How To Raise A Baby Pitbull? [ Find Out Here ]

Pitbulls indeed have a bad reputation. Their corrupt past represents them as the most vicious and aggressive dogs in the world. But, you can blame the carelessness of the owners for such an unwanted outcome.

If you take care of your Pitbull puppy correctly, it can grow up as a loving canine companion. Below we have shared the detailed procedure you can follow while raising a Pitbull puppy properly.

How to raise a baby pitbull?

Nurturing your pet is no less tricky than parenting a child. Just like a kid, your way of raising a Pitbull puppy determines how well-behaved it will be.

Unfortunately, people often come to know about the dog breed from the fighting and attacking stories.

So, there is a general belief that Pitbulls are aggressive and dangerous dogs.

But, the fact is, instead of blaming the Terriers, you need to blame the owners who bring up Pitbulls in a wrong way.

The behavior of the pup shows the way you train it. Always remember, in the right hands, the Pitbull can grow up to be the most generous and tender dog.

Also, improper training can make them dangerous canines.

So, as a Pitbull owner, you need to make an extra effort while raising your Pitbull puppy. Remember, with proper parenting, training, and disciplining, a Pitbull can grow up as an ideal domestic dog too.

1. Start training as early as possible

Training is the most effective way to raise your Pitbull puppy as the most obedient, kind, and protective dog. The earlier you commence training your Pitbull, the better the result would be.

But, it does not mean you cannot discipline an adult Pitbull. In that case, you need a lot more time and patience to get the optimal outcome.

However, professional Pitbull trainers always advise you to start training your Pitbull at the age of 2-3 months. If you train your puppy from the right age, your pet will obey your orders at the time of their 5-6 months of age.

2. Your good spank can make the Pitbull aggressive

Pitbulls are like little kids. So, patience is vital while raising them correctly. Often, people suggest a few spankings if they do something wrong. But, it does no good to your pet.

When you whip your little furry friend, it expresses your aggression towards him. All these phenomena can result in a violent, dangerous Pitbull with brutal nature.

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3. Socialization is the key

A well-behaved Pitbull does not show aggression towards any unknown person or animal. If you want your puppy to turn out such a well-mannered canine, commence socialization at the earliest.

You can smoothly do it every time you take your puppy for a walk. You can take the Terrier outdoors after they turn 2-3 weeks old. It helps the pups to know the strange outer world and gets used to it.

Socialization also helps Pitbulls to show appropriate behavior towards strangers.

Since Pitbulls feature an in-born hostility and temperament, socialization makes them behave friendly even with other animals. Also, the procedure teaches your Pitbull to get familiar with different kinds of people, animals, and atmosphere even from an early age.

4. Commence the obedience course at the earliest

If a Pitbull does not obey its master, it is not safe with other humans or animals. So, start obedience training for your Pitbull puppy at its two months of age.

Begin with some primary instructions, and level up the training slowly. Teach them to retreat immediately after your command. Successful obedience training decreases the possibility of fatal attacks caused by your Pitbull.

5. The puppy should obey you, not fear you

Remember, Pitbulls show the exact behavior they get from their pet parent. So, do not try to represent yourself as a hostile, scary master who spanks their pet at every mistake.

Instead, allow positivity, patience, and calmness while interacting with your Terrier puppy.

That not only makes your Pitbull obedient to you but also turns them into loving pets with a heart full of kindness.

6. Make the pup your workout partner

Regular exercises help Pitbull puppies to spend their energy constructively. It also helps accentuate their athletic features.

Daily workout makes both the Pitbull and the owner healthy. So, make your furry friend a perfect workout companion.

7. Create a routine and stick to it

Pitbull puppies thrive properly on routine. When you bring the puppy home, only a strict, consistent schedule will help it get accustomed to the new environment.

Schedule every activity, such as mealtime, sports, sleep, and even potty time.

A Pitbull puppy that follows a routine does not take much time to get familiar with its surroundings.


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8. Puppies need supervision for the first few days

Keep your puppy under your supervision until it gets familiar with every corner of your room.

No matter what it does, never allow it to roam freely, even within the house.

Since Pitbull puppies are so energetic, they can cause an accident and hurt themselves. So, let your dog explore its new home only when you are with it.

9. Set the boundaries and allow it to roam free within it

After spending a few days, you will notice your Pitbull puppy becoming used to the new environment.

Now, you can expand its casual roaming area, but only include the safe places of your house in the area list.

You can encourage them to explore new things, but let them know the boundaries. Thus they will become well-behaved pups.

10. Good behavior deserves a reward

If your baby Pitbull does something wrong, scold it. Repeat the action several times until they do it correctly.

But, when they do something correctly, praise them with some treats. Rewards can inspire your Pitbull to do the right thing next time. Also, they will love you for the little surprises.

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Is it hard to raise a Pitbull?

No, it is not difficult to raise a Pitbull correctly. After reading the lengthy procedures of raising Pitbulls, you may think it is a hard job for you. But, believe us, it is not.

Parenting Pitbulls requires nothing but your patience and dedication. Also, stick to the routine consistently, and do not give up easily while training the Pitbulls.

If you offer your affection, love, and respect towards your puppy, it will show gratitude and kindness towards you in every action. Raising your Pitbull as the ideal domestic dog is a worthy investment.

What do you need for a baby pitbull?

When you bring a Pitbull puppy home, it is almost like welcoming a new family member. So, as a pet parent, you need to make sure that your furry little companion gets all the necessary items from the very first day.

Also, keeping all the required supplies in the reach to help the owner handle the situation more smartly.

But before purchasing the products, remember the demands of your Pitbull can upgrade with their age. Below we have shared the items you need for your baby Pitbull.

Food and water bowls can help you with measurements.

The moment Pitbull puppies hit the age milestone of 20 days, introduce them with food and water bowls.

Firstly, using proper bowls can help you keep the apt measurement of the food and water the puppies intake at once. Secondly, using a designated container during mealtime can make them more obedient.

Offer them collars with identification tags

Since Pitbulls are robust dogs with highlighted athletic features, you need to keep sturdy and thick collars on them.

It will prevent them from pulling on the leash and running away. Also, the identification tag can assist you in finding your dog if it goes missing.

Toys for Pitbull puppies are a necessity

The amount of energy a Pitbull puppy holds can surprise you.

So, if they cannot concentrate or focus on anything, they can spend their energy mischievously. To prevent it, offer them toys. The playthings will not only engage them for long but also help their brain to develop.

Nutritious dog foods

Since Pitbulls are muscular dogs, they will require a healthy balanced diet to thrive rapidly. Their daily food chart must include a high amount of protein to keep them energetic all day long.

As Pitbull puppies need to exercise regularly, you can feed them supplementary dog food to fulfill any nutritional deficiencies.

But, we suggest consulting your vet before preparing the diet chart.

Grooming items are a must

As Pitbulls feature short, silky furs, it is easy to groom a Pitbull. You only need a soft-bristled brush, mild shampoo, and hypoallergenic conditioner to ensure zero sheddings.

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House training a Pitbull Puppy

A guidance article on raising Pitbulls is incomplete without the detailed discussion of house training. Since the owner does not have enough time to clear all the discharges of the pets, house training needs to start at the earliest.

As house training is not a swift job, you need to keep positive reinforcement and patience to complete the job successfully.

Once you train the pup, it will go potty at the designated place without messing in the room.

But, set a realistic expectation since a two-month-old puppy can hold urine for no more than 2 hours. So, accidents can happen. Anyway, you can follow the steps to house train your puppy.

Set the mealtime

The digestive system of your Pitbull puppy is so effective that it can rush to poop even after 5 minutes of eating or drinking.

So, keep an eye on the pup for the first few days to figure out when it needs to go potty.

If their expression changes, command them to go outside to finish the job. Wait to see the result for the first 2-3 weeks after starting house training your Pitbull.

Designate a spot for the business

House training your Pitbull puppy does not mean it can go anywhere outdoors to do its business.

Assign your pet a proper spot for pooping and train him on the leash for the first few days.

Command them to do it at the proper place

Set a command or instruction for your Pitbull puppy so that it can understand your order during the house training.

Using voice commands not only makes them obedient but also encourages the pups to go potty outside.

But, do not use different words or phrases to avoid confusion. Fix one instruction and stick to it.

Reinforce positivity into them

We all love to hear appreciation after doing something good. Pitbulls are no different. When you scold them more often, do not forget to praise them after they do something correctly.

They also love to hear well done.

So, when they finally start to finish their business outside, praise them. Let them know that they have done an excellent job.

House training can test your patience. But do not lose your mind.

Try to stay vocal during the starting days of house training. Do not worry. Your puppy will quickly become house-trained if you follow the steps.

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Obedience training for Pitbull Puppies

Start obedience training for your Pitbull puppy from two months of age. Although it might seem early, it can ensure the optimal result.

Also, an obedient puppy will turn out to be the most loyal and affectionate pet.

So, here we have penned down the most effective procedure of obedience training for a Terrier puppy. You can follow it.

  • Start with some basic instructions, such as ‘sit,’ ‘stand,’ ‘lie down, ‘fetch,’ and ‘leave it. All these commands are vital to raising obedience in a Pitbull. Also, if your pet follows your order promptly, the chances of fatal attacks of the dog reduce.
  • Represent yourself as the alpha so that the puppy obeys you.
  • Reward them right after they do something correctly, and correct their mistakes during the session calmly. Your impatience can cast a negative impact on your puppy.

Bottom line

Since Pitbulls are little balls of energy and sometimes become a handful, they are not apt for everyone.

But, if you train and socialize them from a very young age, they will thrive as one of the most affectionate, loyal, and loving pets in the world.

Offer them your time, love, and attention. They will return all these for the rest of their lives.