How Often Should I Change My Cats Water?

Water is an essential part of the diet of any animal. Cats also need a considerable amount of water even when they are receiving it from their food.

If the cat does not drink sufficient water, it can engender a plethora of diseases like urinary tract problems, kidney problems, and dehydration.

So, the cat needs to keep drinking water throughout the day. However, if you do not match their clean water standard, they can refuse to drink water.

There are other crucial reasons for which you should change the water every day.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about cats’ drinking habits and how you can make the cat maintain drinking water’s health practice.

How Often Should I Change My Cat’s Water?


The frequency of changing the water in your cat’s water bowl depends on a variety of factors. However, it is safe to assume that you have to change the water at least once every day.

If you have a water fountain for your cat, you can relax a bit and change the water every two or three days.

You also have to clean the water bowl or fountain entirely with soap and hot water every week. We will go through the reasons behind it in the following section.

Why Do You Need To Change Water Frequently?

It is safe to assume that cats have high expectations regarding the quality of water as well. They do not like the taste or odor of minerals in the water.

So, you have to find a source of water that they prefer. There can be many reasons for which you should develop the habit of changing the water frequently. The reasons are as follows:

1. Always Fresh Water:

As we have said previously, cats always prefer a source of freshwater for their consumption. If the water becomes stale or develops a certain stench, they may refuse to drink it.

Hence, you have to change water frequently and provide the cat with a constant fresh water source. It is also possible that the cat prefers a specific temperature of the water.

The water will attain room temperature if you keep it outside for a long time. Hence, refilling the water bowl will ensure that the water temperature is preferable to the cat.

2. Harmful Microbes:

Stale water is perfect for microbes and bacteria to grow. So, if you keep water out in the open for a long time, it is bound to be a breeding place for those microscopic organisms.

Many of these bacterias can be harmful to the cat, and they can suffer a great deal because of them.

You have to take care of the furball, and you have to make sure that the water is free from any of these microscopic organisms.

3. Constant Source of Water:

You have to make sure that the cat gets water whenever they need it. If you stay in a warm climate region, the cat will likely require more water for sustenance. So, the requirement for water is always more in warm climates.

The water in the water is also more likely to evaporate in these conditions.

Hence, the cat should develop a habit of changing the water at least once every day. The cat needs water for several metabolic activities, and you have to make sure that they have a source of water at all times.

4. Multiple Cats:

If you have multiple cats in the household, the need to change the water frequently becomes much fold. You will never want a disease spreading from one cat to another.

There are various types of bacterias in their mouth that can transfer from one cat to another through the water.

So, you need to change water frequently. It is also advisable that you keep two separate water bowls for the cats.

These are the reasons for which you should change the water frequently. There is also a visible cue by which you can understand that it is time to change the water.

If you can see permanent bubbles in the water fountain or water bowl, you should clean it as soon as possible.

The bubbles denote that there is a significant amount of harmful things in the water. You have to avoid this condition at all costs for the health of the cat.

Refilling Cat Fountains vs Water Bowls:

There are several options that you can choose for your cat. You can buy a water bowl if you are confident that you will be able to refill the water bowl now and then.

A water bowl is a source of still water, and it is susceptible to all sorts of problems. You have to change the water frequently.

If you are concerned about the drinking habits of the cat, you can try a cat fountain. Cats prefer a source of moving water because of its natural tendencies.

It also makes sure that the water does not get stale and restricts the growth of microorganisms. Hence, you can wait for 3 or 4 days before changing the water in the fountain.


Maintaining a healthy habit of changing the water every day will be best for the cat. It will make sure that the cat always receives freshwater sources at all times of the day.

However, changing the water every day can be a tough job for any cat owner. So, you can invest in a water fountain for the cat.

There are several advantages of using a water fountain as the source of water, and it also makes sure that the cat drinks more water.

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