Is My Pitbull Too Skinny? [ Here Are Some Ways To Know ]

Pitbulls come with stocky, athletic, husky, and muscular body features. However, some Pit mixes can have a natural skinny and lean figure if they have one parent belonging to a softer breed.

But, this is rare. So in common, if you feed your dog the right amount and keep it active, your mongrel can maintain the proper body weight as per the age.

It also assures their well-being. But, sometimes, inexperienced pet parents fix the daily diet schedule without consulting the vet, and it results in malnutrition that leads to the skinny physique of a Pitbull.

Is my Pitbull too skinny?

If the breed of your Pitbull tends to have a muscular and heavyweight physique, but the ribs of your dog are visible, then your Pitbull is too skinny. Even though Pitbull naturally inherits a chunky structure, the pet owner should take care of him properly to maintain his health and body weight.

That is why it is vital to feed your mongrel the right portion and nutritional supplements prescribed by your vet.

Also, keeping them physically active is equally significant since canine malnutrition is a concerning matter arising worldwide.

If your dog looks skinny and underweight, it is an alarming situation.

It might indicate multiple health problems for a dog. But, do not land on any conclusion just after finding out the skinny body of your Pitbull.

Take him to the vet and let him check your lovable pet thoroughly. Wait patiently until the doc confirms whether your Pitbull is underweight or not.

Many vets have shared valuable information and simple tips to identify whether a Pitbull is healthy or lean.

According to an expert, a healthy Pitbull should look like an hourglass from the top and side view.

This unique body shape also confirms that the mongrel has proper weight. You can also find tucked-up stomach body features in a perfectly fit Pitbull.

Having less fat does not make your Pitbull skinny.

Often pet owners think only a chunky figure or a chubby body shape has the connection with the proper weight of a Pitbull.

But this is not the case. While your friend’s plump and muscular Pitbull can be perfectly healthy, your pet can also achieve the health goal even after being skinny.

Moreover, the vets suggest a healthy Pitbull should not have a trace of fat over the legs or arm area.

But if the ribs are visible in your Pitbull or the spine shows lumps, then there are chances your loyal four-legged friend is too skinny and underweight.

In this case, your Pitbull is probably suffering from malnutrition too. So the sooner you take it to a vet, the more chances your Pitbull will get recovered.


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Why does my pitbull look so skinny?

Generally, Pitbulls come in stocky figures with solid and strapping body features. A thin Pitbull is rare to see. But sometimes, a few breeds of Pitbull can appear skinny naturally, and there is nothing you can do about it.

But, if your healthy, muscular, and sturdy pet starts losing weight excessively, there is something wrong with it. No doubt, this severe condition requires urgent medical help.

Multiple reasons can be responsible for the extreme skinny figure of your Pitbull. Below we share some of them.

  • If your Pitbull feels a loss of appetite, it can severely affect his health and make him underweight. A strong reluctance towards food can be a health issue that requires an emergency medical call. If your active Pitbull suddenly gets immobile and does not want to eat food, this can be because of the loss of appetite. There are chances this phenomenon can result in a skinny Pitbull.
  • If a Pitbull daily gets malnutrition, he can also appear skinny. A proper diet with adequate nutrients is mandatory for this dog breed to maintain good health and appropriate weight.
  • Often in the shelter, canines do not get adequate nutrients due to the lack of personal care. So when you adopt a Pitbull from a shelter, there are chances it can be thin. And for the rest of his life, it can tend to be skinny. Hopefully, you can fix it only after following a proper diet chart recommended by your vet.
  • Over-exercising can tire your brawny Pitbull and aids in burning more calories than needed. It can provide your lovable pet a super skinny and unhealthy appearance.
  • Apart from all these possible reasons, there are still some health issues that can turn your Pitbull thin and lean. If this is the case, immediately ask for medical help.

If your Pitbull puppy looks feeble, there are countless ways you can improve its health. But if a Pitbull inherits a skinny body, then it is normal.

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How to identify if your pitbull is too skinny and underweight?

It is not easy to measure whether your Pitbull is skinny on its own or not.

With a grown-up Pitbull, it is almost next to impossible. Still, we find out ways to tell if it is underweight and requires proper care.

  • Even the Pitbulls that tend to get thin cannot appear bony. So if the ribs and spines of your Pitbull are visible, then it is an underweight one and requires an emergency visit to the vet.
  • Never conclude anything on your own when it comes to the matters related to the health of your Pitbull. Some canines can be perfectly fit even with a slim stature. So it is vital to consult a doc before taking any step.
  • Look at your loyal Pitbull from above to check whether the curve from the hip to rib is definite. If it is prominent, then your pet is probably underweight.
  • Bulging pelvic bone can be a sign your Pitbull is skinny and requires a few more pounds.

These DIY methods only provide a vague idea of what is going on with your Pitbull. If you feel anything wrong with your pet, consult with a vet as soon as possible.

What to do if your pitbull is too skinny?

When it comes to the weight issue of a Pitbull, you often hear the problems related to dogs getting overweight.

But an underweight Pitbull is very unusual to see.

Often Pitbulls lose weight rapidly due to some medical illness or just because they are picky eaters.

However, no matter what reason leads to this unfortunate event, the fixation of the issue is the only way to recover.

When a Pitbull turns into a picky eater, the adopter is the one who is responsible for this.

When you provide spice-up dog foods, snacks, treats, and human food to your Pitbull, it gets used to an improper food habit.

The pet owners often forget this diet chart lacks a lot of needed nutrients for his Pitbull.

When a Pitbull gets habituated with this unhealthy food habit, he can show a strong reluctance towards regular foods. At this point, your pet needs the motivation to eat healthily and gain weight.

Often improper lifestyle can accelerate the weight loss process. In this case, feed your Pitbull puppy food that surprisingly aids your pet in gaining weight.

Usually, puppy foods contain more proteins and fats that quicken the weight-gaining procedure.

Here we have shared all the necessary steps you can follow to help your skinny Pitbull gain some weight.

  • Closely monitor the eating habits of your dog. How much food they are consuming. Do they feel full after devouring the food? Or still have an appetite even after eating?
  • Ensure the amount of food you provide your Pitbull is enough for them to fulfill every nutritional requirement. Watch out carefully whether, after finishing the food, they still want more food. Pitbulls cannot eat more than they need. If a Pitbull requires more food, even after providing them the recommended amount, chances are the portion is not sufficient as per their requirements. In this case, do not delay consulting a veterinarian and set the diet chart according to his advice.
  • Also, ask your vet whether your pet is getting the required nutrients from its regular food or not. Since nutritional deficiency can cause weight loss in a mongrel, chances are the Pitbull needs additional supplements to gain weight.

For the first few days, you monitor the food habits of your Pitbull.

Even slowly increase the portion of its food, and still, you see no improvement. If this is the case, your forever friend requires urgent medical care.

Take 5 pounds of blended raw meat, 5 cups whole-grain cereal, 2 ½ cups of wheat germ, six egg yolks, and five packets of unflavored gelatin.

Then add molasses, vegetable oil, and a recommended amount of weight-gain supplement to the mixture. Now mix all these thoroughly and serve the portion as per the vet’s advice.


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Final verdict

Hopefully, our article has provided you with every information you might want about a skinny Pitbull.

So after going through it, if you feel your Pitbull can be underweight, immediately head to a medical visit. Follow expert instructions to ensure a safe and speedy recovery of your mongrel.