How Much Do Orange Tabby Cats Cost? Here’s A Complete Breakdown

The orange-coated tabby cats are one of the most adorable cats found around the world.

These fluffy creatures with their beautiful coats evoke the interest of many people. They are a favorite among cat lovers because of their affectionate and loving nature.

If you are planning to own an orange tabby cat, you need to know how much do they cost. In this article, we will show you the cost of an orange tabby cat at the time of buying and what are the other cost associated with it.

How Much Do Orange Tabby Cats Cost?

Orange tabby cats are not specific to one breed, instead, this coat color is found across a variety of breeds.

Therefore, the price of these cats also varies according to their breeds.

However, the commonly available ginger kittens can be bought into your homes within a budget ranging from about $50 to a hefty sum of about $400.

These cats are available in a variety of locations and their prices are usually determined by their breeders.

The best option to get an orange tabby cat at an affordable price is to adopt them from shelters. Since the shelters usually contain litter of stray cats and other abandoned cats, they charge a much lower price for the cat’s adoption.

Adopting a ginger tabby from a humane society also adds the benefit of a spayed or neutered cat at no added cost.

This also helps the cat to attain a comfortable and safe life, away from the dangers of the outside world.

However, if you decide to buy an orange tabby from any local pet store, the price of the cat will be comparatively higher.

You can choose the exact shade of orange coat you want and have a proper check of the cat’s health as well.

Stores usually charge between $150- $300 for a commonly available short-haired orange tabby cat.

However, the exotic breeds of cats with an orange coat and a tabby pattern are quite expensive and cannot be found across all the pet shops.

The majority of the orange tabby cats are males. It is quite rare to find a female tabby kitten with an orange-colored coat.

Therefore, breeders usually charge a higher price for the female orange tabby cats. In some places, the cost of a female tabby cat even doubles up the cost of the male ones.

Other costs that is associated with raising an orange tabby cat

Raising a cat involves a lifetime of commitment and a number of responsibilities. The orange tabby cats need adequate love and care to stay happy and healthy.

There are a number of associated costs that usually come along with the pet, which are needed to ensure that the cat leads a comfortable and long life.

It is estimated that the total annual cost of raising an orange tabby cat ranges from about $400 – $900.

However, these expenses also vary according to the specific breed of orange tabby cats the owner chooses to adopt.

If you adopt a cat that has not been previously spayed or neutered, it could lead to an added cost of about $35 – $350 depending on the areas you live in.

The orange tabbies need to follow a certain diet to stay healthy and active. The specific nutrients required by the cat can be provided through cat foods that usually cost $100 – $200 a year.

These cats also need a visit to the veterinarian from time to time to stay at the peak of their health.

Their medical expenses, which often include visits to the doctor, the required vaccinations, and other medicines for certain diseases, usually cost around $150 for a year.

However, the medical bills might be higher if the cat is frequently sick or old.

But, certain costs related to raising an orange tabby cat depend completely on the owner. For example, the owner usually decides the number of cat toys and other recreational facilities they provide to their pet.

The cost of these supplies varies accordingly. The cost of pet foods also varies according to the brand preferred by the owner.

Pet insurance available in certain areas is also a choice for the owners and the cost of raising a cat varies significantly on this factor.

They can also choose whether they need a caretaker for their pet based on their travel needs and such a cost varies from person to person.


Although the orange tabby cats are not significantly expensive, their worth is much more than their monetary value.

Owners of tabby cats never bother about the cost of these cats as they are excellent companions and they love to cuddle and stay close to the owner.

It would not be proper to place a specific cost value on these cats as they are priceless for their owners.

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