I Accidentally Stepped On My Cat ? What To Do Now?

Pets are notorious for appearing out of nowhere and finding the most unusual spots to lie down. They come for their owners and try their best to sit close to them.

Cats are really fond and protective of their human friends and may not leave them alone at any time. They stick to their owners and follow them like a tail all around the house and anywhere they go.

Sometimes, pet parents are not even aware that their cat is following them. A lot of times, they suddenly turn around and hear a wailing sound.

That is when they realize that they have accidentally stepped on their cat’s tail or paw. A lot of cat parents do not know what to do in such circumstances and instantly panic thinking that they have hurt their pet.

In this article, we are going to explain what to do if you have accidentally stepped on your cat.

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I accidentally stepped on my cat. What should I do?

If you want a quick answer here’s it is:

If you accidentally stepped on your cat, you should really approach her carefully and see if she is fine. Take her outside and try to pamper her so she can feel the love.

Have you ever been in the same boat where you accidentally stepped on your cat’s paw or tail in darkness or even during daylight and kept thinking about it for the entire day feeling sad or remorseful?

If the answer to this question is yes, then you must have felt that you have committed the greatest sin in the world by stepping on your cat and that there can be nothing worse than hurting the sensitive, little, furry creature who means the world to you and your cat might never forgive you for hurting her and breaking her trust.

‘What should be done’ is the biggest question that arises in the mind of the pet parents as soon as they overcome the two-seconds-shock of stepping on their cat and return to their senses.

Well, for starters, all you should do is take a deep breath and not panic. Console yourself later. However, realize that this was not intentional and your cat’s cry is very natural.

What is your reflex action when someone accidentally steps on your toes? An ‘ouch’ sound right? It makes the other person realize that they are standing on your toes and he immediately steps aside.

Similarly, it is natural for cats to make a noise when they have been stepped upon. It is their way of asking you to remove your foot from their tail or paw. Now the next step is to check the damage caused by you while praying that your cat is not injured.

1) Approach her carefully-

At times when pet parents step on their cat, they become frightened and move away from you to protect themselves and check for any injury.

In some cases, they even hide and may not come before you for hours. If your cat is frightened and runs away, try to approach her in a calm and friendly manner. Offer her favorite food. Pat her slowly and caress her fun. Calm your cat down.

2) Check her if she is fine-

When you accidentally step on your cat, you might injure her. There might be a bruise or a cut or bleeding if you are wearing slippers.

In the worst cases, there might be a broken bone. Bend down to pick up your cat, make her sit on the bed or couch or any other comfortable place.

Carefully check for any injury, cut or bruises. Lift her hands and legs slowly and see if she yelps in pain. Ensure that there is no fracture.

If she looks fine to you, put her on the floor and make her walk a bit to confirm that there is no broken leg or any other serious injury.

If you feel that there is even a slight possibility of fracture or some internal damage, immediately take your cat to a vet for a full body check-up.

3) Pamper her-

After thoroughly examining your cat and ensuring that there is no injury, you should apologize to her by pampering.

Offer her treats, snuggle with your cat, shower more love and kisses to her, play games with her, give her toys along with doing other things that make your cat happy and satisfied.

If she is injured and is unable to move and have been prescribed medicines by the vet, then she might need extra care and pampering. You do not have to worry, instead, help her to get better soon.

4) Take her outside for fresh air-

If your cat looks fine to you, take her outside for fresh air and to calm her nerves. If she is still unable to walk, carry her in your arms and go for a short walk or just step outside for a few minutes. It will help both you and the cat to relax and be at ease.

5) Monitor her for a few weeks-

Sometimes, there is internal bleeding or damage that you might not be able to figure out on your own. Even if your cat looks to fine to you physically, she might have got an internal wound.

Therefore, it is extremely important to be vigilant for a few weeks and look out for any symptoms or unusual behavior in your cat.

Monitor her closely to make sure that she walks and eats properly. Take her to a vet as soon as you find anything alarming.


Pet parents treat their cats as their children. They are extremely cautious and caring while handling their cats in the same manner as parents take care of their babies.

But as we all know, it’s impossible to know their behaviors. They do wired stuff like meowing when you cough, suddenly do not let you touched, or meow before going to bathroom etc.

Even though it is unfortunate and sad to step on your cat, you have to immediately get over the guilt to ensure that your cat is fine and not hurt.

Also, remember that it is human to make mistakes and that your cat loves you and will forgive you for the accident. Take good care of your kitty afterwards and check for any sort of cuts or bleeding. Make up for the mistake and apologize in your own way.

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