How Do Cats Choose Who To Sleep With? Here’s Our Explanation

Cats spend most of their time sleeping. A cat is most active during the early hours of the morning, and then it tries to keep its activity to the minimum.

While some cats choose to sleep with a particular person, some can also disregard the people entirely and sleep on their own.

However, if your cat chooses to sleep with you, accept this act with an open heart. This simple fact shows that the cat trusts you completely, and it can be it’s most vulnerable in your presence.

You have probably seen that the cat does only sleeps with a particular person in the house.

This problem can affect the relationship with other humans in the house, but you can change the circumstances with a little effort.

In this article, we will explore the various plausible factors that determine the cat’s choice as a sleeping companion. 

How Do Cats Choose Who To Sleep With?


Cats can be quite picky when it comes to the person with whom it wants to share the bed. No matter how unnatural that may sound, cats can be moody, and it is never possible to determine the cat’s mood.

The cat’s chosen place is most probably the most suitable location for it to be, and there can be many reasons behind a particular decision.

Cat experts often acknowledge that the cat chooses the sleeping partner with whom it spends most of its time.

However, there can be some reasons which are not related to the person at all. Let us look at the factors that can determine the lucky individual who shares the bed with the cat.


The relationship between a human and a cat can vary according to several factors. There’s an existence of trust between them that plays a crucial part in the cat’s overall behavior.

Hence, you can often observe that the cat is close to the person who feeds it.

If you take care of the cat properly and help the cat keep its belly full, it will shower you with all its love. When a cat is sleeping with you, it is one of the best ways of appreciation that you can receive from a cat.


Cats are heat-regulating animals, and they can be cold at night. As a result, they can choose a warm location on the bed.

For example, if there is a window near the part where you sleep, they will probably sleep on the other side of the bed. So, if your cat is not sleeping beside you, the cat may have nothing against you.


The psychological factor of fear never leaves the cat as it is an intricate part of their heritage. Cats are most vulnerable when they are sleeping.

As a result, they make sure that they are choosing the safest possible spot for the cat. Most of the time, the cat finds better safety near human beings.

However, several factors can affect the choice of safety when deciding a place to sleep. For example, the cat will most likely choose a spot on the bed adjacent to a wall.

The wall acts as an additional source of protection against the unknown. Even though cats are domestic animals, the predators’ innate fear can drive this choice quite effectively.


If you stay at home with your cat all day, it is natural for the cat to become comfortable around you. Cats have a sharp sense of smell and sound, and they can ‘imprint’ on someone based on their smell.

If your cat is periodically sleeping with you, it probably loves your smell and sound. The familiarity with your presence can make the cat sleep with you every night.

If that is the case with your cat, you should be glad that you are getting your cat’s most generous gratitude – their trust.

The Favourite:

This behavior can mean that you are your cat’s favorite human in the family. Several factors can determine the chosen one.

If you spend most of the time with your cat, it will eventually grow fond of you. A fruitful playing session also helps to grow a strong bond with a human being.

If you keep the cat well fed and attend to its calls, it will reward you with its affection [ regardless of gender ]. Their choice proves the fact that they feel best when you are around. So, they quite naturally choose you to be their sleeping partner.


Like humans, cats choose a place where it’s most quiet. So, cats like to choose a corner of the bed that is least noisy.

If you or your partner snores, it is improbable that the cat would choose that side of the bed. It is another reason why a cat would not choose the bed’s side, which is close to a window. 


By now, you should be comfortable with the several factors that can help the cat determine its sleeping location.

Whether it is choosing your side because of its comfort around you, or any other reason, you have to appreciate that it is choosing you.

The cat’s purring can help you reduce stress, and this behavior can further strengthen the bond you share with the cat.

If your cat is not sleeping by your side, do not be heartbroken. If you can make the cat feel comfortable around you and take care of the other factors, it will sleep near you.

You have to take care of the cat in every way possible. The cat will show its gratitude in its way.

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