Flame Point Siamese Kitten : Everything You Need To Know

Cat lovers should be well acquainted with the Siamese Cats. The loving personality and distinct pointed colored coat make them stand out from the other cat breeds.

These cats have a temperature-dependent color pattern, which we call a pointed color pattern. However, the color of the points depends on the genetics of that particular cat.

Siamese cats are available in several color patterns like chocolate, seal, lilac, blue, etc. While some of the colors are well-known to most of the cat lovers, some are notably rare.

Flame point Siamese cats are one of the rarest color patterns in the Siamese cat community. It is a product of years of inbreeding of Siamese cats and orange tabby shorthair cats.

In this article, we will discuss everything that you need to know about flame point Siamese cats.

Red / Flame Point Siamese Kittens: Everything You Need To Know:

Flame point Siamese cats are one of the rarest of Siamese colored points.

There is a debate regarding the purity of this breed as well. In this section, we will cover several characteristics of this breed by answering a few questions.

What Do You Mean By Flame Point?

Flame Point is a unique type of pointed pattern with orange-colored patterns on the face, tails, nose, and ears.

This breed also has predominantly blue-colored eyes that make them even more beautiful. The body of flame point Siamese cats have a creamy-white coat.

Flame point is a crossbreed between a typical Siamese cat and a red or orange tabby American shorthair cat.

In the mid 20th century, some of the Siamese breeders started to breed this type of Siamese cats, and they gained popularity later on. But they are still one of the rarest of Siamese cats.

Do Flame Point And Red Point Mean The Same?

Yes, flame point and redpoint Siamese cats are the same. However, CFA or other cat associations do not consider the flame point to be an official Siamese color.

In the UK, two Siamese breeders engender this unique breed of redpoint siamese cats. If you compare these two types of Siamese cats’ pigments, you will not find any difference.

It has two different names in separate parts of the world. In the UK, this type of color pattern has the name of the flame point.

However, in the USA and Australia, people call them a redpoint. Flame point color is more popular on the Persian or Himalayan cat breeds.

However, the color of the flame point matches precisely with the redpoint. The golden color on the nose, legs, and ears is a standard feature for both flame and redpoints.

How Long Do Flame Point Siamese Cats Live?

Siamese cats’ lifespan depends on several factors, like eating habits, type of food, exercise, predisposed diseases, etc.

However, a healthy Siamese cat can live anywhere from 15 to 20 years. Flame point Siamese cats are also not an exception. If you are taking good care of the Siamese cat, you should expect them to live a long life.

Do Flame Point Siamese Cats Need A Specific Diet?

Siamese cats should have a blanched diet with a high percentage of protein, a medium fat percentage, and a low amount of carbohydrate.

Protein supplies the essential amino acids that the Siamese cats may require for healthy body functions. Fatty acids, such as Omega-3 and 6, are necessary for the Siamese cats’ healthy coat.

Carbohydrates should also be a part of a balanced diet. You can choose between a dry cat food or a wet cat food depending on the Siamese cat’s preference.

However, you have to make sure that the Siamese cat is receiving all the necessary nutrients. Flame point Siamese cats do not have a specific diet for themselves.

There are several cat foods specifically for the Siamese cats. You can also have a mixed diet of dry and wet cat food. However, make sure that the flame point Siamese cat drinks water as much as it needs.

Do Flame Point Siamese Cats Shed?

Although shedding is a natural process for all cats, the amount of shedding for Siamese cats is significantly less than other breeds.

As a result, the Siamese cats are suitable for the people having any allergy. A compound, which we call FelD1, is responsible for the allergy-related problems in cats.

This protein gets airborne due to the shedding of cats. As Siamese cats do not shed at an alarming rate, the allergen doesn’t affect the others.

However, Siamese cats go through a seasonal shedding cycle. Siamese cats start to shed more before summer. Flame point Siamese cats also go through a similar shedding cycle.


By now, you should be comfortable with the characteristics of a flame point Siamese cat. They are also popular as red point Siamese cats in different parts of the world.

You will differentiate between a flame point Siamese cat and other types of Siamese cats very comfortably.

No matter what you call them, some cat owners often appraise them to be the most well-behaved type amongst Siamese cats.

Siamese cats need more attention than the other cat breeds. If you are attentive towards your flame point Siamese cats, you do not have to worry about its behavior.