Do Ragdoll Cats Scratch Furniture? Find Out Here

Ragdoll cats are one of the most famous cats in their world because of their large size, loving behavior, and affectionate nature.

Their dog-like nature and amiable nature make them a brilliant addition to the household. They are not capable of protecting themselves from stray cats or other animals in the wild.

So, we do not recommend that you leave the Ragdoll outdoors all by themselves. If you keep the cats inside the home for a long time, you might come back to a wall or furniture full of scratches.

Scratching is one of the cat family’s innate traits, and you should do everything in your power to stop the cats from destroying the furniture.

In this article, we will take a close look at the Ragdoll cats’ scratching habit and explore how you can stop this destructive process.

Do Ragdoll Cats Scratch Furniture?

Before we can answer this question, we need to understand the scratching traits of a cat. Their need for scratching has many fold reasons.

Apart from the fact that scratching is their ancestors’ defining characteristic, cats scratch their nails on various surfaces for several reasons.

If you are not letting the cat scratch anywhere safe, it will damage the furniture or walls. You cannot expect them to behave any other way than their naturally.

However, if you have made a few changes to your house to deal with their never-ending demand for scratching, then you will not face the problem of scratches on furniture.

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Ways To Keep Your Ragdoll Cat Away From Scratching Furniture?

There are several ways by which you can keep the Ragdoll cat away from your precious furniture.

You can either keep them off the house fittings using various methods or provide them with alternatives for their scratching needs.

The latter is a preferable choice as it keeps the cat happy as well. Let us take a look at the several possible ways by which you can keep the Ragdoll cat away from scratching the furniture:

1. A Scratching Post:

Scratching posts are one of the best ways by which you can stop your cat from destroying your furniture. There are several types of scratching posts available on the market.

All of them serve the same purpose of quenching the never-ending thirst. For starters, you can buy a Sisal rope scratcher as it is cheap and effective.

If your Ragdoll already has the habit of scratching on the furniture and walls, you can keep the scratching post near those places.

Train the Ragdoll to use the scratching post using positive reinforcement. You can spray a little amount of catnip on the scratching post to attract the cat and treat them when they have used it thoroughly.

Buying a vertical scratching post is a better idea as it goes with their natural way of scratching while standing up on their hind legs.

It is also an alternative way of stretching. You can also invest more by buying a cat tree. This costlier alternative is a brilliant way to deal with scratching as they love cat trees.

2. Cat Repellent:

Cat Repellent is another way of keeping the Ragdoll cats away from the furniture. You can find several cat repellents at the pet store or search them online.

Citrus-based fragrance repels the cats away from the place. So, you can even make a natural repellent at home. You need to find citrus-based products, mix them, and grind it to make a semi-liquid paste.

It will keep the cats away from the furniture. However, you have to keep applying the solution at all times, which can be a problem.

So, it is a temporary solution to the scratching problem. For the time being, you can put some cat repellent on the surface until you find a scratching post for the cat.

3. Distraction:

Distracting the cat with toys can also work as a temporary measure. The simple trick is to keep the cat busy to keep the cat away from scratching everywhere.

While toys can be a simple distraction method, a scavenger hunt or course can also work like a charm. You can also give the cat a sufficient amount of catnip to be their goofy self.

You can also keep a resting place for the cat near a window. A cat tree or sleeping mat near the window helps the cat have a peaceful time.

These methods might sound productive, but it requires supervision at all times. You have to consider a permanent solution as soon as possible.

4. Duct Tape or Sticky Paws:

You can also use double-sided tapes to make the surface of the furniture sticky for the cat. Cats do not like the feel of these surfaces, and they try to stay away from it.

You can obtain the same results using aluminum foil. When they put their feet, the tape or foil moves along their feet.

Cats sense a sticky feeling when they set foot on the aluminum. You can use this discomfort to your advantage.


Ragdoll is a sweet and amiable breed. They are one of the most famous domesticated cats due to their loving behavior and magnificent beauty.

But, like any other cats, they have the problem of scratching wherever they can. This trait can destroy furniture or walls in a matter of days.

While several solutions should help you keep the cat away from the house fittings, you have to invest in a scratching post or cat tree for a permanent solution.