How High Can Maine Coons Jump? [ Be Careful ]

We all know that Maine Coons grow up to an enormous size. Although they are an extremely active breed, they do not participate in a lot of jumping activities. Mostly, you will not see them jump from one ledge to another like other cats. Watching this, many cat owners think that the Maine Coons probably cannot jump high or far. If you are one of them, you will be amazed by what we have in store for you.

How High Can Maine Coons Jump? Maine Coons are great at leaping, and they can jump as high as 8 feet in the air. They have great jumping skills because of their strong legs & they never hesitate to jump as high as possible when needed.

Now, we will discuss everything related to the jumping activity of Maine Coons. We have also provided some reasons to check if the cat is jumping out of the yard too often.

Can Maine Coon Cats Jump?

Yes, Maine coon cats jump.

As we all know, Maine Coon cats are one of the largest domesticated cat breeds in the world. They can grow up to a length of 40 inches and a maximum height of 18 inches.

When you correlate their size with their weight, it is wholly justified. They can weigh up to 25 lbs.

As they grow up to such an enormous size, many cat owners often assume that the Maine Coons cannot jump at all.

Maine Coons do not jump naturally, and that also solidified their beliefs. However, if you ask us whether they can jump, we can say that there is nothing to assume they can’t.

They can jump as high as eight feet like any other cat breeds in the world. They can easily thwart their large body upwards to make a jump.

You can find several videos online to show you how they can extend their body and jump on their hind legs.

You do not see a Maine Coon see a Maine Coon jump because they are brilliant cats, and they try to reach their target location by climbing or stretching from one.

There are a few reasons why they can jump to such a great extent, although they are huge. The reasons are:

  • Hind Legs
  • Flexible Spine
  • Strong muscle structure

Can A Maine Coon Jump Out Of Your Yard?

Considering that the walls cannot be more than six feet in most households, a Maine Coon can quickly jump out of your backyard.

Several distractions can drive the Maine Coon outside your house. This activity can be fatal to the cat as the significant reason for cat deaths in the United States is road accidents.

There are many Maine Coon breeders who will make you sign a contract so that the Maine Coon stays indoors at all times.

They will always ensure that their cats are in the best hands when they put them for adoption.

Some cat breeders often come to check the houses to make sure that the home and backyard are cat-proofed properly.

Hence, we can say that if you are not careful with your cat, it can jump across your walls and make itself vulnerable to external threats.

It is imperative for you to make sure that your Maine Coon stays indoors at all times, or it has restrictions when you are letting it play in your backyard.

Reasons Why Your Maine Coon Is Trying To Jump:

There can be several reasons why your Maine Coons is jumping, or it is trying to jump. In this section, we will explore the main reasons why a Maine Coon would hop around your house:


Maine Coon cats got their domesticated stature a few decades ago. Before that, they were wild cats who had to hunt their prey for their survival.

Hence, Maine Coons have a keen inherent sense of hunting, and they are deft in those skills. One of the most crucial skills for hunting is the ability to jump on prey.

For the same reason, Maine Coons can jump like any other cat in the world.

Domesticated Maine Coons also like to catch their prey (probably to give it as a gift to you), and it is possible that your Maine Coon is jumping for the same reason.



Maine Coons can be good hunters, but they are also incredibly playful. You can play with this cat breed for hours without making it tired.

One prime example is their desire to play with lasers. If you show a laser pointer on a surface, their curious mind will try to reach it by any means possible.

Jumping is probably one of its means to play around. It is also beneficial for the Maine Coon to have sufficient playtime as they are susceptible to obesity.

A Better Look:

Cats have their kind of love for high places. You must have seen your cat or any cat video on the internet where the cat is above a cupboard or racks.

Jumping from one place to another is probably their only way to access some of those places. Hence, Maine Coon’s jumping probably due to their need to access high places.


Exploring the outside world is probably the most dangerous obstacle for a cat. Maine Coons are brilliant and curious cats.

Hence, they can jump across the backyard wall and get out of your house. If that is the case, you have to consider how you restrict this kind of behavior.

Can A Maine Coon Jump Over Trees?

As Maine Coons are good hunters, they also tend to climb objects. If you have trees in your backyard, your giant cat may be climbing the tree on its own.

You have to make sure that the cat does not jump off and hurt itself when it is having a great time on the tree.


Maine Coon cats are full of energy, and hopping around from one place to another is just a way to have an immense amount of fun.

If you wonder whether the giant furballs can jump, they can certainly reach a height of eight feet by jumping.

Your smart Maine Coon may also choose not to jump if they have everything they need in their grasp.