How Often Should You Get A New Litter Box ? This Is The Answer

If you are a pet parent, it is needless to explain the importance of a litter box in your cat’s life, well, yours too. A litter box that suits both yours and your cat’s needs is non-negotiable.

What a sigh of relief it is to find that perfect litter box for your cat. It lightens most of your burden and tension of cleaning the litter, your house, and your pet.

However, this relief does not last longer than a few months or, in some extraordinary cases, for one year at the most.

You need to get a new good litter box after that compulsorily. Pet parents frequently change litter boxes due to plenty of reasons.

The majority of the litter boxes do not even last longer than a few months. However, if you are lucky enough to catch hold of that perfect litter box that is durable and suits your cat well, does it mean you can use it for as long as you prefer? Ideally, the answer is no.

Litter boxes should be replaced after being regularly used for a particular time. Continue reading to find out how often you should get a new litter box.

How often should you get a new litter box?

There is no definite formula to figure the number of days or weeks or months after which you should consider replacing your cat’s old litter box with a new one.

Firstly it depends on your needs and secondly on your cat’s needs. Is your feline friend happy with the litter box? Are you pleased with the litter box? If yes, then it’s perfect.

You can save those extra bucks and the entire trouble of finding and purchasing a new litter box. However, if either one of you is not happy, it’s time to switch to a pet as well as a human-friendly litter box.

However, reports and surveys suggest that most good-quality litter boxes last for a period of about six months to one year.

The same, however, can not be said for litter boxes of inferior quality and low material. In the latter case, you will have to get a new litter box every few months or weeks, depending upon the durability of the material and how well your cat uses it.

Since many companies and pet parents are switching to and investing in more pet and user-friendly products, an average litter box can last for up to one year. So usually, you can consider getting a new litter box after 8-12 months.

Sometimes, cat owners have to get a new litter box for their cat more frequently, like in a week or two. This may happen due to several reasons.

For instance, if your cat cannot adjust to the litter box and refuses to use it and instead poops anywhere in your house or if it is difficult for your cat to get into the litter box due to its design or if your litter box breaks due to some reasons.

Sometimes, litter boxes are unable to control and absorb odor or litter tracking, as a result of which your entire house looks and smells like a venue for a poop fest.

In all these cases, cat parents switch to new litter boxes more frequently than others. Eventually, it all boils down to how well you do your research before finding a litter box for all your cat’s needs and how well you and your cat adapts to the litter box.

If you are successful at picking up the right choice, you will be relieved for another 8-12 months, or otherwise, you will have to often get a new litter box.

Why should you consider getting a new litter box often?

Several factors determine the purchasing of a new cat litter box. Each pet household has different reasons and stories that contribute to purchasing a new litter box for your kitty. Some of them have been listed below:

1) Growing cat

If your cat grows in size every few months, you will have to get a new litter box often. The litter box that was provided to her when she was a kitten will no longer be suitable.

2) Ill cat-

Pet parents often have to get a new litter box if they have become old and have trouble using the litter box. A senior cat will not be able to use a litter box with a top or high entry; they will require a new one. If your cat pees or poops more than often, you will have to change the litter box frequently.

3) Odor-

A litter box that has been used by your cat for a long time may not be able to control or trap odor allowing your entire house to smell like cat poop.

After frequent use of the litter box, it becomes difficult to clean after your cat, and sometimes, even after cleaning the litter box, you might still not be able to get rid of the odor. Therefore, it becomes essential to get a new litter box often.

4) Bacteria-

Old litter boxes serve as a host to bacteria and infections. No matter how much you keep your cat and her litter box clean, you will not be able to get rid of the bacteria and the danger of infection to your cat. This is why it is crucial to get new litter boxes after some time.

5) Scratches-

Cats have a habit of digging litter. As a result, there will be many scratches on the litter box after some months of use.

A scratch-resistant surface may be durable and prevent any scratches, but usually, plastic litter boxes are not scratch resistant and become difficult to clean. It will also not be soft on your cat’s paws. If a lot of scratches are visible on the surface of the litter box, it is time to get a new one.

6) Wear and Tear-

Litter boxes made up of less durable material or lighter plastic need replacement more often than those made up of durable material. Also, if your kitty loves to play in the litter box and jumps in it, it might break easily, and you will have to purchase a new one.


The average life of your cat’s litter box is around 8-12 months. However, the number may vary as per the needs and requirements of each pet household.

Several factors play a significant role in determining how often you should get a new litter box for your cat.

It is highly recommended to choose a litter box of durable material that also caters to all your cat’s needs so that you do not have to switch to a new one more often.