Do Ragdolls Like To Cuddle? [ Know The Answer Here ]

When a person adopts a cat, they will know how affectionate they want their cat to be. One of the purest forms of affectionate behavior is cuddles. Many cats are mostly known for their great cuddly traits.

So, if you are inclined to get a Ragdoll cat, it is pretty natural to wonder whether they will be cuddly or not. Although we cannot guarantee the behavior of every cat as they have their personalities, in general, the Ragdoll cats tend to cuddle with you all the time.

So, in this article, we will mainly talk about the cuddly behavior of Ragdoll cats. Apart from that, we will explore the reasons behind this trait and how you can make them more cuddly if they are struggling with it.

Overall, it will be an enlightening article delving into a sweet gesture of a fantastic cat breed. Let us start by simply answering the question at hand.

Do Ragdolls Like To Cuddle?

The name of this breed suggests the nature of Ragdoll cats quite appropriately. These cats are incredibly docile and gentle when they are around humans. The breed got the name because of their nature of going limp after someone picks them up, just like a Ragdoll.

So, a Ragdoll cat will generally tend to cuddle with you, and this serves as a fantastic bonding exercise with your cat. As cuddling makes them feel loved, it also helps you in spending more time with them.

We can indeed say that Ragdoll cats love to cuddle. They probably are the most cuddly cat in the world. It is one of the main reasons why people are so fond of this particular cat breed.

Why Do Ragdolls Like To Cuddle So Much?

Ragdoll cats are one of the most affectionate cat breeds in the world. If you need a companion cat and you have ample time to spend with it, experts would most likely recommend Ragdolls cat to you.

It is somewhat absurd for a cat to be so docile and gentle with you no matter what. But you might wonder why it is so cuddly all the time. The reason behind this cat’s cuddly nature lies in its origin story.

Before we go into the source of Ragdoll cats, it is better to understand the most common reason for breeding cats. As you probably know, the origin of domestic cats is as ancient as it gets. Back in the day, humans used to breed cats for the sole reason of controlling the pest population.

It is one of the main reasons why most cats have such good hunting instincts. But, apart from that, the cuddly nature of the cats is also not fully developed.

However, the origin story of Ragdoll cats is quite different, but in a better way. The advent of this breed happened in the 1960s somewhere in California, USA.

An American breeder, Ann Baker, was the first one to introduce this breed to the common masses and also perfected it for one sole purpose.

According to Baker, she bred her purebred cats with a white American longhair stray cat, resulting in a fantastic set of kittens. In addition, the cats were extremely gentle and loving in comparison to other cat breeds.

After that, she did more inbreeding to perfect the cat breed. This new cat breed is what we know as Ragdoll cat. As you can understand, the origin of the Ragdoll cat entirely lies in its amazing nature.

Naturally, the Ragdoll cats are affectionate towards their owners. But, of course, being cuddly is another side effect of being so affectionate.

If you have ever seen a Ragdoll or played with it, you must have noticed how laid back they generally are. So, if you pick them up and let them sit on your lap, they will most likely stay in that position as long as it is possible.

Few other qualities make them amazing lap cats. Their size is also suitable for keeping them on your lap for hours. However, their affectionate behavior can become clingy to the extent that they will follow you around.

Even if you forget to hold them, they will let you know that it’s probably time to cuddle. Ragdoll cats also have one of the best sounds in the cat world as they slowly meow to own your heart.

They will never reject a good cuddle session ever. On the contrary, the cat is likely to ask for it more.

Ragdoll cats are affectionate in general, and being cuddly is a positive side that we can all accept and love even more.

Do Ragdolls Like To Be Held?

As we have said previously, Ragdoll cats are very gentle. So, they naturally don’t like to be handled roughly. But if you know how to hold a cat, then Ragdolls will never stop you from keeping it on your lap. So, overall, we could say that Ragdoll cats love when you hold them.

However, you have to make sure that you are handling the cat appropriately. There is a specific way to handle your cat, and here is how you can do it.

Always approach the Ragdoll with caution and know that the cat may not want you to pick them up constantly. So, be a judge of the situation by slowly petting them. If you observe that your touch does not repulse the cat, you can more likely pick it up.

Also, you have to hold your cat firmly and do not keep it hanging for long as it can scare the cat. Always make sure that the cat is comfortable in your presence. If you are caring enough, you will not find any restriction from the Ragdoll as they are excellent at being a soft, cute ball of fur.

How Can I Make My Ragdoll Cuddly?

Ragdoll cats are inherently affectionate and cuddly. However, we cannot guarantee how a particular Ragdoll cat would behave, as every cat has its personality.

There could be several reasons why a ragdoll might not like you to hold them. So, identifying the reason could be your way out of the situation. But another important step is to be there for the cat. Here is a list of things that you can do to make them cuddly and affectionate:


Positive reinforcement goes a long way for any cat. You don’t have to do much to reinforce good behavior. Keep your cat’s favorite snack handy whenever you are interacting with your cat. When you see the cat behave how you want, you can give them the treat. In this way, they will know that you are acknowledging their good behavior.

However, make sure that you keep the overall food intake the same. Otherwise, your cat can suffer from obesity. Also, remember that you don’t scold or hit your cat if it does not behave how you want. It can detrimentally affect the cat.

Use Catnip:

Many cat owners use catnip to promote good behavior, and it is a safe method as well. Catnip generally loosens the cat a bit, and they behave affectionately. You can find catnip in any pet store or general store.

A Steady Routine:

A strict schedule helps a cat in maintaining calm and consistent behavior. Always follow the same routine every day as they become comfortable following that. For example, if you have a cuddling or petting session fixed in the evening every day, try to do that without fail.

Deciphering Body Language:

Cats do not have any means to express their emotions to humans. So, understanding your cat’s body language is the best way to determine whether it is okay for you to cuddle with it.

If you suspect that your cat wants to be left alone, it is just better to let them be. You can cuddle with the Ragdoll when they are comfortable. However, intruding on their personal space is also detrimental to the relationship between you and your cat.

By respecting boundaries and caring are the best things to make your cat affectionate towards you.

How Do Ragdolls Show Affection?

Ragdoll cats are more affectionate than most other cat breeds. Although they may not have a unique way of showing affection towards their favorite humans, Ragdoll cats usually show them more frequently. Ragdolls show a bunch of sweet gestures for making their humans unique, and we are going to talk about them briefly in this section.

Following You:

Following you around might be the sweetest thing they do in general. If you have a Ragdoll in your home, they will not leave your sight for a second. It is their unique way of saying that they are there for you.

Greetings Upon Entering:

Waiting for you near the door and greeting you as soon as you come back home is also their way of showing affection. If you have the means to observe them when you are gone, sadly, they always stay close to the door and expect you to come back soon.

Head-Butting and Rubbing:

You will observe your cat rubbing its body over your leg when you are standing next to it. Apart from that, this cat breed will often head-butt you during cuddling. Both of these are extreme shows of comfort and love.

Bringing Presents:

When a Ragdoll likes a person, it will always bring gifts for them. It can be anything they like to do. Most of the time, they like to bring their toys to you. Sometimes it can even be some dead rat, which might be unpleasant, but it is still their affection that they are showing.

Getting Jealous:

Last but not least, cats get jealous when you are interacting with something else. So laptop or phone becomes their most vicious enemies as they drive your attention from the Ragdoll.


As you can see, Ragdolls are fabulous at expressing their love and affection towards their owners. But, when it comes to cuddles, Ragdolls might be the best cat for it. Their unexpected behavior and love of being cuddled make them such a wonderful cat breed to have at home with your family.