Do Ragdolls Like To Play? Here’s The Exact Answer You Need To Know

Ragdolls are famous for their playful attitude and lively nature. Their dog-like nature also makes it easier for them to mingle with humans or pets in the home.

Apart from that, playing a crucial part in a cat’s daily life maintains a healthy body and mind. Cat owners often find it challenging to play with their cats if they have a reserved attitude.

So, cat owners often wonder if Ragdolls will be up for playing or not? In this article, we will explore the Ragdoll cats’ playful attitude and answer a few questions that can help you keep the cat entertained for hours.

Do Ragdolls Like To Play?

Ragdoll cats act like a powerhouse when it is the time to play. The type of game will depend on the preference of individual cats.

However, if you ask whether a Ragdoll is playful or not, we will make an optimistic presumption. You can make the Ragdoll play with almost anything that you can think of.

The playful nature of Ragdolls calls for a bunch of toys, and it can keep the cat entertained for hours. While this seems an excellent trait for a cat, it can also seem difficult to some cat owners.

They will crave your attention and want to play with you at all times. It is safe to buy a few toys to keep them busy when you are not there.

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How Often Should You Play With Your Ragdoll Cat?

There is no actual limit on the time that you can spend while playing with your Ragdoll. The time works like a charm in forming a loving relationship between you and your Ragdoll.

However, it is not always possible to keep up with the cat’s demands. The busy schedule almost makes the simple bonding time scarce.

You have to spend at least twenty to thirty minutes for stable mental health while playing with the Ragdoll. It will ensure that the cat has enough exercise to fight obesity and having mental growth. 

What Kind Of Stuff That You Can Play With Ragdoll?

Ragdolls have a playful nature, and they will love to play anything with you. There are many types of games that you can play. We are going to look at the three best games that you can play with the Ragdoll.

1. Fetch:

We generally associate this game with dogs as they love to play this game all the time. However, Ragdolls are not so different when it comes to playing Go Fetch.

It is one of the main reasons we call them the ‘dogs of the cat world.’ You can choose any object which does not break from throwing.

It is preferable if the cat already fancies the object. You can show this object and play with it to grab the attention.

When you throw this object, the Ragdoll will go and bring the object to you. This simple game can become the best game for you and your beloved Ragdoll.

It can give them a sufficient amount of exercise without you involved in it much. You have to start with baby steps like throwing nearby and giving a treat to the cat whenever it brings the object to you.

As the cat becomes comfortable with the game, you can start throwing the object further or even out of sight. You can play this game at any time of the day, and the bond will only become stronger as you go through with it.

2. Lasers:

You have probably seen the video of a cat chasing a laser and having the time of their lives. You can use this simple trick to play with your Ragdoll as well.

You can also use other illusive lights like high-intensity flashlights, disco lights, etc. It is also effortless to make the game a little exciting for the cat by introducing a mirror.

There are several types of such lights that you can use to have quality time with your loving feline. The natural prey drive guides the cat to chase the moving laser and catch it.

It is somewhat like playing a safe home version of hunting to them. This game helps the cats stay fit, but it can also help them develop an acute sense of their surroundings.

However, you have to make sure that the cat does not topple over something or destroy an object in the process.

3. String Play:

It is one of the most popular games that you can play with a cat. You can attach a shiny and lightweight object at the end of the string.

Then tie the other end of the string to a stick. Swirl the object in the cat’s vision for a few seconds, and it will be instantly hooked.

You can also shape the object like any of their prey to make it useful. It will jump around trying to grab the object, and it is a sight to watch the cat prance around.

You can use feathers, fake mice, or any flurry object to make it a useful tool to play with the cat.

If you can manage to include a sound element in the mix, there can’t be anything more than the cat can ask.

You have to make sure that whenever you make the cat play with it, never forget to treat the cat for being such a good cat. 


One of the primary reasons behind ragdolls’ popularity is their loving and playful nature. If you want a dog in the shape of a cat, there can’t be a better breed than Ragdolls.

Their extremely playful nature will help you make a loving bond with the cat in no time. It is not only the bond that will become stronger; these large cats also need a sufficient amount of exercise to stay fit.

A successful play session can help you in both of these cases. Always give a treat to your beloved Ragdoll whenever you are playing with it. You can also add a little bit of catnip into the mix.