Is It Cruel To Keep A Cat In One Room? The Answer You Need To Know

Have you ever kept your cat in a room & then your mind is frequently asking if it’s cruel?

Sometimes, we become frustrated with their behaviors and lock them in a room.

In this article, we will explore If Is It Cruel To Keep A Cat In One Room.

It is cruel to keep your cat in one room without any particular reason. Also, if you are a working cat parent who locks her cat in a room while you are at work so that your house does not get messed up, it is cruel.

Freedom is vital for all living beings, whether humans or animals. No creature deserves to be cooped up in an enclosed space, especially animals.

If you have a pet at home, you must be aware of how important it is to take your pet for walks, either in the park or even on the streets.

They get excited as soon as you wear your shoes and pick up their leash as it means going out and running around in parks or smelling weird objects on the streets.

Unlike humans, animals are not habitual of being locked in a room. They should be taken for frequent walks and must be able to roam in your house freely.

Is it cruel to keep your cat in one room?


For a minute, just go back and remember your childhood memories. How happy you used to get at the mere idea of going out of the house, for a walk or even a bike ride.

Now imagine the time when your parents said no to you for stepping out of the house. Did you get mad at them, threw a fit, or even started crying, begging them to take you out?

You called them cruel if they refused, didn’t you? Now think about your cat and realize how she must feel being locked up in a room all day with no fresh air or even a new place to pee and poop.

Keeping your cat locked in a room against her wishes may result in behavioral issues(1), mood swings, or even trust issues at times.

Every creature deserves to roam freely, especially your pets, who need a large space to accommodate and play.

Many times, feline parents keep their pets in one room with the fear that their house will get dirty or smell of cat litter, or even the cat will shed her hair all through the house.

If you keep your cat in one room due to the reasons mentioned above or even for any other reason, such action is considered to be cruel.

Cleaning your cat’s litter, taking her out for walks, allowing her to roam around the house is a part of all the things you sign up for when you bring a cat home.

You can’t keep your pet in one room all the time when you can’t even sit properly in one place for more than an hour.

However, it is not always cruel to keep your cat in one room. Most of the cats feel shy and demand privacy even from their parents.

They may not choose to go out for walks or to meet other cats in the park and are just content in snuggling with their owner at home.

A lot of cats also adopt their owner’s habits. So if you are an introvert who doesn’t like stepping out of the house, your cat might even become an introvert too and will not leave the room. You will not be a cruel pet parent in this case.

There can also be other reasons when your cat herself chooses to stay inside a room on her own accord. It can happen if you have a lazy cat in your household who just likes to chill on the sofa in one place and is not bothered with other cats or humans.

Also, there may be many times when your cat is afraid of going out. It can happen due to a dog at your home or in your neighborhood.

If you have an old cat at home or a kitten, or if your cat is sick, it is good to keep them in a room to protect them from any harm.

If your cat enjoys being at home, then it’s perfectly acceptable to keep her in her room and take care of all her needs.

Decorating your cat’s room

If your cat does not prefer going out of the house, you can design a beautiful warm cat playroom at your home where your little pet can enjoy and have fun all by herself.

PS: I use this item for my cat so he can play whenever he wants. I also use this amazing tree from armarkat to decorate my room. It’s a tall tree with 57 Inch and does a pretty good job.

There are a few things you should consider before creating a cat playroom in your home.

  • You can turn your kid’s nursery or your study room or your old bedroom into a cat’s playroom. The place may not necessarily be large. It should have adequate space for the cat to run around freely. Make sure that you remove all the sharp objects from the room so that your cat does not hurt herself while playing.
  • You should design ample climbing spaces for your cat. It will keep your cat indulged in activities. Create an elevated rack or resting place for your cat where she can spend time in peace. You can also get a cat tree.
  • Do not put any furniture or curtains in the cat’s playroom. She will chip and claw and destroy the furniture in the room. Instead, create a separate scratching space for your cat that feels soft on her claws.
  • Place a small, neat bed in the corner of the playroom. The bed should be fluffy, warm, and well-padded.
  • Fill your cat’s room with plenty of cat toys available in the market, such as wand teasers or laser pens.
  • Place a small neat litter box in the room which can easily be accessed by your pet. Also, take care of all the necessities of your cat, such as a food and drinking bowl.


Keeping a cat in a room all day is dependent on both the cat’s as well her parent’s choices and behavior. A lot of cats enjoy snuggling on the bed with their favorite human.

Cats can be shy or moody at times, or even lazy to move out of a room, leave alone an apartment. In these cases, it is not cruel to keep your cat in one room.

However, it will be cruel on your part if you lock your cat in a room just to punish her or without any reasonable cause.

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