How Much Should A Beagle Eat? Here’s The Amount You Need To Consider

In case you own a cheerful beagle of late, you would agree that you have picked up an unwavering, tender, dynamic, and vigorous ally.

The particular consideration that beagles require incorporates week-by-week brushing, training, and adequate food. Why? 

Extremely basic, this is a canine with an unquenchable hunger for food. They can even chew down an entire bowl of food in a solitary sitting (and may still ask for more)!

As a result, your dog can become obese and could become prone to various severe medical conditions. 

Underneath, we have all the information you require to know how much and what all nourishment your beagle (of any age) needs. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

How much should a beagle eat?

This is an obvious question that arises in the minds of every pet owner. Each variety of canines has specific traits that help you choose their different food requirements as per the following three factors.

Albeit all beagles require extraordinary flexibility of protein, the sum you’d give likewise rely upon these elements: 

  • Age 
  • Weight 
  • Intensity of activity 

A little beagle dog won’t devour a similar measure of food as its grown-up or older beagle in its beginning phases.

Similarly, every small, medium and colossal dog is likewise allocated particular food amounts that fit their size. 

With this stated, while deciding how much food your beagle ought to eat, we will zero in predominantly on how much actual manual work they practice regularly.

Beagles require long strolls and drills that figure out how to consume all their aggregated energy. Similarly, this cheerful nature brings about them having an unquenchable hunger all the time. 

Thus, controlling food proportion can turn into an errand for proprietors; however, it is significant.

Beagles, as we have referenced previously, have a more noteworthy inclination of becoming chubby than other canine varieties.

In this manner, their eating regimens should be overseen. The below sections comprise how much you should feed a beagle puppy, adult beagle, and senior beagle.


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How much should you feed a beagle puppy?

Every beagle pup expects an excellent quantity of food. Hence, it isn’t astounding that you’d give them more food during the preceding months contrasted with when they arrive at adulthood.

Consequently, you should purchase feed from the junior range, prepared solely to address this type of hound’s prerequisites. 

The chosen nourish ought to contain a high level of proteins and supplements. These will uphold their stomach and guarantee the excellent advancement of their gut.

Likewise, it is significant that primary minerals, like calcium and phosphorus, are found adequately.

These minerals help the best possible growth of your little guy’s skeleton and forestall issues associated with their joints. 

As beagles are a dynamic and enthusiastic creation, they regularly encounter the ill effects of illnesses identified with bones and joints.

Therefore, keeping them in ideal condition from birth is crucial to forestalling these illnesses. At last, note that the meal contains sufficient antioxidants to help fortify their immunity. 

Now, here’s how much a puppy needs. If he is 10-12 kg in weight, then 140-160 grams of feed is enough for the first two months.

After this, the requirement may arise up to 180 grams, but it’ll depend on other factors as well. But all can be done in 3-4 feedings a day, i.e., for 140 calories per day, it sums up to 46 grams per feeding. 

How much should you feed an adult beagle?

When it comes to adult beagles, their wholesome requirements get covered with the amount of food given; in this manner, they needn’t bother with more food. If your beagle starts to lose weight continuously, you should immediately consult your vet.  

While choosing the feed for your adult beagle’s eating routine, you should ensure that the level of proteins forms at least 40% of the whole composition.

Besides that, minerals, for example, calcium and phosphorus, must be available too. Doing so will help keep their bones and joints in fantastic condition throughout their life.

Likewise, the utilization of EPA and DHA is essential to solid bones and skin, just as keeping their fur sparkly.

You can start with 180-220 grams of food for your adult beagle, i.e., 90-110 grams in the morning and remaining in the evening.

However, you need to take care of a pregnant adult beagle. Although she would go with the same amount of nourishment in the first phase of pregnancy, later on, she would need 30-40% more calories than usual. 


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How much should you feed an aged senior beagle?

Post the age of seven or eight, your dog will fall in the “senior” category and thus will need to follow an alternate diet plan. 

Though the food measure won’t be precise during adulthood, there are vital supplements exuberantly prescribed to the senior canines. 

For instance, make sure your pet is getting more DHA and EPA from its food. These two supplements aid keep the beagle’s skin, hair, and mind substantial and sustained.

Cell reinforcements are additionally critical to avert the harmful impacts of free radicals. Another mineral, calcium, is another fundamental supplement for the sound bones of your canine. 

For food, senior beagles need one that’s easy to munch to simplify its processing for quick digestion. Good-quality protein and fiber-rich meals uphold gut wellbeing and disposal.

On the off chance that your pet doesn’t have a proper set of teeth any longer, you ought to soften his dry food or blend it in with some warm water. 

The sort and measure of food you provide for your aged beagle additionally rely upon any ailment present (like diabetes, kidney infection, or liver issues).

An uncommon eating regimen is suggested for senior canines with any of these illnesses as per the vet.


Keep in mind, whatever you do, don’t overlook the nourishment for your beagle, be it a puppy, adult, or senior dog!

Additionally, it’s unimaginably significant that you train and control what and how much your beagle eats. This is because a beagle can continue eating if not stopped promptly.