Do Siamese Cats Do Better In Pairs? Here’s What You Need To Know

Cats are generally independent animals, and they like to spend most of their time alone, doing their things.

Siamese cats might be a little different than most other cats out there. They are deeply affectionate towards everyone around them.

However, they can be quite demanding of their share of love and affection. If you have a Siamese cat, you have seen how clingy they can be.

Your cat may suffer from separation anxiety or severe depression if you spend most of your time away from home.

So, many Siamese cat owners ask whether it is better to have Siamese cats in pairs.

It is quite an interesting question, and we will cover this topic in this article. Let’s look at the traits of the Siamese cats to understand their needs in a better way.

Do Siamese Cats Do Better In Pairs?

Siamese cats are incredibly affectionate towards their owners. Sometimes the over-attached nature is too much for their excellent.

If they observe that their owners are not spending time with them, they can suffer from mental health issues.

Siamese cats are highly compatible with humans and animals alike. So, you can choose to buy another pet for accompanying a Siamese cat.

While other dogs and cats are great options for this endeavor, another Siamese cat can be the best option for you.

Thai people used to keep Siamese cats in pairs as a custom. Siamese cats first reached Europe when a British general’s daughter received two of them as a gift.

So, if you are concerned about the Siamese cat’s mental health, it is better to adopt another Siamese cat for your household.

Reasons Why Siamese Cats Are Happier In Pairs?

Siamese cats prefer the company of anyone that can match their energy level. There are several breeds other than Siamese cats that can be a good match for them. Some of the compatible cat breeds are:

  • Maine Coon cats
  • Ragdoll cats
  • Persian cats
  • Birman cats
  • Siberian cats
  • Abyssinian cats

Apart from these cat breeds, another Siamese cat can also be a great companion for it. Siamese cats can fulfill each other’s need for affection quite efficiently, and they both will have a happier life.

There are several reasons why your Siamese cat might be better in pairs, and we are going to explore the probable causes one by one in the following subsections.

1. Affection:

Siamese cats are a notably affectionate breed. They demand the same amount of care from their owners as well.

So, it is your responsibility to make sure that they get what they want. It is one of the most crucial things that you should know before adopting a Siamese cat.

If you are confident to give them all the care they might need, the Siamese cat can become an excellent addition to the house.

However, if you spend most of your time at the office, your little furball might be lacking the amount of affection they need.

Hence, adopting another Siamese cat might help your cat receive the kind of attention it needs.

As Siamese cats are comfortable with other animals and humans, they will show the required amount of affection towards each other. It will keep both the Siamese cats happy.

2. Loneliness:

If the cat has to spend most of the day on its own, it is bound to become lonely and bored. This mental condition is not healthy for Siamese cats, as they can become depressed and aggressive if it is going on for a prolonged time.

Hence, another Siamese cat might help them spend time in the company of each other. As they are a highly energetic breed, they will match each other’s energy levels.

They will form a loving bond and spend time in your absence. If your Siamese cats are satisfied, they will stay happy and have a healthy mental condition.

3. Playmate:

Siamese cats need a playmate when they are exercising or playing. Hence, the presence of another cat will enhance this part of their schedule.

They will feed off each other’s lively nature and have a better time. It also makes them compatible with each other. Having two cats in the household can be a handful, but it can be a team-building experience.

4. Talking:

Siamese cats are one of the most vocal cats in the world. If you have ever seen a Siamese cat, you must know how loud these cats can be.

These intelligent cats know how to let their demands be known to their owners.

When they have another partner in the house, they can talk to each other when you are not around. Siamese cats will be able to express their voice with each other.


Now, you should have an answer to the question at hand. Siamese cats stay happier when they have a partner for their daily activities.

If you spend most of your time away from home, Siamese cats can develop mental illnesses. Another pet in the house can mitigate this problem, and you can have an overall happy household.

It is tough to manage two attention-hungry cats in the same home, but they will be more satisfied in that case. The happiness of the Siamese cat should be the prime importance to you.