How Often Should You Change Cat Scratching Post? The Correct Answer

Every cat owner will agree that scratching is probably the most annoying part of owning a cat. Cats need sufficient area to play, and they have a never-ending urge to sharpen their nails.

Cats often find suitable furniture to scratch their nails, and this simple act can harm a number of your beloved furniture or carpets.

So it is crucial to have sufficient scratching posts in the house to keep the cat satisfied and protect the furniture from getting full of scratches.

Several factors determine a scratching post’s longevity, and often cat owners trouble themselves wondering when they should change the scratching post.

If one can not afford a lavish cat tree, then simple scratching posts should be maintained at the most convenient places.

This article will provide all the details one needs to determine the time to replace a scratching post and find a suitable one for the cat.

How often should you change and replace cat scratching posts?

This question troubles several cat owners, and there is no clear answer to this.

Before we analyze this issue, we need to look into the reason for using a scratching post and the building material.

Scratching is a crucial task in their life because they need to sharpen them regularly and keep nails from becoming unnecessarily long.

The small glands in their paws send a pleasing sensation whenever they rub their claws on something, and it gets rid of the boredom.

As they keep their nails short by scratching on the post, it also makes them safe for other people in the house, especially children.

One of the main reasons this is crucial is that it keeps the cats away from any other dangers.

Scratching posts give them a method of channeling this urge of scratching and giving them a chance to mark their territory in a non-destructive way.

Now, let us look into the materials that manufacturers use to make scratching posts. Outdoor cats often prefer scratching posts having wooden texture because they generally use trees to sharpen their nails.

Two other easy choices are cardboard and sisal rope-based scratching posts. Both are cheap, and cats love to use this type of material to scratch their nails.

One can easily find a cardboard-based scratching post in a pet store. One can even make a sisal rope-based scratching post at their home.

If the cat likes it, one can save to purchase a costly cat tree. Some pet stores even keep scratching posts made of carpet material.

One major problem with this type of product is that cats can not differentiate between the scratching post and a carpet on the floor. The cat may ruin an entire carpet thinking that it is okay to scratch their nails there.

One should make sure that the scratching post is sturdy and robust. Cats put a lot of effort while sharpening their nails, causing enough tension on the material.

The base of the scratching post should be strong enough to withstand the constant scratching.

If one is making a cardboard scratching post, the area should be big enough so that the cat can stand on it and scratch it simultaneously. The scratching post should also be long enough for the cat.

Now that we have mentioned why cats need scratching posts, we can discuss the topic in question. The frequency of changing a scratching post can depend on various facts.

One easy way to know that it is time to change the scratching post is to look for the cat’s behavior change.

If the cat starts to ignore the scratching post and starts to use the carpet or furniture in the household, then it is time to replace it with a new one.

Cardboard, scratching posts often lose charm when one uses them for a long time. Cat owners often observe that the cat is still not ready to leave the worn-out scratching post.

In that case, buy a similar scratching post and replace it with the old one, and move the ragged one to an innocuous place.

Cat owners have even reported that a scratching post lasted more than 2.5 years.

So, one cannot put a specific time span for a scratching post. One should be attentive to know when to change the scratching post and replace it with a new one.

How long do cat scratchers last?

The longevity of cat scratchers depends on several factors. The factors are-

  • The number of scratching posts in the house. Generally, there should be two or three scratching posts in a large house.
  • Size of the cardboard object. Spacious, scratching posts last longer.
  • The number of cats in the house
  • If one trims the cat’s nails regularly, then the lifespan of the scratching post will increase.
  • Breed of the cat
  • A territorial cat will scratch more, and it will decrease the life span of the scratching post.

However, the lifespan of the scratching post can last at most five years.

How do I get my cat to use a new scratching post?

Making the cat use a new scratching post is a simple two-step process. The first step is to lure the cat to the scratching post using catnip.

One can put some catnip near the scratching post and sprinkle some catnip on the fabrics. One can also hang bags of catnip from the top of the scratching post.

Apart from that, one needs to play with the cat in the vicinity of the scratching post. The second step is to treat the cat with ample food after it uses the scratching post.

The cat should know that they are doing the right thing, and giving treats to the cat is the best technique.

We can conclude that having a scratching post will surely reduce the damage cats do to a household furniture.

The scratching post’s longevity will depend on a variety of factors, but one can expect it to last at least 2 or 3 years. A scratching post is a necessary item in any cat household as it keeps you and your cat both happy.


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