Do Ragdoll Cats Hunt Mice? [ Here’s The Answer ]

Apart from the fuss and chaos of any great war, a war between the cats and mice is very common. Given the nature of cats to hunt, they feel a constant urge to catch mice, rats, or even birds.

But this might not be very true in the case of a ragdoll cat. Ragdolls are the calmest and most gentle breed of cats. Not to mention they are very lazy as well. They are very docile, and its owner’s lap is its best couch to sleep on. They are large and loveable cats. They love being held and are quite friendly.

And all these characteristics of this cat breed quite contradict the fact that it will abide by its hunting instincts and go for a mouse. Well, cats are the ultimate ravenous hunters, and we must keep that in mind all the time.

No matter how sweet and innocent they seem to be, we must not forget the fact that if they want, they can put up wonderful catfight shows, can’t they?

Do ragdoll cats hunt mice?

Ragdolls do catch mice, but very rarely. After all, ragdolls are cats. Its ultimate instinct will be hunting. So one might not be very astonished if a ragdoll cat hunts or even kills a mouse. Although ragdolls never really hunt, or one might say their hunting life is passive, yet you might witness the rarest cases.

The possible reasons might vary. Besides their natural instincts, if a ragdoll brings you dead mice, there may be a reason behind it. It might have seen its mother doing it while it was still a kitten, or it had done it before adoption.

Also, if a rat or a mouse invades your house, your Ragdoll would simply attack it, as it might be like hunting. Another possible reason could be that your cat is hungry. You never know, right?

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Can ragdoll cats catch mice?

Yes, ragdolls can catch mice and rats like all other cats. Although we cannot precisely tell that ragdolls are mice-hunters, as they are very kind and calm. Perhaps they enjoy peace.

But the fact that they are ultimately from the cat family, their hunting nature should not be neglected. They are not profound hunters, but they do have the ability to hunt.

Yes, a ragdoll can hunt, but it prefers to sleep on your lap or laze around or end up cuddling with you and pulling you along with it under your comforters. So congratulations, you both end up being the ultimate lazes.

Are ragdoll cats good at catching mice?

Ragdolls are very sweet and easygoing. They barely get hyped up. They are more of a defender than an attacker. It is often risky to leave your Ragdoll alone outdoors.

It has no better hunting techniques, and it can even get scared and probably not know or understand how to defend itself from unknown suddenness or any other animal attack. They get frightened very easily and sometimes end up harming themselves.

Ragdolls are very clumsy and are not at all intelligent. Also, they are very easily trainable. It surely will not disappoint you if you teach your Ragdoll not to kill.

So if it brings you a dead mouse, you have to make up your mind that it was sheer luck of his and not his first-class hunting skills that led him to catch and kill the mouse.

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What should you do if your Ragdoll hunts mice?

Well, you need not worry much in case your Ragdoll hunts a mouse if you are careful about a few things. If there is a mouse rave party going on in your house, you are not to rely upon your cat to do the honors of dismissing the mice.

Instead, you should call the mice removing service. The basic reason behind this is that mice and rats are very dirty and unhygienic. Their body contains various types of germs and is usually prone to infections.

This might lead to your cat catching up with the infecting germs from the bodies of the mice and rats and falling sick. So, quite naturally, instead of relying upon your cat to kill those rodents, you should make sure that your Ragdoll stays away from the mice and cats.

Keeping aside the very rare cases, you should be at ease and feel lucky that your ragdoll cat doesn’t admire hunting or killing mice and rats very much. Rather, it has its own pastimes.

This cat is proven to be quite lazy and clumsy. It can pass its entire day slouching on the couch of your house. So don’t expect it to get your house free from rodents.

Instead, make your own efforts to ensure that there are no mice and rats in your house. However, if you still see your Ragdoll catching or killing mice and rats, there are some necessary things that you need to do.

Primly, if your ragdoll cat hunts the mice outside, then make sure your cat does not possess access to the outsides. Then, it would be best to recollect that hunting mice are the least favorite thing for a Ragdoll’s to do.

So, if you catch your Ragdoll doing it, you must find out why the cat is doing it in the first place. If it is because your ragdoll cat has a sharper and better hunting instinct compared to most Ragdolls, then you need to get creative and set up a new pastime, probably another activity to shift its attention. Ragdolls love being pampered and held and cuddled with.

So, sometimes all you need to do to take its attention is simply leave all your work aside, no matter how important that might be, and place the cat on your lap and play with it, give it all your attention.

Everyone tends to keep their house clean, and hence rats and mice should barely be able to survive in a clean house.

But still, if there are one or two, you should make sure to pay attention to your cats’ behavior and keep it safe from the diseases that the rats and mice can cause to your Ragdoll. Rest, you need not worry about your cat, as you know it is born lazy. It will hardly get up, let alone run behind mice and rats.

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Ragdolls are very dependent cats. They admire the love and affection that you provide them with. They are very gentle and can prove to be the best lifelong companions.

They are quiet and would love to be your trusted friend without causing a lot of hyper-catty energy or fuss and chaos. They have minimal care requirements making them a great option for the grandparents or other seniors, as well as big and small families with calm children.

Despite their big size, they show no bossiness and are very calm and like to enjoy their life peacefully. Despite their thick coat, Ragdolls lack a layer of undercoat and shed very little, and hence they contribute to almost no mess.

This certainly makes housekeeping easier. Ragdolls should stay indoors as much as possible. If you’re capable of giving all that, this could be the breed for you.