How Often Should I Bathe My Beagle? Here’s The Exact Answer

The overly short and firmly packed outer coat of beagles nullifies a ton of soil and trash to get a hold of their skin.

Your beagle may be out stomping through the woodland or moving around the yard; still, he may not appear as if he’s been outside.

Hence, owners may not comprehend that a shower is required when it indeed is.

Among all dog breeds, beagles possess delicate skin that requires extra care and effort. Otherwise, their skin becomes apt to various skin ailments like dryness, roughness, and allergies (which they are hereditarily inclined to).

It can get exacerbated by integrating more than recommended bathing with things like scented dog shampoos.

These products contain chemicals that work as irritants, and their regular usage leaves the skin devoid of its normal oils. 

In light of that, how regularly is it recommended to bathe my beagle? Where should I bathe my beagle? How to make my beagle’s bathing time fun-filled? Get answers to these queries below.

How often should I bathe my beagle?

Ideally speaking, most vets suggest that you should bathe your beagle every two to six weeks. It’s sufficient to keep harmony between their skin wellbeing and cleanliness.

Nonetheless, this likely isn’t down to earth, as beagles love to flee in mud, so they will require more customary showers regularly to remain spotless.

Hence, how often you may need to bathe your beagle will depend on how often your dog comes wrapped in the mud.

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Where should you bathe your beagle?

For this, you have the following three options.

1. Outside the house, like in the backyard.

For certain beagles, it may be most effortless to give a shower outside on the lawn.

It can likewise be a decent choice for canines who attempt to leap out of the bathtub. However, it’s necessary to check the temperature of the water you’ll be utilizing for bathing.

2. Indoor dog bathtub/sink

For small to medium-sized canines, an indoor dog bathtub or sink might be reasonable. Still, keep an eye on your pet; if they appear to be vexed in these, they might go for an open-air washing instead. 

In case you’re utilizing a tub, allow the excess water to run down the drain, so it doesn’t come to the rim of the tub.

It is significant for security reasons as canines can suffocate. Once more, keep a check of the temperature of the water being used. 

Another important thing is to apply a non-slip pad or mat on the top of the tub to forestall any slipping while applying soap or shampoo.

This will likewise assist your canine with a feeling of being secure. A couple of non-slip mats close to the bathtub will likewise make the overall bathing zone more secure. 

3. Proficient washing services

Suppose you need assistance washing your canine or don’t have enough time for it, lookout for a dog washing service.

They, as a rule, give washing services in tandem with vet centers and their consultations.


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Ways to bathe your beagle

The following are the five best and easy ways to bathe your beagle.

1. Wet your beagle’s coat

As the first step, wet your beagle’s fur coat with lukewarm water. If you’re using a shower for this purpose, make sure to turn the shower halfway to keep the water flow to less intensity.

Furthermore, the temperature should neither be too hot or too cold; either can be harmful to their skin and may lead to unpleasant memories. 

2. Utilize a quality canine shampoo

For a beagle’s soft skin, use a chemical-free dog-based shampoo. Take a generous amount of shampoo on your palms and work out evenly on their body to form a lather. 

3. Neatly rinse away the shampoo.

Now, rinse off the shampoo neatly and repeat the process until all of it is done away, and your beagle gets its spotless coat back.

 4. Use a quality conditioner.

After washing with shampoo is done, don’t forget to condition your dog’s hair.

Use a scent-free and gentle dog conditioner for this purpose and apply it thoroughly on the skin with a wide comb. Keep it for a couple of minutes and rinse right away after that.

5. Towel dry or air dry your beagle.

Higher are the chances of your beagle giving off that nasty wet smell if not dried properly after bathing. So, either towel dries your pup or utilize a dryer for this purpose.


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Tips to make your beagle’s bathing time more fun

If it’s the first time your beloved four-legged companion is taking a bath, it’s necessary to make it fun-filled to make him love it every next time. But how? Here’s how you do it.

  1. Choose the bathing space your dog loves the most, be it outdoor, indoor dog bathtub or sink, or any specialist washing service.
  2. If the bathing is to be done at home only, prepare the bathing space with his favorite treats, toys, etc.
  3. Keep talking to your pup.
  4. Give your pup a good break after washing and play with him.
  5. Use your dog’s favorite washing tools like brush, shampoo, conditioner, towel, etc.

Besides, your dog merely needs your company with him while he is bathing. 


For any canine, there’s a minute difference between desired grooming and over-grooming. While it is essential to guarantee your canine is spotless, clean, and healthful, over-washing can cause specific issues, making it, at last, more feeble.