How To Make Pitbulls Bigger? [ Here Are Some Ways ]

A well-defined muscular structure on a Pitbull shows the elegance and strength of the canine. The amount of care you give to it results in its physique.

You can identify a Pitbull only through its husky and muscular attributes. So, if your dog is skinny and underweight, it can question your caregiving.

Although, you can make it heavier in two ways by making it fat or muscular. While obesity is not a preferable option as it can bring certain health risks like diabetes, building muscle is the only way left.

How to make Pitbulls bigger?

They are making Pitbulls bigger which translates to developing their muscles. A Pitbull with a muscular structure looks appealing. But the muscle-building process is not that easy and varies depending on multiple factors.

The breed of Pitbull consists of several species of mongrels, like Bulldogs, American Pitbull Terriers. Each type is different in terms of its requirements, appearance, and weight.

So, now you have probably understood why it is a difficult job to set a perfect routine for gaining muscle, ideal for any Pitbull. Still, after doing research, we come out with an appropriate muscle-gaining regime any Pitbull can follow.

Even though this vet-approved procedure is a little time-consuming, the outcome will leave no chance to surprise you. So if you think your Pitbull is lean, weak, and does not fit the standard weight range, you can follow the steps.

So to clear all the confusion, go through the three ways we pen down here to make your Pitbull bigger.

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Appropriate feeding regime with all the required nutrients

We often presume the muscle-building process only includes a lot of exercises. But, if your Pitbull does not intake the proper amount of nutrition it needs, it cannot participate in any form of workout.

Also, a decent diet is a key to gain weight and get healthy, especially in the case of a Pitbull. If you want your Pitbull to gain muscle, try to include more protein, carbs, and fat in its diet.

A well-balanced diet should consist of 40%protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fat. If your daily dog food lacks the required nutrients, you can outsource it by including more animal protein in the feeding regime.

Your Pitbull will love to eat an extra piece of chicken or fish. Often pet owners introduce their Pitbulls with food supplements to quicken the process of muscle building.

Vets suggest feeding Pitbull 6 small meals so that it influences the anabolic muscle-building state. This food habit will also aid a skinny Pitbull to gain healthy body weight.

While setting the portion, always remember you want your Pitbull to increase muscle, not calorie intake. Here we share a daily diet routine you can follow to get the best result.

  1. First meal: It should consist of approx ¼th of the daily food recommended by the vet.
  2. Second meal: Offer your Pitbull boiled chicken or fish as per its needs.
  3. Third meal: Feed your dog another ¼th portion of its daily diet.
  • Lunchtime

Vets recommend providing a small amount of protein food during lunch hours.

  • Two dinners

Divide the meal size, set for dinner in two equal portions, and feed your Pitbull with a 3 hours gap in between. Also, remember to fix a time gap of at least 2 hours in between each meal.

Cardio and weight exercises aid Pitbull in gaining muscle

Setting a proper diet regime is vital for building muscle. Still, alone it cannot help Pitbull to succeed in this job. Keeping your dog active is another significant factor you need to consider to gain muscle.

To strengthen the core and leg muscle of a Pitbull, high-intensity cardio and weight training are the most effective choices you have.

It also helps your pet to metabolize its high-protein dog food. Below are some exercises your Pitbull can partake in to intensify muscle and lose fat.

Swimming for core strengthening

Swimming is a full-body workout that aids your pet in developing muscle and burning extra calories at the same time.

Swimming in the daily workout regime of your Pitbull helps it to strengthen the core, legs, and shoulder muscles. With time and practice, even your pet can be a great swimmer.

Stair training for leg muscles

Uphill or stair training assists Pitbulls to develop the muscle around their rear legs. It also strengthens the core muscle of the mongrel. As this is a high-intensity workout, you will get a more effective result within only 10 minutes compared to other sports.

Weighted fetch to grow back muscle

Through performing this workout, your Pitbull can develop neck and back muscles. Almost every pet owner plays fetch with their pets. Now, try to play it with weighted items. Throw a slightly heavier object and allow your dog to catch or pick it up.

The dietary supplement can never go wrong

If the vet thinks your Pitbull cannot get the required nutrients from its daily diet, he can suggest adding dietary supplements to the feeding regime.

Along with building muscle, the supplements aid the canine in putting on healthy body weight.

Always remember, dietary supplements only go with moderate meals, and overdoing it can cause harm to your Pitbull. You can consider the following additions for your Pitbulls

  • Glucosamine can lessen joint pain.
  • Probiotics aids in improving the digestive system of the Pitbull
  • Antioxidants reduce free radicals in the body.

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What can I feed my pitbull to make it big?

Feeding your Pitbull the needed amount of proteins, carbs and fat will help it grow bigger, to be precisely muscular. If you care for your Pitbull, it prioritizes you to fulfill their nutritional requirements.

Typical store-bought dog foods can keep your Pitbull alive but cannot make them healthy and muscular. You can consult your vet to help you fix out the proper diet of your Pitbull.

Below we have shared some nutritional requirements your Pitbull will need in their regular diet to gain muscle.


During the process of muscle-building in your Pitbull, prioritize protein while picking up the best dog foods. As it is the most effective muscle-building compound, do not hesitate to offer your pet a bit more protein food daily.

It also keeps the digestive and immune systems of the canine healthy.

Also, remember, during the puppy phase, Pitbull needs more protein than average in their regular feeding regime. But, do not feed them excessive protein-enriched food, as it can damage their liver.


The muscle-building process generally requires your Pitbull to stay a lot more active than usual. So, adding carbohydrates to their daily diet can provide the energy to stay energetic throughout the day.

It also aids the body of your Pitbull to develop brain and body cells more quickly. However, adding too many carbs can harm the health system of your pet. So, try not to exceed the recommended portion.


Generally, pet owners try to avoid fatty foods in the daily diet of their pets, especially when they want their Pitbulls to gain muscle. But, if your Pitbull is underweight and skinny, fat-enriched foods can aid them to develop healthy body weight.

It is always advisable to opt for six meals per day for your Pitbull with at least a 2 hours gap.

However, the meal should include 40% protein, 40% carbohydrates, and 20% fat.

So you can add chicken, egg, or fish to the daily diet of your Pitbull or introduce your pet with dietary supplements to fill up the nutritional gap.

Opting for additional dietary supplements often provides an extra dose of essential nutrition in the daily intake of your Pitbull. It can also quicken the process of muscle-building. Below are some additions you can consider purchasing for your Pitbull.

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Glucosamine to reduce joint inflammation

Among all dietary supplements, Glucosamine is the most important one for Pitbulls. Scientists naturally derive this component from the shells of shellfish or artificially make it in the laboratory. As your active Pitbull can suffer from any joint pain, Glucosamine can reduce the pain or any bone problems.

Probiotic for good gut health

Probiotics are naturally present in the health system of a Pitbull in the form of good bacteria.

Probiotics generally cure issues related to digestion, and it often treats diarrhea too. As high-protein food can trigger major digestive concerns, you can consider adding more probiotics to the daily diet of your Pitbull.

Antioxidant to stay fit

Apart from improving memory and other brain function of your Pitbull, antioxidants also aid in reducing joint inflammation.

Will my pitbull get bigger?

Yes, your Pitbull can get muscular through a healthy diet and regular exercise. Generally, a healthy adult American Pitbull Terrier grows up to 17-21 inches tall and weighs between 30 to 60 pounds. If your Pitbull is male, you can expect it to weigh approx 35 to 60 pounds.

While a female one generally does not gain higher than 30-50 pounds. So, your Pitbull can become brawny while attaining the appropriate weight.

Providing the best food, adding extra supplements, regular workouts all can aid your Pitbull to grow bigger and muscular.

But do not expect an instant outcome, as the process of gaining muscle takes more time than you think. Since making a Pitbull bigger is a time-consuming method, patience is the key.

Final verdict

Caring for Pitbull comes with great responsibility and patience. During the muscle development process of your Pitbull, it is you who needs to care for everything.

So, make sure you fulfill all their nutritional requirements, train them properly to smoothen and quicken the process.

Make yourself more dedicated to this journey to ensure the well-being of your pet.