How To Feed Cat Wet Food While Away? 5 Tips You Can Follow

If you own a cat, they are certainly an essential member of your family. However, it might not be possible for you to be present near your pet at all times to cater to their needs.

Cats need their food on time, and it might be troublesome when you have to go out for work or on vacation.

You need to find alternative ways to provide your beloved cat with wet food when you are out.

How To Feed Your Cat Wet Food While Away: 5 unique Tips

There are several ways you can feed your cat; wet food while you are out for work or any other purpose.

Here are five ways you can ensure that the cat does not have to stay hungry all day because of any work you have outside your home:

1. Use an automatic cat feeder.

Modern technology is of great help when you want to ensure that your cat is well-fed and get their food at specific times.

Automatic cat feeders are widely available in the market today and are a reliable solution for your problems.

You have to schedule a time on the feeder to offer the food to the cat.

Some of these automatic dispensers also allow you to set specific quantities of food you would prefer at one time, which is beneficial if you want the feeder to provide multiple meals while you are away for a long time.


It also helps to maintain a healthy weight in your can and prevent obesity.

It does not stress out the cat as the food is provided to them at the usual time.

Another added benefit of cat feeder is that you can input your pre-recorded voice into the machine, which can be used to call the cat during its mealtime.

Your voice would bring a sense of familiarity for the cat, and it will not miss you too much when you are away.

It also prevents the wet food from getting contaminated with germs and pests. It keeps the food fresh for a long time and does not let it perish.

These automatic cat feeders are not very expensive and can come within the budget of most people.

They are available in different sizes, colors, and have several added features.

2. Hire a cat sitter

There is no better way of ensuring that your cat stays happy and well-fed than employing another cat lover for its care.

Human interaction is vital for the cat, especially if you decide to go away for a few days.

Hiring a cat sitter is essential in specific scenarios when the cat feeders cannot fulfill the cat’s needs.

If you have an anxious cat, a cat sitter is a better option as the automatic feeder can make noises and vibrations that might stress the cat out.

Sitters can interact with the cat and comfort them while eating. They will also be able to provide the cat with different kinds of wet foods and snacks.

You also have the option to hire a person who can do other chores besides providing you cat wet food, like cleaning the litter and playing with the cat while you are away.

You can hire them on an hourly basis or daily based on your own needs.

It would help if you interacted with the sitter before hiring them to know more about their experience and training.

You should try to find out about their professional attitude, emergency response, and overall enthusiasm about pets.

Hiring from a pet sitting company is a more expensive but a far better option because people are more reliable, and your house is less likely to be exposed to thieves.

3. Freeze the food

If you have to go out of the house only for a few hours, you can opt to feed the cat yourself without any help.

Wet foods perish quickly, especially during the summer season. One solution to keep the food fresh and edible for hours when you are away is to refrigerate it.

You can keep the food in the fridge for a few hours before you go out. Then you can take it out in a bowl for the cat and keep in a place where your pet can find it.

Since the food takes some time to reach the temperature where it goes wrong, it can stay fresh for about 5-6 hours. You don’t have to worry about hiring a cat sitter or buying an automatic feeder if you try this option.

However, this should not be done regularly as the cat might eat the food before they are hungry. This will only result in them starving in the latter part of the day.

Try this option only when you have to go out suddenly, and you cannot find any other alternatives to feed the cat on time.

4. Ask your neighbor or relative for help.

If you have friendly neighbors or relatives who stay close by, you can save a good deal of money by requesting them to look after your cat for the time when you are away.

They can come into the house during the day and provide the cat with wet food. The cat would not feel lonely as they would have a familiar mate to play with.

If they already love your cat, then such an experience would strengthen their bond.

You can give them the necessary instructions regarding the foods preferred by the cat, their timetables, cleaning the litter box, etc.

But, you need to ensure that you can trust them to be alone in your house. You need to have a good relationship with the person before asking them such a favor.

It will help make sure that your belongings stay safe and the cat is treated well while you are away.

5. Opt for a boarding kennel

Boarding kennels are available to take care of your pets when you need them to. You can choose to leave your cat in a boarding kennel if you have to go for an extended vacation or a work trip.

They hire professionals with a wide range of knowledge about different pets and their specific needs.

You need to provide the kennel with the specific schedules of your cat and their dietary restrictions.

You also need to inform them about any allergies or ailments of the cat to take care of it during emergencies.

However, it is not a reliable option if you have an anxious cat. They find it hard to adjust to new environments & it can be a stressful experience for them.


Adopting a cat does not always have to be a hassle for you and your busy life. There are many alternatives available to help you take care of your pet and feed it on time.

You need to choose one suited for your needs.

However, you should not frequently leave your cat as they can suffer from separation anxiety and might impact their overall health and mental well-being.


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