How Do I Make My Ragdoll Happy? [ Check The Ways Here ]

Ragdoll cats are generally known for their social and loving behavior towards their owners. However, while it is not very difficult to keep them in a happy place, you cannot take their happiness for granted.

There are some telltale signs of happy cats, and if you are not seeing them in your cat, you need to worry about them. So, many Ragdoll owners have asked the question we are discussing.

How do I make my Ragdoll happy? In general, the amount of love and care you need towards a Ragdoll is not much.

However, there are some specific needs of a Ragdoll that you need to look after. Not meeting those specific benchmarks of love, care, attention, and grooming might make the poor cat extremely unhappy

So, in this article, we will discuss some of the most common ways you can make your Ragdolls cat happy. You will realize that we are not talking about any innovative methods but fundamental ways of keeping them happy while caring for them. Let us look at the ten best ways you can keep a Ragdoll cat happy.

How Do I Make My Ragdoll Happy?

Making your Ragdoll cat happy involves a few trivial steps of adequately taking care of the cat. Hence, you don’t have to do something out of the ordinary to make a Ragdoll cat happy. However, we know how boring daily life can be, and it might hamper the relationship with your Ragdoll. So, in this section, we will cover some of the most basic ways of keeping your Ragdoll cat happy and entertained.

This section will help you explore the intricacies of a Ragdoll cat in a new fashion. The requirements of having a happy cat are always caring, loving, and attentive to their needs. So, keeping the main idea in mind, let us dive into the matter at hand:


Ragdoll cats need a lot of affection, and in return, they fill your world with all the love and affection. It is one of the prime qualities of a Ragdoll cat. If you look at the origin story of these cats, you will see how they came into existence for the sole purpose of showing affection towards the owners.

However, this feature is not voluntary. It does not come without you showing the same love for the Ragdoll. If you leave them alone in a room for hours every day, the cat will not be happy about it. So you have to spend as much time as possible with your Ragdoll.

It’s not like you have to pet your cat all the time, but staying with it and caressing it from time to time will be the way to go about it.

Apart from just staying there, you can also spend some quality time playing with your cat. As you probably know already, Ragdoll cats are extremely sportive, and playing with them might be fun. And it also brings us to the next point.

Interactive Toys

No matter how much we try, it is impossible to spend all your time with the Ragdoll. Although we recommend that working personnel shouldn’t get affectionate cats like Ragdolls, we all know that it might not work like that. So, you may have to get out of your house and leave your Ragdoll alone for long hours.

There are quite a few ways to avoid the effects, and interactive toys are just one of them. These toys can keep your Ragdoll cats busy for a lengthy time. However, Ragdoll cats are also very playful. So, the idea will work best on them if you invest in some ball-based toys.

You have to keep certain things in mind. First, you can only keep your cat busy for some time, and it will not replace the required time of you playing with the cat. You still have to come back and play with your cat whenever it is convenient.

It would help if you also kept playing with different objects to keep the cat entertained at all times. But, of course, the games also need to be safe for your Ragdolls.

Patience During Introductory Period

Cats do not like changes in their surroundings. So whether you are taking a new cat to your home, changing your house, or having a new roommate, you have to expect some effects on your beloved cat.

Most of the time, sudden changes in their surroundings might have severe effects on the mental health of your cat. However, the cat can also overcome it and be the usual self.

Patience is the key at this point, and you have to make a gradual transition to make it as comfortable as possible for the cat. When making a massive change to their usual scenery, make sure that you introduce a small part of it initially.

For example, if you are changing your house, only introduce a single room to the cat at first. When you are seeing that the cat is taking it naturally, slowly increase the exposure. Sometimes, your cat will be comfortable with the whole house.

You can say the same about new people. Be patient with your cat, and you will win the natural love and affection from your Ragdoll.

Strict Routine

We underestimate the value of the routine in a cat’s life. You do not realize how a cat can stick to a specific schedule every day of its life. The fact is that the cat does not like changes, and sticking to the same schedule is just the mantra for their comfortable living.

When you maintain a specific schedule, you will see a sense of comfort in your Ragdoll cat. This example is more prevalent when it comes to the feeding schedule.

A Ragdoll cat can take almost 2 to 3 years to grow to its full size, and you might need to give it more than what is necessary. However, it doesn’t mean that you overfeed the cat.

If you are attentive to the growth period, you will know when to reduce food. But always introduce a gradual change.


While this is controversial, whether one should keep a cat indoors or outdoors, the answer is quite clear for a Ragdoll cat. Any expert or vet would recommend you to keep your Ragdoll cat indoors as much as possible.

Although they are pretty playful, you should not let them outdoors. Ragdoll cats are not known for their hunting skills, but they are incredibly loving and affectionate. Unfortunately, they might not be able to look out for themselves.

So, to ensure their safety and happiness, we would recommend you to keep your ragdolls indoors. However, if you can train your Ragdoll to be okay with a harness, then you can take it outdoors. But you have to be extremely careful with the surroundings.

Regular Visit To Veterinarian

The Ragdoll cat needs to be healthy to be happy, and taking your cat to see the veterinarian makes sure that the cat has everything alright. You have to pay special attention when the cat is growing up, as it is critical for your Ragdoll.

It is also fairly common amongst the Ragdoll cat owners to take them more regularly than other cat breeds.

Having such a large size makes them more susceptible to heart diseases, kidney ailments, and bladder issues. So, it is safe to take your Ragdoll to see the veterinarian at least twice every year.

These bi-yearly visits are a must for a general health check-up. However, you might need to take your Ragdoll to the veterinarian more than just twice. No matter what, you should not wait for an ailment to grow, and you must give a visit if you suspect anything wrong with your cat.

Protection From Children

Ragdoll cats pose no threat to children in the house. On the contrary, these cats are one of the best choices when you have a small child at your home. Their gentle and docile nature makes them extremely good to keep with children.

While there is an assurance that the Ragdoll wouldn’t hurt the child in any manner, we cannot say the same about children. You cannot guarantee that the child will be gentle with the cat. So, you have to make sure that the child does not harm your Ragdoll by mistake.

Ragdolls are not a bunch who would lash out if you harm them. However, it would help if you kept your cat safe as you keep your cat safe as well.

You have to keep in mind that you cannot leave your child supervised with your cat. Teach both of them about being courteous to each other, and it should be enough to keep both of them from any unfortunate event.

Protection From Other Pets

Ragdoll cats are exceptionally well-behaved, and that makes them compatible with any pet. Most of the time, they are excellent with other ragdoll cats. But Ragdolls are exquisite with dogs as well.

When protecting your Ragdoll from other cats, you have to remember that cats are highly territorial. So, you have to make sure that the cats do not have any conflicts regarding litter boxes, food bowls, water bowls, or even toys.

Hence, it is nothing but ensuring a comfortable life individually for the cat. Once you can achieve that, you should not worry about their conflicts. Some friendly tussle is entirely regular among two cats.

The conditions of a healthy relationship between a cat and a dog depend on the dog’s nature as well. For example, it is not advisable to keep a cat when the dog has a high prey drive.

Although there are some apparent exceptions to this, you should be careful with it. Once you correctly execute the introduction part, the cat should not have any problem with another dog. But, patience is a must during the first few months.


Grooming is an immense responsibility for cat owners, as there is no perfect guide to grooming your cat. But, as you already know, Ragdoll cats have medium to long hair on their bodies, prone to shedding like any other cat. So, daily brushing their fur should be a must for your Ragdoll cat.

While the most apparent advantage of the grooming sessions is a free-living fur condition, there is another excellent outcome. A grooming session also serves as a fantastic bonding time with your cat.

The key to a good grooming session is to start it when they are small. Then, once the cat picks up the grooming habit, it will be a piece of cake for the entirety of time.

Being Attentive To Their Needs

We have already talked about the need for attention for your Ragdoll cat. However, you cannot be oblivious to the conditions of your cat just because you are putting all of your attention on staying and having fun with your cat.

Be vigilant when you are taking care of a cat. Cats cannot express their discomfort as we humans do. So, please pay attention to their behavior at all times. Experts suggest that we can suspect problems in cats much before there is something drastic.

When the cat deviates from the usual schedule, vocalizes more than usual, or becomes more clingy, you must realize that something is wrong.

If you are raising your cat from a very early age, there will be plenty of changes to the size and habits of your cat. So, you have to adjust to their needs as well. One typical example is to invest in more giant litter boxes as they grow up.


As you can see in the article, we have not mentioned anything special in keeping your Ragdoll happy. However, the primary care and affection towards your cat will keep it as happy as possible.

Taking care of them is your responsibility as a cat owner, and that itself is the key to Ragdoll’s happiness.