Fun Things To Do With Cats : 90+ Activities You Can Try

Just because cats are not as active as dogs, they are not so fun to be with? They are. And they also enjoy activities in and out of the house.

As with most creatures, they get bored, too. When they get bored, that’s when they start doing things that may not please you like scratching the door, or going where they shouldn’t be going. When cats are bored, they tend to act on their curiosity.

While it is a massive thing for them to explore and be familiar in their territory, when they are bored, and they manufacture their entertainment, you may end up cleaning a lot of mess. The best way to deal with it is to play and do fun things with them.

If running outdoors isn’t an option, you can still give them the physical activity that will serve as their exercise and ease their boredom. Here are some ways to do that.

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90 Fun Things to Do with Your Cat:


  1. Teach your cat to walk on a leash. It might take some patience on your part, but this is a great way to let your indoor cat safely experience the great outdoors.
  2. Trim their claws. Rather than declawing, which is considered inhumane. Plus, it only takes minutes.
  3. Dress them up in an excellent or creative costume for Halloween. Nothing too small can get you a fair amount of candies!
  4. Make them part of your family time. Allow them to curl up in your lap as you read to the kids or watch a movie together on the couch.
  5. Take a catnap together. Nothing will lull you better to sleep than their soft purrs.
  6. Mount bird feeders outside a window to give them plenty of indoor bird-watching time.
  7. Train them to be useful travel companions.
  8. Take them on a trip somewhere. If Taylor Swift and her cat do it, you can too.
  9. Call and invite them to sit on the porch with you.
  10. If she’s showing the right temperament, take her to camp. Just remember to bring the leash!
  11. Teach him how to give a high-five.
  12. Leave them some catnip and let them indulge — then sit back and enjoy the show.
  13. Watch “cat TV” together, that channel on cable where they only show fishes in aquariums–calmly stare at an aquarium. Don’t have an aquarium channel? Try an oceanic screen saver.
  14. Put them in the cat travel bag and bring your cat to work.
  15. Plant a few pots of wheatgrass for them to nibble. Let them watch as you do it.
  16. Drag and wave a piece of string or yarn around the house for your cat to chase. Nothing is more entertaining for them than a moving object.
  17. Repurpose an old T-shirt into a cat tent and camp together.
  18. Play hide and seek with a twist. Rub a slice of lunch meat to some worn and old socks and hide them around the house for your cat to track.
  19. Use toilet paper rolls to make some awesome cat toys.
  20. Collect a variety of wind-up toys for them. Wind them all up and let them go for your cat to chase.
  21. Craft them a wolf tail to chase.
  22. Create a ribbon wand from washi tape and some dowel rod.
  23. Build them an under-the-table cat hammock.
  24. Turn their bath time into bonding time.
  25. Install some cat-friendly apps on your phone or tablet, like following the fish.
  26. Construct a do-it-yourself (DIY) cat scratch pad out of cardboard boxes, sisal rope, and duct tape.
  27. Put on a playlist of birdsongs to keep your cat entertained.
  28. Twist-up pieces of aluminum foil or any paper for an easy toy that your cat will love to bat around.
  29. Keep moving your hand under a blanket and watch your cat pounce it.
  30. Collect empty toilet paper rolls and tape or glue them together. Hide treats and toys in any of the blank spaces to make a fun cat puzzle.
  31. If you have a koi pond, allow them during winter to go ice fishing.
  32. Sing to your cat, even if you don’t have a good voice. Or, croon him with an instrument. Inspire him to sing along.
  33. Play hide-and-seek with a blanket or comforter.
  34. Take part in a piano duet together.
  35. Develop good dental hygiene habits by brushing your cat’s teeth.
  36. If your windowsills are wide enough, fill one with pillows for them as a place for sunbathing.
  37. Allow your kitten to sit or walk on a keyboard and see what kinds of crazy typing you get.
  38. Mount low-cost floating shelves to erect a cat climbing wall.
  39. Allow your kitty to play in a box full of packing peanuts.
  40. Devote some great moments watching Nyan Cat together
  41. then try making a Nyan Cat costume for your cat.
  42. Give Fluffy some space to contemplate the sound of their names and what it could mean.
  43. Dress up your cat for Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19.
  44. Make it even more fun by putting your cat in a wig.
  45. Perform a resistance workout together.
  46. Take your cat for a walk around the house, in all rooms — carry her food as you go and watch her follow.
  47. Make a do-it-yourself cat ramp for agility practice.
  48. Captivate your cat with a robotic fish tank.
  49. Provide your feline, a cat-sized exercise wheel.
  50. Take your cat and visit a nursing home.
  51. Pile up several of the Lack tables that will do as a comfortable DIY kitty condo.
  52. Have more than two cats? Stack Ikea doll beds to have them feline bunk beds.
  53. Reward your cat with a chicken-and-tuna-flavored catsicle.
  54. Take your recently leash-trained cat to the park. Explore and allow them to get familiarized.
  55. Throw your cat a birthday party, complete with balloons, cakes, and visitors!
  56. Groom your cat. Brush them regularly — especially if she has a long coat.
  57. Enjoy some culture and listen to some classical or jazz music with your cat.
  58. Go bird-watching together, either by the window or where birds usually are.
  59. Take a break from a busy day and practice the Zen of blankly staring out a window with your Fluffy.
  60. Spread a blanket out in the backyard and soak up some sun: nothing but good vitamin D.
  61. Take them on an enjoyable RV road trip.
  62. Use empty boxes and paper bags to create an indoor cat playground or castle.
  63. Discover to clicker train your cat and teach them with some new tricks.
  64. Play hide and seek with treats or pieces of kibble around the house for your kitty to forage and find.
  65. Create a simple puzzle by hiding some treats inside a lidless plastic bottle.
  66. Watch some videos for cats or cat videos on YouTube.
  67. Blow some catnip-flavored bubbles and let your kitty go wild.
  68. Tie feathers to a string or wand and dangle it around for your cat to catch.
  69. Know how to crochet? Create a whole variety of homemade cat toys.
  70. Play ping pong with your cat in an empty bathtub.
  71. Were you tired of scooping the litter box every time? Try to toilet train your cat.
  72. Make your cat a no-sew cat bed.
  73. Bring the green outdoors in by planting a large tray of wheatgrass and placing it in a sunny spot for your cat to lounge in.
  74. Does your cat love to hang out with you as you work? Put a cat-sized box on your desk to keep her off your keyboard.
  75. Teach your cat how to shake hands.
  76. Plant an indoor cat garden for them to sneak around in.
  77. Tease your cat with a laser pointer.
  78. Make then some homemade cat treats.
  79. Shake and jiggle your fingers over the edge of the furniture but make sure to pull them away before your cat catches them. (You might want to trim kitty’s claws first.)
  80. Line the bottom of a cat-sized basket and put it at some sunny location. Your cat will love being able to scratch and leisurely lounge in the same spot.
  81. Take your cat boating. Once again, don’t forget to bring the leash.
  82. Read to your kitty.
  83. Move a toy under the door and pull it back when your cat dives for it.
  84. Play tag and chase each other around the house: nothing but good cardio.
  85. Teach your cat how to play the guitar.
  86. Fix a large piece of old carpet to the bottom of a doorway. Your cat loves to stretch out, and scratch, and that could be her next favorite spot.
  87. Include your cat in a family portrait.
  88. If they hang out as you work, move the mouse around your screen and allow your cat to try to catch it.
  89. Use a human-to-cat translator app to start that conversation with your cat. Believe it or not, there is such a thing.
  90. Listen to T.S. Eliot reading his poem, “The Naming of Cats.”

Got some more fun things that you do with your cat that can make to this list? Hit us up in the comments section below.


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