How To Keep Litter From Sticking To Box? 6 Unique Ways

Amidst all the responsibilities of owning a cat, we all would agree that dealing with the litter box is the most annoying part.

You should clean the litter box carefully so that your house does not smell like cat excrement. Removing the clumps from the litter box will not get your job done.

You can make sure that no residue stays stuck to the walls of the sides of the litter box. So, we hear many cat owners ask about how they can keep the urine clumps sticking to the litter box.

Cat owners all over the world have come up with innovative solutions to this problem. In this article, we have compiled all the techniques to stop the urine clumps from sticking to the litter box’s sides or bottom.

How to keep litter from sticking to the box?

This section will discuss some of the most popular and effective ways of keeping the litter sticking to the box.

You will realize how simple the process is, and you can choose any of these methods to solve your problem. Let’s dive into the techniques one by one and understand the processes.

1. Baking Soda and Non-stick Spray:

This elegant solution only uses the commonly found ingredients in your kitchen, and that is why it is one of the most used techniques to solve this problem.

You have to spray some of the anti-stick cooking sprays on the litter box and sprinkle baking soda before pouring the cat litter. ( Learn more about using soda here in this article )

You can make sure that the anti-stick spray is safe for cats. Otherwise, you can use the non-stick spray that manufacturers produce for this sole purpose.

The main disadvantage of this process is the longevity of this combination. You need to redo the process every 2/3 days to maintain the continuity of the effects.

2. Wax Products:

Wax-based solution lasts longer than the previous one. All you need to do is melting wax and applying it inside the box using a cloth piece.

Let the was solution dry and then fill the litter box. If you manage to apply it correctly, it should maintain its non-stick property for 2 or 3 months.

After covering the insides of the litter box with wax-paste, cleaning it will become extremely manageable.

3. Litter Type:

Changing the type of litter can also mitigate the situation. Clumping litter is an excellent choice in terms of the convenience of removing the urine clumps and holding the smell.

However, the sticky nature of clumping litter also makes it hard to clean the litter box. If you use non-clumping variants instead of clumping litter, you need to clean the litter box more frequently.

But it ensures that the litter does not stick to the sides of the litter box.

You can sprinkle some baking soda before pouring cat-litter so that the stench stays in check. However, you need to remove the litter more than it was necessary for clumping litter.

4. Liners:

Liners are one of the best ways to keep the litter from sticking to the litter box. You can use it to cover the litter box and pour the litter on it.

When you realize that it is releasing a bad smell, you can throw the litter and the liner into the trash can. The main drawback of the solution is that liners come at a high price.

So, if you don’t want to add a few extra bucks to your already steep maintenance cost of the cat, you can stick to a large size trash bag. If your cat likes to dig, this solution maybe not for you.

5. Scraping the sides beforehand:

Using a premium clumping litter can form hard clumps of the urine. You can scrape the sides and the bottom of the litter box before starting the scooping process.

You can be careful about not breaking the clumps as it will defeat the whole purpose. You can master this skill with a little practice.

6. Litter Box with Anti-stick coating:

If you are ready to shell out a little extra out of your pocket, then you can invest in a non-stick cat litter box.

You can find this type of litter boxes at the local pet shops or online. Anti-stick litter boxes have a non-stick coating that keeps litter from sticking to the litter box.

How do you keep cat litter from sticking to paws?

If you face the problem of tracking, you need to address the issue as soon as possible. Using clumping litter is beneficial for several reasons, but conventional clumping litter also poses tracking.

Using a non-clumping cat litter can help you in this regard. But it does not hold the smell for too long, and you need to clean it more frequently. If you don’t want to change the type of litter, follow the simple guide –

  • Scoop litter every day
  • Change the type of litter.
  • Use a litter box with high sides.
  • Buy a mat
  • Buy a hand vacuum

How to keep cat urine from sticking to the litter box?

You can use all the methods we have mentioned previously. However, if you are only facing the problem with cat urine, focus more on these solutions than the others –

  • Non-stick litter box
  • Automatic litter box
  • Liners

Should you line a litter box?

As we have stated previously, liners can be a great solution to this problem.

If you are comfortable with the extra cost, and your cat does not dig deep, these can be a way out of this irritating situation. You can be attentive to the habits of the cat before investing a large amount in the liners.


By now, you should be well aware of the ways of keeping the litter from sticking to the litter boxes.

We have provided six solutions to the problem at hand, and you can choose any one of those to help you with the situation. No matter which one you choose, you need to make sure that your cat is comfortable and happy.

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