How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost? A Complete Analysis

Siamese cats are known for their affectionate nature, blue eyes, and unique fur colors. These cats belong from a unique family cat breed that originated in Thailand.

A little bit of research on the internet has probably shown the cost variation. While it is less financially straining to adopt a Siamese cat from an adoption shelter, a show quality Siamese cat can shell out a large sum of money from your pocket.

A purebred Siamese cat can cost between $450 to $1100. This price depends on several factors, which we will discuss in this article.

Apart from the hefty amount that one has to pay for owning a Siamese cat, the maintenance cost can also go up to a large sum.

Cost of Siamese Cats:

A Siamese kitten can cost one anywhere from $350 to $1200. However, a Siamese cat can cost one more than $1000.

Several factors affect the price of Siamese cats like breed quality, breeder, color, and gender. An adult purebred Siamese cat, which has won multiple tournaments, can cost more than $2000.

Cost of Siamese Kitten:

Cat lovers like to see their kittens turn into cats in front of their eyes. That is why there is more demand for Siamese kittens than Siamese cats.

While it won’t be a big purchase to adopt a kitten from an adoption shelter, it can cost in the range of $300 to $500. A purebred Siamese kitten’s price can go as high as $1000.

Cost of adult Siamese Cats:

The cost of adult Siamese cats differs significantly depending on the color of the coat. Most of the Siamese cats have similar blackface and brilliant blue eyes. But there are four color types –

  • Seal point Siamese cats
  • Lilac point to Siamese cats.
  • Chocolate point Siamese cats
  • Blue Point Siamese cats

There are other types of Siamese cats available in various places, but these are the most popular ones.

An adult Siamese cat can cost anywhere between $300 and $900. A purebred, show-quality Siamese cat can shell out more than this amount.

What are some of the basic costs associated with a Siamese cat?

Only knowing the price of Siamese cats will not help one in making the final decision.

One needs to know the associated costs of owning a Siamese cat, and it is not cheap. There are several costs that one needs to bear annually. We will cover everything you need to know about this.

Regular Health Checkup:

Siamese cats are naturally healthy cats, and they do not have any predisposed health condition. But one should always check for common cat diseases such as –

  • Respiratory problems
  • HCM or Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
  • PRA blindness
  • Pancreatic and Liver disease
  • Siamese cat cancer
  • Siamese cat Squints

These checkups can cost between $100 to $500 annually. This cost can vary significantly depending on the choice of a veterinary clinic.

Pet Supplies:

A Siamese cat will never leave your side if there are no toys in the household. Siamese cats are very affectionate towards their owners, and they like to spend most of the time with them.

If one does not buy the pet supplies, Siamese cats can climb into bed and disturb your sleep. Above that, the vocal Siamese cat will remind one about its unhappiness with non-stop noises.

There are several types of toys available for cats. However, the affectionate nature of the Siamese cat calls for more toys. One needs to pay for the following pet products –


pet supply cost of owning a Siamese cat



Spaying and Neutering:

Cat owners often get confused with the fact that both genders need spaying. The spraying process is slightly more expensive for female cats than male cats because of the process’s intricacy.

However, spaying or neutering a cat can cost between $100 and $300. This price varies depending on the quality of the shelter or veterinarian.

One has to pay more for the neutering process in standardized animal shelters. So it is advised that one should go to the veterinarian for spaying and neutering.

Litter Box: 

A litter box is essential for any cat household. It is a part of the house where cats spend most of their time.

So, one should always make sure that the cat is comfortable in a litter box. There are several costs that one needs to bear with litter boxes. Here is an estimate of the expenses associated with the litter boxes-

  • A hooded litter box can cost one in the range of $15 to $20
  • A special litter box can go as high as $200
  • A disposable litter box can be a cheaper estimate. But one needs to change it very frequently
  • 20-pound cat litter can come for $7
  • If one wants scented litter, it can shell out more of your money


Grooming is a big responsibility for any cat owner. Siamese cats are known for their colorful fur, and one needs to spend quite a sum to keep it intact. Don’t forget to bathe them when needed & it can cost some extra.

Good cat-friendly shampoo, flea control conditioner, visit cat stylists can shell out $10 monthly.

Annual Cost Associated with Siamese Cat Ownership:

Now, you should have a fair idea about the costs associated with Siamese cat ownership, and it’s not cheap. We have compiled every expense into a single table to help you get an estimate.


approx annual cost of owning a siamese cat



A Siamese cat can shell out $2230 from your pocket every year. This amount is large, considering that a regular Siamese cat can live up to 20 years or sometimes more.

Does Color affect the price of Siamese Cat?

The color of the Siamese cat should not affect the price. However, if one has done sufficient research on this topic, it will be apparent that there is a difference in cost depending on the color.

This discrepancy mainly happens due to the difference in the breed. A well-known society dictates the price of purebred cats and tries to promote many cat breeds.

This society is called the Cat Fancier Association or CFA. CFA controls which cats are allowed into cat shows and thereby decides the demand for cats.

As of now, cat competitions accept four types of Siamese cats. When one is buying a show-quality Siamese cat, the price will be high. Those show quality cats are –

  • Seal point: Pale brown colored Siamese with black points
  • Bluepoint: Bluish white body with slate blue points
  • Chocolate point: Off white body with milk chocolate points
  • Lilac point: White body with pinkish points

Lifetime Cost of Owning a Siamese Cat:

We have compiled all the costs of owning a Siamese cat. The total amount is quite surprising, and it needs some clarification.

Here, we have assumed that the average lifetime of a Siamese cat is 15 years. Generally, the period is more than 15 years. As a result, the price is just going to increase.


approx lifetime cost of owning a siamese cat




At first, the price of around 31K seems impossible, but this is how costly it can be when you are considering buying a Siamese cat.

The Siamese cat owners have made it very clear that these cats are the most fun to spend time with. The affectionate nature and behavior make them one of the best cat breeds in the world and worth every penny.

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