Grey Maine Coon : The Ultimate Guide With Everything You Need To Know

Maine Coon cats are one of the most beloved cats in the world. The elegant features and loving personalities are responsible for their fame and popularity.

Another feature that makes this breed a fascinating choice for any cat lover is its availability in several colors and patterns.

These cats are available in only five solid colors. Other color patterns include two or more colors creating a majestic coat pattern on top of Maine Coons.

One of the five solid colors is grey Maine Coon. They are available in several color variants as well.

We will discuss all the information you need to know before adopting a grey one. We will cover the physical features, average pricing, and diet for this cat breed.

We will also provide you with a few name suggestions if you choose to adopt this breed.

Let’s begin by giving a brief description of this unique variation.

Grey Maine Coon: Everything You Need to Know About

Grey Maine Coons officially come under the category of Blue Maine Coon cats.

There are some discrepancies in the classifications of these breeds due to the similarities in their coat.

A deep grey Maine Coon will have a blue tinge to the fur, which is why we often refer to them as blue Maine Coons.

There can also be confusion between Silver Maine Coons and Grey Maine Coons. One simplistic method to distinguish between these two breeds is by checking the background and stripe color.

If the cat has a grey background or grey stripes, we can call them grey Maine Coon. However, if the cat has black patterns on top of a white coat, we call them silver Maine Coon.

You can also check the fur at the end of their tail to determine their actual color. If your cat has a grey or slightly blue appearance, your cat is a grey one.

Ways to Identify a Grey Maine Coon Cat:

There are several by which you can understand whether your Maine Coon is grey or not.

Although these cats may not have their separate recognition as an official Maine Coon coloring, Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) has included them under the blue Maine Coon category.

The similarities in their coat color and the vertical overlap between them are responsible for this kind of recognition.

Like blue Maine Coon cats, grey Maine Coon cats also have several color classes. CFA has given a green flag to several color patterns for it.

We are going to discuss each of these color patterns in detail in the subsequent sections. One of the best ways of identifying the color of the Maine Coon is by cross-checking these color patterns.

However, you can check the end of the tail to know the Maine Coon’s background color. That should have a solid grey color if your Maine Coon is of grey variety.

You can also inspect the cat’s agouti hairs to know the background color. However, the hairs will have a lighter shade than the hair’s color on the tail’s end.

Are Grey Maine Coons Rare or Common?

Grey Maine Coons are significantly less prevalent than the other colors like white, cream, blue, and black.

However, you can find several color patterns with a delicate black or blue tinge. The reason behind this rarity of grey Maine Coon cats is the low demand.

There is a significantly less number of grey Maine Coon cats available in comparison to other solid color cat-breeds. However, they are more common than chocolate or cinnamon-colored breeds.

What’s the Grey Maine Coon Size?

Maine Coon cats are the largest domesticated cats in the world. There is only one wild cat in the world that has a comparable size and body structure.

Grey ones also share the same physical characteristics as the regular Maine Coon.

The elegant fur on the structured, muscled body is why their extreme popularity in the American continent.

Apart from being a loving cats, they have recognizable physical attributes. We need to understand the following features while discussing the size of grey Maine Coon cats:

Male Vs Female Size:

Almost all male kittens are more prominent than female cats. There will always be some exceptions to the rule, but this fact holds for most cat breeds.

As we know, the Maine Coon cats have a large size. So, this difference between the size of male and female Maine Coon cats might be a valuable consideration for your choice.

Growth Rate:

Their growth rate is unique among all the cat breeds. Most of the cats reach their full size in 2 years.

However, grey Maine Coon grows continuously for 3-4 years till they reach their full maturity. It is one of the reasons why they grow to such large sizes.


When we say that Maine Coon cats can grow up to a very lengthy size, you can check the ‘longest cat’ holders have always been Maine Coon cats.

Maine Coon cats have remarkably long and proportionate body structures. It is one of the reasons behind their popularity.

A grey Maine Coon cat can grow up to any size between 18-42 inches. The ‘longest cat’ title holder was a 48.5 inches long grey tabby Maine Coon cat.


There is a slight difference between the heights of male and female grey Maine Coon cats.

A male can have an extent in the range of 10-18 inches. However, female grey Maine Coon cats have slightly less height, and it varies between 7-14 inches. [ Part of the reasons they can jump up to eight feet.]


It is imperative to say that the size difference is also responsible for the weight difference between male and female grey Maine Coon cats.

The average weight of male grey Maine Coon cats ranges from 15-27 lbs, and the average for females is 6-13 lbs.

The Color Classes of Grey Maine Coon:

We will discuss all the color classes and look at the special features for each type of color class.

Solid color Class – Grey:

Solid grey Maine Coon cats have the same grey color all over the body. However, the color may vary from a lighter grey color to dark bluish color. The long hair should have the same color from the root to the top to qualify as a solid grey Maine Coon.

All Other Tabbies Colors Class – Grey Silver Tabby:

The coat should have a light silver background and dark grey markings. The pattern can be regular tabby patterns.

All Other Tabbies Colors Class – Grey Silver Patched Tabby:

This color class is similar to the grey silver tabby class. However, there are cream-colored patches on the grey tabby markings. It also has a white undercoat that makes them look more majestic.

All Other Tabbies Colors Class – Grey Tabby:

Grey tabby Maine Coon cats have a light grey background, deep grey markings, and a fawn-colored undercoat.

All Other Tabbies & White Colors Class – Grey Tabby and White (Patched included):

This color class has a greyish ivory base color with dark grey markings. The patched variation of the same color class might have cream patches.

Bi-Color Color Class – Grey and White:

Grey and White Maine Coon cats have a combination of grey and white. There should be white fur on the belly, paws, and bib.

Parti-Colored Color Class – Grey-Cream:

Grey-Cream is a parti-colored class, and it has a grey base color with patches of cream.

Parti-Colored & White Color Class – Dilute Calico:

The cat will be completely white with grey and cream-colored patches all over the body.

Shaded & Smoke Color Class – Shaded Grey Silver:

This type of Maine Coon cats white undercoat with grey tippings on its sides, face, and tail. The color on each hair strand varies from white to a grey color.

Shaded Smoke & White Color Class – Shaded Grey Silver & White:

This color class is similar to the previous one, but it has white fur on the bib, belly, and paws.

There are more examples of shaded & smoke color patterns. Needless to stay, grey Maine Coon cats come in several shades and color classes.

Grey Maine Coon Eye Colors:

Grey Maine Coon cats can have all the possible eye colors like amber, copper, orange, gold, and green.

However, a solid grey Maine Coon cat cannot have blue eyes. If the cat has white patches on its body, it might have blue eye color or heterochromatic eyes.

What is the Average Price of Grey Maine Coon?

The following chart gives the average cost of grey Maine Coon cat depending on the type:

Type of Maine CoonAverage Cost ($)
Grey Maine Coon Kitten1100
Grey Maine Coon Adult Cat550
‘Show’ Quality<2700
Rescue Grey Maine CoonVaries

for others, you may want to check out this article.

Where Should You Buy a Grey Maine Coon Cat?

If you have decided to buy a grey Maine Coon cat, and you are looking for places to buy it, there are several sources where you can find a Maine Coon cat. But we only suggest going with a reputable breeder.

A registered breeder will be the only reliable choice for receiving a purebred Maine Coon cat. If you aren’t worried about the purity of the grey Maine Coon cat, then you can use the following sources:

  • Rescue Center
  • Facebook groups and marketplace
  • Gumtree
  • Craigslist
  • Backyard Breeders
  • Pet shop

Food and Diet Requirements of Grey Maine Coon Cat?

Maine Coon cats have a slower rate of growth in comparison to other cats. Hence, you cannot overfeed the cat hoping for faster growth.

Most of the time, it leads to obesity in cats. Grey Maine Coon cats have similar dietary preferences. We recommend wet food because of the available moisture.

How about grooming? Well, you can apply the same grooming techniques mentioned here.

Just don’t forget to get a cat tree to avoid scratching issues.

What Name Should You Give to Your Grey Maine Coon?

Naming your beloved feline can be confusing. Here are our top name picks for grey Maine Coon cats:

  • Stormy
  • Wolf
  • Smokey
  • Cinders
  • Ash

Full Name List Of Maine Coon Can Be Found Here


By now, you should be well-acquainted with the grey Maine Coon cats and their features.

If you have decided to buy a grey cat, you couldn’t have made any better choice. Maine Coon cat can be an extraordinary addition to any household.

Their loving behavior, giant size, and dog-like nature make them one of the world’s most popular cat breeds.

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