How Do You Entertain A Ragdoll Cat? Here Are 9 Ways You Can Try

Ragdolls are friendly, loving, and affectionate. They can be a great addition to your household, and you can spend a considerable amount of time playing with them.

Their notably lively nature also demands enough stimulation for mental and physical growth. Other crucial factors are associated with the entertainment of the Ragdoll cat.

You can achieve mental and physical growth using a well-thought toy or course. Playing time also allows you to make a strong bond with the Ragdoll cat.

Ragdoll’s lively nature requires many exercises every day, and playing can be a natural source of the activity.

In this article, we will explore how you can entertain a Ragdoll cat and answer a frequently asked question related to this topic. Let us start by discovering the playing techniques that you can employ for the Ragdoll cat.

How Do You Entertain A Ragdoll Cat?

There are several ways by which you can entertain a Ragdoll cat. In this section, we will look at nine ways that serve the sole purpose of keeping the cat entertained for hours.

1. Laser Light:

Laser light is an innovative way to interact with an active cat. They are astoundingly lively creatures and follow a moving fly or insect instantaneously.

Cats can perceive a moving laser pointer as one of those eye-catching objects and run after it for hours. Their inquisitive and predatory mentality is responsible for this kind of behavior.

You can buy a low power laser pointer from a stationary store and point at some accessible location for the cat.

It should start following the laser soon enough, and you will have something to keep the Ragdoll cat occupied for hours.

2. Recreating Fish Tank:

Fish tanks are fascinating objects for cats, and you can use this knowledge of use by recreating a fish tank’s conditions.

If you don’t want to put your fishes in danger, you can imitate the scene using fake fishes. Fill an empty fish tank with water and float a few silicon fishes inside it.

It will keep the cat occupied for hours without getting bored. It will also keep the cat happy for a long time. However, you have to fix the tank to the spot. Otherwise, cats can topple it over and hurt itself.

3. Rods and Strings:

Stimulating a cat can be a simple enough job for you if you use this method. All you have to do is buy a fishing rod, strings, and some colorful flurry toys.

Attach the toy at the end of the rope and swirl it around the cat. The cat should follow it as long as you want it.

Veterinarians and cat behaviorists recommend this method to help indoor cats in mental and physical growth.

4. Go Fetch:

Ragdolls are also known as the ‘dogs of the cat world’ for its dog-like nature. So, it is quite natural for the Ragdolls to be stimulated by the simple go and fetch game. You have to take care of the few elements of the game, such as:

  • Use an unbreakable object to throw
  • Throw the item in the field of vision of the cat.
  • You can show the object to the cat before throwing it to grab its attention.
  • When they bring the object back to you, you can pet it or give it a treat as appreciation.

You have to be extremely careful about the approach of the game. You can take it gradually and at a slow pace.

5. Hunting Game:

You can emulate hunting games for the Ragdoll cat, as it can be a good exercise for the Ragdoll cat. You can look for jerky movements, fluttering, flailing, or dancing motions as the result of these types of activities.

Typically a mechanically driven mouse will be an excellent choice for hunting games. They will see the mouse as moving prey and catch it with all its might.

It is a perfect choice for the cat’s entertainment, and you can watch the cat prancing around all day long.

6. Scratching Post:

Scratching posts have other advantages other than the cat’s entertainment. Generally, cats prefer scratching posts to fulfill their unfathomable desire to scratch surfaces.

You can purchase a scratching post if the cat is roughening on the wall or furniture. While it is useful in those scenarios, scratching posts is a desirable alternative to regular exercise.

If you buy a long scratching post for the cat, it will stretch on the scratching post.

Ragdolls are outdoor cats, and they like to use trees for scratching purposes. But if you keep it indoors most of the time, a scratching post will be a viable option for the cat.

7. Another Pet:

Ragdolls can be remarkable with other cats in the house. If you have more than one cat in the household, the Ragdoll will remain entertained for most of the time.

You can also look for another Ragdoll as a companion, as they are great together. They love to interact with another pet in the house, and you can fuel that desire with another Ragdoll.

However, two male Ragdolls can be problematic because of the sense of competition. One male and one female Ragdoll should work like a charm.

8. Outdoors:

Taking the Ragdoll outdoors is also a brilliant way of entertaining the Ragdoll cat. Due to their dog-like nature, you can train them to behave with a leash.

Their intelligent nature should help you in the process. Ragdolls are outdoor cats, and this opportunity to explore the outdoors under supervision will be excellent for the cat.

9. Keep Near The Window:

Ragdolls love to sit by the window and look outside for hours. It is a peaceful activity for the cat, and this method can keep the cat entertained for hours.

Look for a good porch near the window and set its bed near it. The cat can look outside from there. It’s an excellent activity to keep the cat occupied.


The entertainment method will depend on the personality of the cat. You can look for playful activities for the cat if your cat is an active one.

Otherwise, you can look at the activities such as fish tanks, mechanical mice, etc. The vital point you have to be aware of is that the exercise should be favorable for your cat.

There are several advantages of indulging your cat in an activity, and one of the most crucial ones is a loving bond between you and your cat.

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