Is My Cat Part Maine Coon? Here’s How To Identify

This article is going to cover if you got a part Maine coon or not. So basically, after you finish reading, you should be able to identify if your newly owned pet is full breed Maine coon or part Maine coon.

Many cat owners have asked whether they have a purebred Maine Coon or a mix of Maine Coon and other breeds.

And we can never be sure of the purity of the breed unless you have appropriate certification.

You can buy purebred Maine Coon cats only from registered breeders, and authorities like The International Cat Association (TICA) or Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) who give the certificates.

You can never be entirely sure of the purity of the cat without the official papers. However, you might feel that your cat looks like a Maine Coon, and you are not sure whether it is a Maine Coon, or not.

In that case, this article will help you to answer the question at hand. If you can match these characteristics with your cat, then your cat might as well be a Maine Coon.

Otherwise, if some of the traits match, it is probably a Maine Coon mix. Let’s look at these characteristics to determine whether your cat is a Maine Coon or not.

Is My Cat Part Maine Coon?

You can be sure if your cat is part maine coon by looking at physical traits like head, eyes, ears body, and legs along with behavioral traits like gentle, social, etc. You can also opt for DNA testing. 

Ways to find if your cat is a part Maine Coon:

There are several characteristics of Maine Coon that you can match with your beloved cat, and check if you can find similarities.

These characteristics are the traits of a purebred Maine Coon, and it is not possible to find many similarities.

In that case, you might just have a mixed Maine Coon cat. However, you can always have a DNA test of your cat to check the purity.

If you don’t want to go for the pricey alternative, you can check the following physical and behavioral traits to determine whether your cat is part Maine Coon.

Physical Traits –

There are several physical traits that are unique to the Maine Coon cats. You can check the following physical characteristics to verify the authenticity of the Maine Coon cat.

1. Head Shape:

This feature is quite apparent when you see a Maine Coon cat. The width of the head is medium. However, the length of the head is more in comparison to the width.

It results in a unique and exquisite look of the cat. You can’t also forget the prominent cheekbones of these majestic-looking cats.

2. Chin and Muzzle:

One of the most striking characteristics of Maine Coon’s face is the square muzzle and the blunt end.

If your cat has this kind of facial structure, you can be glad and move on to the next feature that could be similar. If not, there is still hope.

3. Eyes:

Maine Coons are well-known because of their brilliant, vibrant, colorful, expressive, and oval-shaped eyes.

Maine Coon cats can have a variety of colors like blue, gold, amber, orange, green, or amber. However, if your cat has white fur on its body and does not have Blue eyes, then it is probably not a pure Maine Coon.

4. Ears:

It is one of the most prominent features of Maine Coon cats.

Many of the newly bred Maine Coon cats do not feature this feature, but the hair sprouting from the top of the ears is a strikingly attractive characteristic.

If your cat has the lynx-like extensions from its ears, you can be sure that it is at least part of Maine Coon.

5. Muscled Body:

Maine Coon cats have a long, muscled neck and chest. All the body parts are proportionate to each other.

This majestic-looking creature will catch your eye if it is near you. The females are slightly smaller than the male. However, the size difference is not that apparent.

6. Legs:

The sturdy and medium-length legs are also a crucial feature of the Maine Coon cats. Their forelegs are entirely straight, and back legs are slightly curved.

There are other prominent physical features of Maine Coon cats which include –

  • Paws
  • Tails
  • Coat
  • Color
  • Voice

Behavioral Traits:

When you have finished figuring out the physical traits of your cat, you should look into the behavioral aspects as well.

Maine Coons are loving, adorable, kind, and playful cats, unlike many other breeds. So, if you want to be sure, you need to look into the behavior of your cat and match it with purebred Maine Coon cats:

1. Affectionate:

Maine Coon cats can be such sweethearts while showing their affection for you.

Many Maine Coon owners have reported that the Maine Coons follow them around the house, maintain eye contact, cuddle with them, bump their heads on their feet while purring.

2. Dog-like:

Maine Coon cats are playful, and you can play with them for hours. They will follow you around the house and show dog-like loyalty. It is why we often regard them as the dog of the cat world.

3. Gentle:

This beast of a cat is as gentle as it can be. Not only the size of the cat is big, but it also has a big heart as well. The name of ‘gentle giants’ fits perfectly because of their kind and amiable nature.

4. Sociable:

Maine Coon cats can be friendly around other cats or animals. They are a fantastic companion for your toddler as well. These cats are delicate and will not harm anyone around them.

DNA Testing:

If you are almost sure that your cat is a Maine Coon, but not sure if it is 100% pure or not, you can always go for a DNA test.

The research clinics report around 90% accuracy in determining the real ancestry of the cat. However, this small endeavor can cost you $100.

You will get the results within 6 to 8 weeks after sending a sample of your cat’s DNA. One of the significant advantages of this test is that the results will also contain the details of any genetic disorder if your cat has any. Early detection can be a lifesaver in that case.


By now, you should be significantly clear about the traits of purebred Maine Coon cats. You can check these traits one by one and determine whether you have a mixed Maine Coon cat or not.

The chances of having purebred Maine Coon are going to be less if you did not buy it from a certified breeder.

If you find out that your cat is not Maine Coon, you should love the cat all the same. All the cats are lovable creatures, and they deserve your attention at all times.