How To Tell If Your Cat Is Part Siamese ? Here Are Some Ways

Siamese cats have unique physical features, quirks, and behavior patterns. You can differentiate between a Siamese cat and any other breed by just looking at it.

These immaculate features are the reason behind their world-renowned fame. If you have adopted a mixed breed cat from a backyard breeder or cat shelter, you can never be sure of the breed of cat you have.

Although Siamese cats have prominent physical and behavioral features, these traits may not be apparent in a mixed breed Siamese cat.

So, you have to go through a tedious process of comparing your cat’s behavior with purebred Siamese cats’ behavior.

This article will point to Siamese cats’ characteristics that should help you decide whether your cat is part Siamese.

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Part Siamese?

Knowing if your mixed breed cat is a part Siamese can be challenging for any cat owner. There are few tricks that you can figure this out with a little attention to detail.

Hence, you can go through the purebred Siamese cats’ natural traits and match them with your cat to conclude. Let us start by addressing the physical characteristics of a purebred Siamese cat.

1. Physical Characteristics of Siamese Cats:

In this section, we will go through some of the most identifiable physical characteristics of Siamese cats. You can understand whether a cat is Siamese or not just by the look of it.

But this method is tedious for a mixed breed Siamese cat. So, you can match the traits one by one and decide for yourself.

A) Colour:

Siamese cats have point coloration. In this type of coloration, the main body has a lighter shade of cream, and the ears, paws, tails have a darker coloration.

These dark parts on the light-colored body are generally known as points. It is a genetic property of Siamese cats, and all the Siamese cats must have this point coloration.

If you have a kitten, then the kitten’s body has to be white, as they reach the fully colored state after one year of age.

Even if your cat does not have a point color pattern, it can have a point colored offspring. It happens due to the recessive nature of the gene.

So, if your cat does not follow the specified color pattern, don’t be disappointed. It can still be a part Siamese cat. Proceed to the other determining factors for a clearer understanding.

B) Eyes:

Siamese cats have prominent blue eyes, and it is one of the most identifiable characteristics. The shade of the eyes can vary from a lighter shade of blue to dark ocean blue color.

The shape of the eyes is also like almonds.

These two details will come in handy while deciding the heritage of your mixed Siamese cat. If your cat has green or brown colored eyes, then the cat is not a Siamese cat for sure.

C) Face Shape:

The shape of the face depends on the type of Siamese cats. There are primarily two types of Siamese cats – traditional Siamese cats and modern Siamese cats.

While Traditional Siamese cats share more prominent features of their ancestors, Modern Siamese cats also have similar face shapes.

However, some breeders are now focusing on extreme facial features, and it can be quite apparent in some mixed breed cats as well.

If the cat has a wedge-shaped head, the chances are considerably high for it to be a part Siamese cat.

D) Body Shape:

The unique body shape of the Siamese cat can also help you in this case. Modern Siamese cats have elegant slim bodies with thin necks.

The traditional Siamese cats are comparatively thicker than their modern counterparts. You can see the photos of Siamese cats to understand the differences.

2. Behavioral Characteristics of Siamese Cats:

Siamese cats also have outgoing, talkative, and amiable behavior different from other cats. Hence, you can compare these behavioral characteristics to determine whether your cat is part Siamese or not.

A) Outgoing Personality:

Siamese cats can be talkative and friendly to humans and other pets in the household. It is one of the most brilliant features of owning a Siamese.

If they are fond of you, they will let you know that quite blatantly. Siamese cats have the habit of following you around the house, without leaving you for a moment.

It will stay near you for as long as possible. Hence, if your cat shows similar behavior, there is a chance that your cat is also a part Siamese cat.

B) Moody:

Siamese cats are also a high maintenance cat due to their need for attention and moody behavior. They need your utmost love and affection all the time.

If they are not getting attention, they will be depressed or anxious. However, if you are spending enough time with the Siamese cat, they should not bother with their loud yowling or meows.

C) Vocal:

Another defining characteristic of the Siamese cats is their vocal nature.

Many cat owners consider them to be one of the loudest cats in the world. They are a remarkably intelligent breed, and their vocal demands only justify that.

D) DNA Testing:

DNA testing is a useful but costly way of determining the breed of your cat. Several agencies around the world can determine the percentage of each cat breed from a DNA sample.

You can send a follicle of hair to these agencies, and they will reach you with the results within a month.

These agencies will give you a complete analysis of their breed, and you can trust it without batting an eye.

This technique can be useful for another reason. They also notify you if your cat has any genetic ailment.


Adopting a Siamese cat can be one of the best decisions in your life. Their loving behavior and strikingly beautiful features make them one of the most desirable cats in the world.

However, a purebred Siamese cat can cost a fortune. Above that, the caring of Siamese cats can also toll a hefty amount on your budget.

If your adopted cat or kitten shows some of the Siamese cats’ characteristics, then consider it a blessing.

Siamese cats are undoubtedly one of the best cat breeds globally, and if your cat shares a few of the qualities with them, it is better for all the right reasons.

Siamese, or not, you should love the cat all the same.