Do Siamese Cats Have A Favorite Person? Here’s The Quick Answer

Siamese cats can be an adorable addition to your loving home. Their strikingly amiable behavior towards humans can make them your best friend.

They love the attention of their owners, and they have their ways of showing affection. If you think of adopting a Siamese cat, you are in it for a heartwarming show of love.

Siamese cats need more care and attention than most other cats, but they will make every bit of love worth it.

However, we often get a question from the Siamese cat owners. Do Siamese cats have a favorite person? In this article, we are going to discuss this aspect of their heart-melting affection.

Do Siamese Cats Have A Favorite Person?

Siamese cats are famous for their friendly nature to everyone around them. They can be good friends to kids, adults, and dogs equally.

However, many Siamese cats indeed choose a person over others. This behavior becomes apparent by their change of personality around the favorite person.

It does not mean that they will not be affectionate towards other family members or guests, but the lucky person will receive the extra bit of love from the Siamese cat.

While many Siamese cats choose a person over others, some love all the family members equally.

So, you will never surely know the kind of Siamese cat you have on your hand, but you can observe its behavior to decipher it soon.

How Does A Siamese Cat Show Its Affection?

Siamese cats know how to make their affection apparent to their chosen favorites.

They have gained their mastery at it, and you will find a best friend in your Siamese cat. There are several ways by which Siamese cats can show their warm affection. We are going to go through them one by one in this section.

  1. It is not hard to understand that the Siamese cat has chosen you for its favorite human position. They will follow you around the house without leaving you for a single moment. It is an extreme breach of privacy, but you called for it when you adopted the cute furball. You should consider yourself to be extremely lucky that the Siamese has chosen you for all its love.
  2. Siamese cats are also famous for their wide variety of sounds. They have over a hundred types of sounds, and they know how to ask for their demands. If it wants something from you, you will have no problem understanding that. They will respond to your voice with meows, yowls, or chirps.
  3. A Siamese cat might come to you and lie on the ground, exposing its belly. You can consider it as a way of showing their affection. This position means that they are okay to be vulnerable near you. You can think it to be an honor in cat language as well.
  4. Siamese cats can even bring all sorts of gifts for you. It can even be a dead mouse.
  5. It will be welcome to your touch. The Siamese cat will also expect the same from you. It might lick your skin, hair, or clothes to express their affection.
  6. Cats claim their territory by masking that place with pheromone, and rubbing their head is a way of transferring to the surface. When your cat is head butting your leg or arm, it claims you to be its property.

What Should You Do If Your Siamese Cat Is Too Attached With You?

Siamese cat’s love for you can become too overwhelming if you have an office job and spend most of your time away from home. You have to start by reducing the dependency on you in the following ways:

  • You have to start reducing the time that you spend petting the cat. You can maintain a specific schedule when you can play with the cat. Siamese cats will learn to follow a routine. However, you have to undergo this process slowly. Abrupt changes can be problematic for cats.
  • Siamese cats love asking for your attention. You cannot give in to their demands and keep to the tight schedule. In this way, you will not acknowledge undesirable behavior.
  • You can consider adopting another Siamese cat for the household. It is a custom in Thailand to keep them in pairs, and it keeps them in a good mood when you are not at home; if not, you can hire a pet sitter to watch the Siamese cat when you are at work.

There are other ways like purchasing cat toys, hiding treats, or creating a safe space by the window to help the cat with their loneliness.


Siamese cats can be overly expressive about their emotions towards their favorite person. The best thing you can do is accept this gift with open hearts.

If this is becoming detrimental to the Siamese cat’s mental health, you can use the ideas that we have mentioned previously.

Siamese cats are a great addition to your household, and a fixed routine should be enough for you to control it.