Is Hummus Bad For Cats? Here’s The Truth You Should Know

You open a container in front of your cat, and it will come running towards you. It may not be possible to avoid those googly eyes looking at you and asking for food.

So, many cat owners end up giving the food to the cat. Now, this chain of action should be entirely dependent on the food.

Many manufacturers use products that may not be toxic to humans but can be toxic to cats.

If you wondered whether Hummus is terrible for your cat, this article would be beneficial to you. You might be wondering whether Hummus is terrible for cats or not.

The answer is a big NO. It would help if you did not give Hummus to cats at all costs. First of all, there is no nutritional value to Hummus. Apart from that, few ingredients can be detrimental to the health of the cat.

In this article, we will explore this topic even more and give a quick guide when dealing with hummus and cat. Let us begin by exploring why hummus could be bad for your cat.

Is Hummus Bad For Your Cat?


Yes, hummus is terrible for cats. The taste of hummus can vary from one place to another. However, the primary ingredients of hummus will always include garlic and chickpeas.

Both of these are surprisingly toxic for cats. Garlic can cause toxic reactions in cats even in small quantities as it increases the chances of anemia.

While garlic will be detrimental to the cat’s health, chickpea is an ingredient that is not natural for a cat’s diet.

As they cannot digest chickpeas, it can cause problems like kidney and stomach stones, arthritis, etc.

As a result, you have to avoid hummus when it comes to your cat. We know that you want to share as much as possible with your cat, but hummus should not be one of them.

Do Cats Like Hummus?

There is no apparent reason for your cat to like Hummus. It is not easy to say whether they like hummus, even when they are eating it.

Cats probably eat hummus because they see you eat it with chips. It is not necessary for them to like hummus to eat it.

Humans have a unique ability to determine the possible ingredients from the taste of food. Cats do not have that ability, and they do not realize that the food contains harmful ingredients.

Similarly, cats do not have any idea that Hummus contains garlic, lemon juice, or chickpeas that can be toxic to them.

So, you have to be the one who restricts hummus from your cat, as they won’t be able to do that.

If you see your cat eating hummus, you have to stop your cat from eating it too much. It is your duty as a cat owner to look out for them and stop them from harming themselves.

What To Do If Your Cat Eats Hummus?

As we have said previously, hummus is toxic to cats. More specifically, chickpeas, garlic, and lime juice present in the hummus are harmful to the cat.

So, you might be wondering what if your cat eats hummus. We have said that it is harmful to cats, but a small amount won’t cause any cat reaction.

For example, if your cat suddenly licks some hummus off the spoon, it is not a cause for alarm. You can understand that hummus contains a small quantity of garlic.

As the cat only ate a small amount of hummus, the garlic quantity in it is even less. As a result, taking it in minimal quantities will not be concerning for you.

But, if the cat has hummus in a large amount, you have to take it to a veterinarian as soon as possible. As garlic can cause an instant toxic reflex in the cat, the earliest intervention will be most crucial.

Chickpeas cause problems in a long-term manner. It will slowly worsen the cat’s health, and it is equally harmful to the cat. So, taking the cat to a vet is the best course of action for you.

How Much Hummus Should You Feed Your Cat?

It would help if you did not feed hummus at all as it has toxic ingredients like garlic, chickpeas, and lime juice. So, no amount of hummus is suitable for your cat.

However, if you ask how much hummus is okay for the cat to have and not cause any problems, we can answer that.

A small amount like a lick from a spoon or a lid will not cause any problem for the cat. However, you have to make sure that they don’t receive more than that. It must be your duty to restrict the cat from having hummus.


So, it should be clear now that you can not feed hummus to your cat. Having hummus can cause a plethora of problems for them, and they cannot understand that when they are having a go at it.

So, the responsibility of stopping them from having hummus falls on you.

A small amount of hummus will not be a harmful thing for the cat, but if you have even the slightest doubt regarding the amount of hummus that the cat ingested, you have to go to a veterinarian check-up. You have to look out for your beloved furball.