Do Ragdolls Run Away? [ Here’s The Answer ]

Ragdoll cats are born to be domesticated cats for their loving quality and docile nature. But, if you ask any cat expert, they will unanimously say that Ragdoll cats are strictly indoor cats.

The assurance of them not leaving you in distress might require more than just knowing that they are indoor cats.

So, you might ask whether Ragdoll cats run away in general. The answer is entirely conditional. If you are not careful, a Ragdoll might run away from your house. But, it will not actively try to run away from your care. So, the real question becomes what can make a Ragdoll run away.

In our experience, we see that the Ragdolls run away when the cat owner lets them outside without supervision. So, in general, you shouldn’t do that.

This article will explore this aspect in-depth and discuss how you can be sure while walking your Ragdoll or while having fun with it outside.

Do Ragdolls Run Away?

Ragdoll cats, in general, are incredibly docile and friendly. So, if you are careful, you should never think about the cat running away from you. However, if you keep a window open or let the cat outside without a leash, they can run away because of a distraction. So, I wouldn’t say that Ragdoll will run away. But keep in mind that you have to be extremely careful with the cat.

Can Ragdoll Cats Go Outside?

Ragdoll cats are primarily indoor cats with a friendly and docile nature. So, you might be reluctant to let them out in the world for their safety. However, the decision to let Ragdoll cats outside will be solely on you. We can give the pros and cons of the decision so that you can make a calculative decision on your own.

The cons outweigh the advantages by a margin, which is why most experts would suggest keeping them indoors. But, on the other hand, fresh air and walking with your cat outside might be good for your relationship with the cat.

But leaving them outside without supervision might leave them wholly defenseless and afraid. So, you may have to take certain precautions if you are letting the cat outside.

The following sections will discuss the cons of leaving them outside, and later we will tell you about certain precautions you might need to know before you go out with your Ragdoll.

Should You Keep Ragdoll Cats Indoors?

The decision to keep Ragdolls indoors and outdoors is solely on you. There are some apparent advantages of letting your cat out as it can become quite bored indoors. But you have to know why the outdoors might not be a safe place for your cat.

In this section, we will discuss the things that make the outdoors dangerous for your cat. There can be a multitude of threats for your cat that you might not recognize initially. So, we must help you make an informative decision on the matter. Let us start with the effects of outdoor activities on a cat:

Cat’s Getting Spooked:

We all agree that the outside world can be pretty scary with loud noises, large humans all around. If you take your cat outdoors for a stroll without a leash, any loud noise can spook the cat. The most instinct for such small animals is always “flight.” When the cat starts running, there is no way you can catch up with the felines. The cat can get into all sorts of accidents if you are letting it run free. So, please keep them on a leash when they are outdoors.

Even on a leash, some accidents can leave permanent damage to your cat as it can be pretty scary for them out there.

Ill-Intentioned Humans:

You cannot always expect other humans to be as courteous as you are with your cat. Unfortunately, several opportunistic people out there can take your cat and sell it to another person.

It would help if you remembered that Ragdolls could cost as much as $400, and there will be people who won’t think twice before taking the opportunity to make easy bucks.

Apart from those people, everyone does not have kind intentions towards pets, and they might harm the cat, mistaking it to be a stray. So, it is better not to let them out without supervision.

Sent To A Shelter:

According to statistics, around a 3.2million cats are admitted to various cat shelters or pet shelters around the United States every year. However, only 90,000 of those cats return to their original homes.

So, it is quite a harrowing number for any cat lover. It is one of the main reasons why we do not recommend letting your cat roam freely outside. It is better to keep them indoors than lose them permanently.

Other Animals:

When the cat is out globally, you cannot stop interacting with other cats in the neighborhood. If the other cats are vaccinated and dewormed, then the chances of getting infections reduce. However, other cats might not be kind to your cat as well.

As you know, cats are pretty territorial, which can lead to conflicts quite easily. So, letting your Ragdoll outside might put them in this kind of danger. However, when your cat is out there, it is not only other cats that can harm it.

There can be various animals like dogs, raccoons, and coyotes who can harm your cat as they prey on these larger animals. Even larger birds like Eagles or howls can also pick on kittens or smaller cats.

Apart from physical harm, there can also be invisible threats. For example, you cannot expect every cat to be free of diseases. Stray cats can carry a range of diseases that can be transmitted to your beloved Ragdoll by bites and scratches.

Other Parasites:

Apart from physical threats, there can be microscopic parasites that can harm your cat as well. You never know what kind of bacteria, virus, or parasites are out there.

So, it is just safe to keep your Ragdoll inside. You can avoid the effects of these microscopic organisms if you are up to date with your cat’s vaccinations and boosters.

As you can see, there are so many problems that might come because of letting your Ragdoll outside. These cons outweigh the pros because of these factors.

Can You Walk A Ragdoll Cat?

You can take your Ragdoll cat on a walk. But, no matter how justified it is to refer to Ragdolls as the “dogs of the cat world,” you cannot expect the same kind of behavior while walking your Ragdoll cat.

If you can make sure that the Ragdoll cat is always on a leash and follow certain precautions, it is still safer. So, you must know them to keep your beloved cat safe.

Training the cat with the walk should be the first thing you should know. While you can summarize it into a definite step-by-step process, the actual scenario is much harder than said. Nevertheless, here is a step by step guide to walking your Ragdoll cat:

Making Your Cat Comfortable with Harness:

  • Keep the harness near your cat and let it get familiarized with it.
  • When the cat is sniffing the harness, offer treats.
  • When it is comfortable with the harness in the surroundings, slowly put it over the head.
  • If your cat stays calm, more treats!!
  • When you complete these two steps, you can slip it over the legs and lock it.
  • If the cat remains calm, you know what to do.

Short Time Outdoors:

  • Now, it is time to spend time outside your house.
  • Keep the harness on, and let the cat go as far as 3 feet.
  • Call the cat, and wait for it to come back.
  • If you see that the Ragdoll is coming back to you, then give it treats.
  • Repeat this exercise for a few weeks.

Be Aware:

  • Being aware of your surroundings is a must when you are walking your cat.
  • Make sure that you choose a secluded area first.
  • Keep your cat close or in your arms when you see a dog nearby.
  • Make sure that the cat is not interacting with any stray cats.
  • Let the cat smell or touch anything that does not cause any harm.
  • Don’t pull the harness hard or harm your cat involuntarily.

Things To Take Care Of When Your Ragdoll Cat Is Outside?

As you could understand from the last section, you can take your cat on a walk if you are confident enough. However, the following precautions should be in your considerations when you are at it:

Do Not Use Collars:

It is a common mistake for cat owners who like to walk their cats by collars for the cat. While it is safe to use a collar on dogs, you cannot say the same about delicate cats. When it comes to Ragdolls, they are more delicate than you might expect.

A body harness can absorb the push and pull of the leash, and it will not harm the cat in any way. You can find a safe harness for cats in the pet store or online.

Your Ragdoll is not like a Dog:

While we say that the Ragdolls are like the dogs of the cat world, they are not the same. Dogs are much more obedient than a cat, and they generally follow you. But you should not expect the same from a cat. Being patient with the cat is your best bet for walking a dog.

Be Alert:

Always be on the lookout for potential threats to your cat. Unfortunately, your Ragdoll may not be very reliable when it comes to what can hurt it and which doesn’t. So, be careful when you are out there with your furball.


Ragdolls are not a breed that will run away for no reason. But, if there is a deterrent present, they can run away to save themselves. So, it is on us to keep them and make them feel safe.

When it comes to letting them outside or walking them, we have given our inputs on the matter. But, the final decision always rests on you. So, keep your cat safe no matter what you choose.