Best Dog Bed For Pitbull : 2022 Reviews & Comparisons

Is your Pitbull acting weird? Then the dog could be tired from not getting proper sleep during the night. Like the owners, Pitbulls also restore and rejuvenate themselves through the 12-14 hours long sound sleep.

So, how can you help your Pitbull to take the required nap? The answer is by giving them the best dog bed. An appropriate dog bed made only for your Pitbull.

After a lot of analysis and scrutiny, we have selected the top 7 dog beds with countless attractive features. Read further to know more, and pick the suitable one for your canine pal. 

Best Dog Bed For Pitbull 2022 Reviews

Followings are the best seven dog beds that offer the specific amenities a Pitbull owner wants. So, jump-start reading our honest reviews for selecting the suitable one for your Pitbull. 

1. Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Key features

  • Contain made-in-USA therapeutic foam. 
  • The bed effectively reduces joint pains. 
  • Come with a 10-year warranty on the top-quality foam. 
  • Size options are available from large to giant. 
  • The material is easy-to-clean microfiber. 

It is hard to find a proper dog bed for a Pitbull, especially for a canine with arthritis. But, Big Barker has come with a solution. With their 7-inch Pillowtop Orthopedic Bed, your Pitbull will find the ultimate comfort while sleeping.

Also, the foam in the bed is not regular.

The unique 3-stage therapeutic foam of this orthopedic bed successfully lessens the joint soreness of Pitbulls. The high-quality dog bed will not flatten like other beds in general. 

What we mostly love about the product is its durability. The bed holds its shape even after ten years of usage. Even if it fails, the manufacturer will refund the money.

But, believe us, Big Barker’s 7-inch Dog Bed is a heavy-duty product. The size variation will leave you surprised.

While the large one measures 48 x 30 x 7 inches, the extra-large is 52 x 36 x 7 inches. Also, the dimension of the giant dog bed is 60 x 48 x 7 inches. But, the poor fabric of this slightly expensive product disappointed us. 


  • Pitbull loves the top-notch 3-layered foam construction of the mattress with a 4-inch headrest. 
  • Reduce the chronic joint pains of the dog impressively. 
  • The heavy-duty dog bed will not flatten over time. 


  • Some users found the fabric of the dog bed easy-to-tear. 
  • You can find similar products at much lower prices. 

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2. Bully Beds Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Key features

  • The dog bed comes with 2.5 inches of durable orthopedic memory foam. 
  • The bottom grip will not let it skid. 
  • The microfiber cover is waterproof and easy to wash.
  • Come with 20-years of warranty. 

If you are looking for a top-quality, deluxe memory foam dog bed for your Pitbull, your search will end here.

With Bully beds Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed, your Pitbull can get the ultimate relaxation during naptime. Let us talk about the vast range of variable sizes of the dog bed first.

While the extra-large one measures 52 x 34 x 7 inches, the size of the XXL dog bed is 60 x 48 x 7 inches.

So, whether you have a Pitbull puppy or an adult canine, you can smoothly avail of an apt dog bed with Bully Beds. 

Also, the supreme quality memory foam of the dog bed will not flatten like a pancake and provides support over 20 years.

In addition to it, the mattress can relieve your Pitbull from severe joint inflammation. Since the Bully Beds Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed is a CertiPUR-US bed, it is 100% safe for your adorable pup.

But, we have faced one issue about this product. Although the brand claims the mattress is waterproof, it is not. But, other than that, our experience with this bed was pretty good. 


  • The finest orthopedic memory foam effectively relieves Pitbulls from several health conditions. 
  • The size variation is winning. 
  • Since the company did not use any harmful material while crafting the bed, you are safe to use it for your Pitbull. 


  • If your dog has bladder concerns, the not-so-waterproof fiber can disappoint you. 

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3. The Dogbed4less Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed

Key features

  • The 4 inches memory foam provides pressure support. 
  • The mattress regulates temperature to offer extra comfort. 
  • The inner cover is completely waterproof and easy to wash. 
  • It reduces body aches and joint pains. 
  • The bed comes with 7 size variations starting from 35 x 20 x 4 inches to 55 x 47 x 4 inches. 

The Dogbed4less Dog Bed is a stylish option you can select for your Pitbull. The contemporary denim blue cover will add an elegant look to your home.

Now, if we talk about its features, they are attractive. The perfectly aligned orthopedic memory foam offers support, comfort, and durability. Since the memory foam is gel-infused, it actively increases air circulation and regulates temperature.

As a result, your Pitbull can sleep comfortably throughout the year.

The premium quality memory foam provides pressure point relief. So it will be the best choice for an adult Pitbull with severe joint pains. 

Also, we preferred this product for the waterproof second external zipper cover.

It can protect your mattress while the outer denim cover is in the laundry. However, we did not like the non-chew-proof fabric of this slightly expensive dog bed. 


  • The quality of the memory foam is top-notch, and your Pitbull will love it. 
  • The mattress can reduce chronic body aches within a brief period. 
  • The material is ideal for your allergy-prone canine. 


  • You can get a dog bed with better quality chew-proof fabric at this range. 

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4. The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed

Key features

  • High-quality memory foam with superior therapeutic support. 
  • The size varies from small to XXXL. 
  • Ideal for Pitbulls with arthritis. 
  • The cover is easily removable and washable. 

If your Pitbull has arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, or any other severe health conditions, finding a perfect bed for it can be a strenuous job. Although most brands claim their dog bed is ideal for therapeutic support, only a few do it.

But, the Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed can enhance joint mobility and offer therapeutic support to your Pitbull.

Even if your Pitbull has recently undergone surgery, you can get this mattress only to give your canine pal special care. 

Also, the cover of the bed is removable like other dog beds. The plush fabric remains fluffy even after several washes.

But, we found a few concerns about this product.

The soft material of the dog bed is not chew-proof. Also, if a heavyweight dog lays on it, the mattress can flatten like a pancake. Still, you can get the dog bed if your Pitbull is slim and slender. 


  • The bed provides therapeutic support if your Pitbull has joint inflammation or joint immobility. 
  • The plush material has made the outer cover of the bed soft and comfortable. Your dog will love that. 


  • The material of the mattress is not heavy-duty. 
  • The excessive soft memory foam squeezes quickly. 
  • Due to the plush fabric, the cover of the bed cannot stand against a chewer. 

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5. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Key features

  • The bed contains CertiPUR-US memory foam. 
  • The heavy-duty dog bed can even support 100 pounds of weight. 
  • It comes with 65% waterproof polyester and 35% cotton material. 
  • Size is available from 25 x 20 inches to 50 x 40 inches. 

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is another heavy-duty and snug dog bed, ideal for your Pitbull. Unlike general low-quality dog beds, this mattress not only offers required sleep comfort to your canine pal but also effectively improves its health condition.

If you look at the impressive material list of the dog bed, it includes premium-quality polyester and cotton.

Both the fabric and foam are so top-notch that they can provide your Pitbull adequate warmth and comfort during the 12-14 hours long sleeping hours. The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed also comes with head and neck support.

Also, the microfiber cover of this bed is waterproof, washable, and tear-resistant. So, cleaning the top sheet of your dog bed has never been so easy.

We highly recommend this product also because it contains no mercury, phthalates, lead, and formaldehyde. If your Pitbull suffers from anxiety or any mental illness, this memory foam orthopedic dog bed can help your dog with high-quality sleep.

But, the only downside we found with this dog bed is the poor-quality fabric at such an expensive range. Otherwise, the dog bed will aptly suit your Pitbull. 


  • The 4 inches orthopedic memory foam will reduce the joint pains of your Pitbulls. 
  • PetFusion has engineered this dog bed as a heavy-duty product. 
  • As the dog bed contains no harmful material, it is safe for your furry friend. 


  • The fabric of the cover is not up to the mark regarding the high price. 
  • If your dog has bladder issues, this dog bed will not be appropriate for it. 
  • Some users found the material of the bed is highly flammable. 

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6. Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Key features

  • The brand uses CertiPUR-US memory foam. 
  • The waterproof bed comes with a TPU-coated liner. 
  • It helps relieve joint immobility or hip dysplasia. 
  • The rubber grip at the bottom makes the product anti-slip. 
  • The largest variation measures 46 x 35 inches. 

Milliard has manufactured this Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed only for your senior Pitbull with arthritis issues.

The double-layer, premium quality memory foam offers adequate support to your furry friend and relieves the pressure from its immobile joints.

Unlike other excessive soft memory foam dog beds, this one comes with the required stiffness so that your Pitbull can smoothly get up from it after a sound sleep. 

Also, the stiffness prevents the bed from getting compressed over time. We also like the mattress for the CertiPUR-US certificate that confirms it is free from any unfavorable chemicals.

But, we faced some issues with this product that we think is worth sharing. We did not have a decent experience with the fabric of the outer cover of the bed.

Unfortunately, the condition of the material degraded after the very first wash! So, if you purchase this top-end mattress, we suggest you vacuum and hand-wash the cover to make it durable. 


  • The bed does not squeeze even after bearing heavyweight Pitbulls. 
  • No matter how much your dog jumps on it, the rubber grip will not let the bed skid. 
  • It is ideal for Pitbulls that cannot hold urine. 


  • Although the company claims the fabric is machine washable, it is not

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7. K&H PET PRODUCTS Original Pet Cot Elevated Dog Bed

Key features

  • It is a travel-friendly product. 
  • The material of the dog bed is fully waterproof. 
  • It is a heavy-duty product with the capacity of holding 200 pounds. 
  • The pet parent faces no hassle in removing and cleaning the cover. 

If you are a backpacker and love to travel around with your canine companion, the K&H PET PRODUCTS Original Pet Cot can be your life-saver.

Since traveling with Pitbulls is no smooth job, you need to arrange all the essentials for you and your pet. Your Pitbull gets the best travel experience only when it gets adequate sleep.

With the pet cot, your furry friend can fall asleep peacefully during the trip.

The assembling and disassembling feature of this dog bed has attracted us the most. Not only outdoors, but this pet cot also provides excellent service even indoors. 

The durable, heavy-duty pet cot can carry a weight of up to 200 pounds. Also, we love this product for the premium quality breathable fabric. The mesh center can also soothe the skin of your Pitbull during the scorching summer days.

But, the highlighted feature of the pet cot is anyone can set up the dog bed quickly.

The assembling and disassembling of the dog bed do not need any prior knowledge or additional tools.

But, one thing we did not like about the product is that the leg tube of the pet cot can damage the floor. 


  • The porous mesh center allows constant airflow that will keep your pup cool. 
  • The heavy-duty fabric and indestructive metal construction will offer you service for years. 
  • Anyone can assemble the cot anywhere.


  • The bottom of the legs of this pet cot can potentially scratch or damage the floor. 

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Our best pick

After using and carefully reviewing all the seven products, we have selected product no. A Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed is our top pick due to all the eye-catching features. Sorting out the best one was not a quick job since all the seven dog mattresses were marvelous regarding their attractive specifications.

But, we highly recommend the Big Barker 7-inch Pillow Top Orthopedic Bed for some idiosyncratic specs.

Below, we have shared all the reasons that provoked us to suggest the Big Barker Orthopedic Bed as the best one. 

  • The size variations can leave you surprised. Big Barker knows there should be no limitation when it comes to the health of your Pitbull. So, they came up with dog beds in 3 different sizes, starting from 48 x 30 x 7 inches to 60 x 48 x 7 inches. Your Pitbull will love the spacious bed. 
  • If your Pitbull has some health conditions like hip and elbow dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, Cushing’s syndrome, or Wobblers disease, then do not worry. Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed will take care of it. 
  • The bed consists of therapeutic foam made in the USA. It is one of the premium quality materials that provide comfort to your dog. It also reduces joint pain. 
  • The mattress will not flatten due to the heavyweight of your Pitbull even after ten years of usage. 
  • The microfiber cover provides the ultimate comfort to your Pitbull. Also, the sheet comes with a zipper at the sides, and you can wash it in the machine. 
  • Lastly, you can get all these enticing features only at a few bucks! 

Since the Big Barker 7-inch Pillow Top Orthopedic Bed looks like aesthetic furniture, it will be a great addition to your home.

What are the benefits of having a good bed for your Pitbull?

We all need a place for retreat after a long day of work. It not only rejuvenates our physique but also helps us regain our mental energy for the next day.

The same goes for your Pitbull. You may have piled up torn pillows, old blankets, and stiff mattresses for your canine companion, but this assembled bed often fails to provide the required comfort to the dog.

Now, imagine yourself lying in an uncomfortable bed for the whole night! Not only do you feel like a zombie, but also your whole body will ache. 

So, think, how does it feel sleeping on a cold floor or a pile of old pillows? Pitbulls often suffer from severe bone problems and joint immobility due to the worst sleeping habits.

So, now only you can provide comfort to your canine pal by getting an appropriate dog bed. Here, we have shared all of the benefits of having a good dog bed for a Pitbull. 

Prevent the incorrect sleeping habit

As a pet parent, you will love it when your Pitbull sleeps beside you. Even though it looks adorable, it is the worst sleeping habit your Pitbull can get.

Whenever your canine pal wants to nap beside you, you might think it wants to spend some quality time with you. But, the prime intention is something else. 

Pitbull generally covers a cozy place that provides it adequate comfort. So, if it gets required relaxation from your bed, the dog thinks it is their designated place for rest.

Soon, they will take over all over your bed and start growling every time you instruct them to get down.

So, to prevent this behavioral issue, bring your canine a soft, comfortable dog bed where it can relax. 

Gains sound health

Whenever you cobble together a few torn blankets and deformed pillows to make a temporary dog bed, you do something wrong with your innocent pup.

It is because the makeshift bed can potentially harm the health of your pet.

The tiny, deformed, and uneven improvised bed often triggers bone problems in a Pitbull. 

Firstly, the tiny place and limited sleeping position can cause insomnia to your Pitbull. As a result, your dog becomes grumpy and irritable all the time.

Secondly, wrong postures during naptime can result in severe joint aches and even arthritis.

That is why a perfect orthopedic dog bed is a must for Pitbulls. Since your furry friend is prone to have bone diseases, lying on uncomfortable surfaces can make them severe.

The cozy bed will provide ultimate comfort.

If your dog frequently catches a cold or fever, the reason could be its exposition to extreme cold throughout the night. Since Pitbulls are sensitive to temperature change, they need a perfectly cozy bed to retain their warmth.

That is why a self-warming dog bed is ideal for them for providing adequate heat during the chilling night. 

Since the cold can trigger joint pains and several other bone problems, a comfortable, soft, orthopedic dog bed will be the best for them.

It will be a cherry on top if you get them an electric heated mattress. A comfortable dog bed will help them to relax throughout the year. 

Lesser scratch marks on the furniture

Pitbulls love to punch and dig their sleeping place before finally lying down there to fall asleep. But, you do not want them to do the same with your expensive furniture or favorite couch.

Also, the shedding issue and dander problem of your adorable Pitbull can make you vacuum your rugs and couch probably a thousand times a day.

That is why your canine pal needs to rest at a designated place so that you do not have to clean its fur in the whole house.

A place of retreat

Pitbulls require at least 12 hours of sleep per day.

So, it would be better to assign them a safe, sheltered, and always accessible dog bed. Also, having its dog bed will help the Pitbull to get a short peaceful retreat.

Things to consider when buying a bed for your Pitbull  

Taking a sound nap is the most significant part of the life of a Pitbull. Generally, an adult canine sleeps for almost 12-14 hours a day to maintain sound health.

Also, a Pitbull puppy requires 18-20 hours of sleep to sustain a healthy physique and brain development.

Now, imagine your Pitbull goes to sleep on a makeshift, uncomfortable bed every night. 

It can potentially hinder their body growth. So, irrespective of age and size, your Pitbull needs its dog bed.

But, finding an appropriate dog bed for your canine pal can be a tricky business, as the product comes in several sizes. So, below we have shared some factors you need to consider before buying a dog bed for your Pitbull. 

Pitbull needs to fit in the bed

Your adult Pitbull will not fit in a tiny bed. So, before purchasing a dog bed, measure your dog first. You do not want to spend your money on an inappropriate dog bed that does not let them out while sleeping. 

An indestructible dog bed comes with high durability

Pitbulls usually feature a destructive chewing nature. So, it will not be a good idea to get them beds covered with poor fabric.

Also, they can dig a mattress filled with soft foam pieces.

So, look for beds that come with heavy-duty materials, such as PVC or aluminum. Only these indestructible materials can offer durability. 

The Terrier needs special care

According to many studies and reports, most Pitbulls develop severe joint aches and bone issues while growing up.

That is why they need a perfectly aligned dog bed that will prevent them from getting hip dysplasia. So, find an orthopedic, comfy dog bed that promotes healthy bone health and lowers the risk of developing joint immobility. 

Easy-to-clean material

You do not want your Pitbulls to catch allergies from their loose hair, dirt, and dander. So, look for a dog mattress that comes with washable materials. It is because the regular wash will help you to keep the bed clean from any allergens. 

Opt for a coordinating dog bed

Your Pitbull loves your company and wants to stay near you always.

So, look for a dog bed that coordinates your home decor and other furniture in your room. Remember, the dog bed can also become a piece of furniture in your bedroom. 

Final thought

Selecting the suitable dog bed for your Pitbull can be a tiring job because there are so many things to consider before purchasing.

So, try to find a premium-quality, orthopedic dog bed that provides ultimate comfort to your canine companion.

You can try one of the seven dog beds we reviewed in this article, as they are the top-quality products to date.