdin Maine Coons
Barncat Classic Maine Coons

List of Maine Coon Breeders In Virginia

Name of the CatteryWebsite
SaraJen Maine Coon Cats
Dreamcoon Maine Coon
Makanacoon Maine Coon Cats

List of Maine Coon Breeders In  Colorado

Name of the CatteryWebsite
Rocky Mountain Maine Coons
Coonplay Maine Coons
Spirit Hill Maine Coon Cattery
Maine Characters

List of Maine Coon Breeders In New Jersey

Name of the CatteryWebsite
Coonalley Maine Coon Cattery
Classic Cool Cattery
Claddaghcoon Maine Coons

List of Maine Coon Breeders In  Maryland

Name of the CatteryWebsite
Aslans Paw Maine Coon
RP Cathouse

List of Maine Coon Breeders In Texas

Name of the CatteryWebsite
Pip and Paw: Maine Coon Cattery
Maineflashes Maine Coons

List of Maine Coon Breeders In  North Carolina

Name of the CatteryWebsite
Carolina Meows
Sassietats Maine Coons
Tarheel Paws
Kissycoons Cattery
Panther Hill Maine Coons

List of Maine Coon Breeders In Indiana

Name of the CatteryWebsite
Lincolnshire Maine Coons
Koontyme Maine Coons
Maine Glory Cattery
Maine Coon Classics
Coon Shadow Maine Coons

List of Maine Coon Breeders In Michigan

Name of the CatteryWebsite
Koontucky Maine Coons
Mainegate Maine Coon Cattery
Artcity Maine Coon Cattery
Celebrity Maine Coons
Exotic Purz

List of Maine Coon Breeders In Illinois

Name of the CatteryWebsite
Wild Onion Maine Coons
B Street Cattery
Ray Du Soleil Maine Coons
Coon Shadow Maine Coons

List of Maine Coon Breeders In Missouri

Name of the CatteryWebsite
Mojo Maines
Leady Paw Maine Coons
Vasili’s Maine Coons
TuftsN’Ruff Cattery
Acadia Coons

List of Maine Coon Breeders In Arizona

Name of the CatteryWebsite
Game on cats
Suncoon Maine Coons
Advent Hill Cattery

List of Maine Coon Breeders In  Oregon

Name of the CatteryWebsite
Maine Cave CatteryL
Mymains Maine Coon Cats

List of Maine Coon Breeders In Ohio

Name of the CatteryWebsite
Mains LVRS Cattery
BekkrAmee Maine Coons
Maine Villa Cattery
Waggs Coons

List of Maine Coon Breeders In Connecticut

Name of the CatteryWebsite
Dracoonfly Maine Coon Cats
Amerikoon Maine Coon Cats
Coonificent Maine Coon Cats
Marikoons Maine Coons

List of Maine Coon Breeders In Maine

Name of the CatteryWebsite
Thunderpaws Maine Coon
Le Beau Minu Maine Coon Cats
Four Paws

List of Maine Coon Breeders In Georgia

Name of the CatteryWebsite
Beargap Coons Coons
Windtara Maine Coons
CORO Coons Cattery
Behold and Kumskaka Maine Coons
Samberkat Maine Coons

List of Maine Coon Breeders In Washington

Name of the CatteryWebsite
Big River Coon
Dar Morev Maine Coon Cats
La Rhea Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon Breeders In Canada:

List of Maine Coon Breeders In Ontario

Name of the CatteryWebsite
Rarefield eleveur Maine Coon
Harkleen Maine Coon Cats
Prairiebaby Canada Maine Coon Cats
Minoos-Okinaneko Maine Coons
Hookedoncoons Cattery

List of Maine Coon Breeders In Quebec

Name of the CatteryWebsite
Lococoon Maine Coon
Chatterie Lilicoon Maine Coon
Triskel Maine Coon
Chatterie Maine Coon

Why should you use registered Maine coon breeders?

Now you should have a list of breeders whom you can contact and schedule a meet. However, you need to be too sure when you are adopting a purebred Maine Coon.

There are several reasons why you should contact a registered Maine Coon breeder and stay away from the ‘backyard’ breeders. Let us look at the following points to understand the necessity –

  1. Registered Maine Coon breeders will always be a part of a club. These clubs determine the features that are acceptable for a specific cat breed. So, choosing a registered breeder will help you in receiving a perfectly well-bred Maine Coon Cat.
  2. Registered Maine Coon breeders will register the Maine Coon cat beforehand. You will receive a registration certificate from the respective association. You can also get the purity certificate of the cat you are adopting.
  3. If you are buying from a registered Maine Coon breeder, you can also check the parent cats’ purity. You can make sure that the lineage of the cat does not have any fault.
  4. You can ask for references to the particular breeder as reputation is crucial in the cat world.
  5. You can ask any question about the Maine Coon cat, and they will confidently answer them.
  6. They will raise them well until you buy. & after that, it’s your job to raise them for life.

Read more about raising Maine coon Cat here.

How to spot check fake breeders?

Spotting a fake breeder or ‘backyard’ breeder is crucial for any prospective cat owner.

You need to know about certain things and be nosy about the cat breed. You can ask the following questions to check if the breeder is legit or not –

  1. Ask basic questions about lineage and health care. Then ask about the parents of the cat.
  2. Ask them to show their entire heritage. Fake breeders won’t have any certificate for the cat. So, ask for the certification of the cat and its parents.
  3. You should ask if you can meet the parents of the cat.
  4. You can ask for references for the breeder.
  5. Ask for a written contract for the cat.

Where Can You Buy Maine Coon Kittens?

Buying a Maine Coon cat will be simpler than a grown Maine Coon cat. Most cat breeders and experts recommend that you buy a kitten rather than buy an adult cat.

You can find Maine Coon kittens at most of the breeders listed above. Search for a Maine Coon Cattery near your place and ask for a meet.

However, there is always more demand for kittens. So, you may have to wait for a long time before adopting a Maine Coon cat.


Maine Coon cats won most Americans and Canadians’ hearts because of their pointed nose, majestic hair, pointy ears, and loving nature.

There are a lot of breeders available throughout the USA and Canada. But you have to be extremely cautious about the breeder.

That is why we have given you an elaborate list of respected breeders in these two countries. We have also helped you with answers to a few frequently asked questions.

All you need to do is go through the list, find the nearest breeder near you, and schedule an appointment.

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