Is It Cruel To Crate A Dog While At Work? ( Answer Explained )

Majority of the people these days are struggling to find a work-life balance. We hardly have time for ourselves. This becomes an even bigger issue if you have a pet at home.

Dog parents struggle to take care of their furry buddy while at work. Therefore, to keep their dog safe, and to protect any damage or chaos at home, they keep their dog in a crate when they are working.

However, is it cruel to crate a dog while at work? This has been argued on both sides. Some people think that the only option to make your dog stay at one place during their office timings is to crate him.

Others are totally against keeping a dog in a crate during the owner’s long working hours.

Is it cruel to crate a dog while at work?

A lot of workaholic dog parents have no option other than to crate their dog while they are at work. However, frequently putting your dog in a crate for long hours is cruel.

It can have negative impacts on your dog. Your dog’s crate is supposed to be his den, his sanctuary where he feels safe and loves playing.

If you turn the crate into an enclosed cage where your dog stays for long hours without any physical movement, it will amount to cruelty. It can lead to temperament issues in your dog and in most cases can make him aggressive.

Why is it cruel to crate your dog while you work?

Will you prefer being locked in a small place with no place to move or stretch for several hours? It will be called cruelty.

Similarly, your dog will also not prefer staying locked up in a crate for long hours while you are working. There are many reasons why leaving your dog in a crate for unreasonable hours will amount to cruelty.

Firstly, your dog will not be able to move out for peeing. Secondly, you will stop him from playing. You might also instill fear and trust issues in your dog by keeping him locked and cause behavioral issues in him.

No access to outdoor:

Even if you make sure to take your dog to loo before leaving for work and after coming from work, it is highly impossible that he will not want to go to pee or poop while you are at work.

It is also unlikely that your dog will hold his pee for lunch ng hours. He will have no other option than to pee or poop in the crate. Till the time you return from work and clean the crate, your dog will have to sit in a dirty crate.

Curb their playing instincts:

Dogs are playful animals and love exercising. They are furry bundles of joy and energy and love playing or goofing around.

They will either be chewing something or digging dirt or roaming around the house. If you put them in a crate for several hours a day while you are at work, you are stopping them from playing. All they would have to do is sit idle inside the crate.

Instill fear and trust issues in your dog:

There are high chances that you will instill fear and trust issues in your dog if you keep him inside his crate for long hours during the day.

He will fear going inside the crate thinking that he might be locked up for hours again. He might also fear being left alone and think of crate as a form of punishment. Your dog might also stop trusting you and can stay aloof.

Cause behavioral issues:

Leaving your dog inside a crate during your working hours is cruelty. He will not only consider crate as some punishment but also become aggressive.

The dog crate should be used for training purposes. Overusing a crate may lead to aggression in your dog. He can also become unfriendly and start to hate socializing.

Things you can do if you do not want to crate while working

Each living being deserves the freedom to move freely. There can be certain restrictions but you can not force them to stay idle at one place without any chance of moving freely.

Most of the dog parents commit this mistake of putting their dog in a crate for several working hours. It may become necessary to put your dog in a crate while you are working so that there is no destruction while you are away.

However, crating is not a feasible option and is hazardous for your pet. There are plenty of alternatives available to take care of your dog while you’re working.

Go through the following methods to see how you can keep your dog safe during the weekdays.

Dog proof room:

If you have no option other than leaving your dog alone at home while you go to work, the best alternative to keeping your dog in a crate is to create a dog proof room- for your pet.

The room should be able to take care of all the needs of your dog when you are not present at home. You can also put his crate in the room so that he has easy access to it and can play in the crate as well.

Do not keep any sharp or harmful in the room or keep it on a raised surface where your dog will not be accessible to it.

Also, allow your dog to move out to pee or poop. This will prevent him from making the floor dirty. Keep a water and food bowl for your pet. Put all his toys in the room. He will not feel caged or punished when you are at work.

Dog sitter:

You can ask your partner, friends or family members to look after your dog when you go to work.

If you can’t find anybody, it is always best to hire a professional dog sitter that will take care of your dog. He will provide proper meals that your pet and will also take him for walks and play with him.


If your dog does not adjust with a dog sitter, then you can drop him at the dog daycare centres on your way to work. A dog center also has many other dogs. Your dog will not feel lonely and can enjoy and play with other dogs.

Manage work-life balance:

if you have a pet at home, it is important to maintain a healthy work-life balance so that you can spend quality time with your dog. Take occasional work from home if possible. Do not leave your pet alone for more than a few hours.


Keeping a dog or any pet or animal for that matter, in a closed cage with no access to the surroundings or permission to move outside amounts to cruelty.

If you leave your dog for 1-2 hours in the crate while you are at work, your dog might adjust to the routine.

Even in such cases you should ask your friend, family or even a caretaker to look after your dog when he is crate.

This way you can ensure that your dog is safe and happy. However, it is cruel to keep your dog in a crate daily for long hours while you are at work. It is advisable to consider your work schedules before you adopt a dog.