Editorial Process

Our editorial process

At epic pet club, we focus on ensuring that all the articles we publish are of high technical quality & up to date evidence. Our editorial process focuses on the robustness and validity of our research, from methodological, analytical, statistical and ethical perspectives, rather than making subjective decisions

Here’s how our editorial process looks like:

Stage 1: Initial quality check

Once we finish an article, we’ll check that it complies with latest research or not. This stage includes checks on fact-checking, competing interests and plagiarism.

Stage 2: Verified by a professional vet owner

We work with multiple vet owner to see if our articles are in place or not. We verify through them to make sure we do not push any misleading content. Our professional in house vet team constantly check each article to meet the standards.

Stage 3: Verified by the owner

Once the above stage is complete, the co founder takes it over ( unless the article is written by the owner )

Once Jones is satisfied, she passes the article to the editor again for one more verification.

Stage 3: Publish

The last phase is publishing the content.