How Much Does A Persian Cat Cost? ( Along With Different Angles )

Persian cats are one of the most expensive purebred cats in the world. These cats are quite famous in the celebrity world. One might have seen these cats in the arms of singers like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry.

The gentle temperament, round face, and soft coat give the edge over other cat breeds. The high pedigree cats have a relatively high price tag in comparison to other cat breeds.

A Persian cat’s cost can vary from one location to another, even when it is of a similar pedigree. The lineage, type, color, gender, age, and breeder’s experience also affect Persian Cats’ price.

In this article, we are going to explore the general cost of a Persian cat. Not only that, but we are also going to see the other costs associated with after you buy this breed.

How much does a Persian cat cost?

Depending on the purity of the breed, breeder, color, lineage, the cost of a Persian cat can cost one anywhere between $500 to $5000.

Factors affecting the price of a Persian cat?

Several factors determine the cost of owning a Persian cat. While the price might be affordable for some cat owners, it is also crucial to know why one should pay for such a high amount for the Persian cats. The cost of Persian cats depends on the following factors-

  • Location
  • Lineage
  • Type
  • Colour and Coat Quality
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Breeder


There is a higher demand for Persian cats in urban areas. The low supply of Persian cats also attributes to the high price. Persian cats are relatively cheaper in rural areas.

However, there are no differences in the breed quality between Persian cats in rural and urban areas.


Persian cat owners pay a premium amount for a certified parentage. If the breeder can provide the proof of appropriate lineage, the Persian cat’s price automatically shoots up.

Above that, if the kitten’s parents are show quality and won numerous awards, be prepared to spend more on the privileged Persian cat.


One can find only a single breed for the Persian cats. But there are two types of Persian cats available for adoption – show quality and doll-face. Show quality Persian cats develop perfect features like flat, squished in the nose, small ears, and big copper eyes.

Whereas doll-face Persian cats have a round face and standard pointed snouts. Show or peke-face Persian cats are slightly more expensive than the round-face cats because of the rarity, perfect qualities, and appropriate temperament.

Colour and Coat Quality:

The Colour and coat quality of the Persian cat also increase the cost of owning it. If judges prefer a particular color of Persian cat to other colors, coveted color cats will be higher. One needs to spend more to adopt a show quality, coveted Persian cat.


Spayed male and female Persian cats cost the same in general. However, a non-spayed female Persian cat will come at a higher price than a male Persian cat.

The reproductive capability of non-spayed Persian cats contributes to the high asking price. However, breeders should spay a kitten before giving it to the owner as per the rules.


Every cat owner wants to see their kitten turn into a cat in front of their eyes. Persian cats also have an average life span of 12-14 years.

It is only natural to keep the cat for the longest time. Naturally, a Persian kitten will come at a higher price than a developed Persian cat.


Breeder’s experience contributes a lot to the high price of the Persian cats. Purchasing a Persian kitten from a licensed, well-known breeder will be costlier than a kitten found online.

Above that, adopting from a reputed place will guarantee a purebred Persian cat as it will come with proper documentation and breeding processes.

Now that one has a fair idea of the various factors that affect buying a Persian cat, one should also know the several maintenance costs of owning it.

We provide all the details of expenses that one needs to bear to have a happy and healthy Persian cat.

Veterinary Cost:

Keeping the cat healthy should be one of the prime concerns of cat owners. A single visit to the veterinarian can cost around $300 for regular cats.

Persian cats need special treatment because of the critical procedures it needs in case of emergencies. Consider paying as high as a couple of thousand dollars if the cat needs surgery.


Spay a cat to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. It is a fact for purebred cats such as Persian cats too. Spaying or neutering costs can go as high as $130.

Recurring Costs:

Persian cats need regular vaccinations, and vaccination costs between $60-$130. Flea treatment can also take $40 out of the pocket.

Deworming a Persian cat comes for $15. These costs keep on accumulating throughout the lifetime of the cat.

Food Costs:

Food costs can vary according to the choice of food. But it can go as high as $600 annually.

Grooming costs:

Grooming a beautiful cat, such as a Persian cat, is one of the hardest challenges of owning it. They also need good quality shampoo and conditioner to maintain their beautiful fur.

A single visit to a professional cat groomer can cost between $50-$80. However, it is not necessary to take the Persian cat to a professional groomer every time.

Several other maintenance costs like Cat collar, litter boxes, litter, cat carrier, etc. contribute to the overall cost.


Apart from the fact that one needs to spend a considerable amount to buy and maintain a Persian cat, one also needs to be aware of the associated personality, activity level, and health risks.

These factors will determine your compatibility with the cat. However, due to the distinctive and endearing nature, soft fur, and charming personality, Persian cats are considered one of the most popular vat breeds in the world.

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