Do Maine Coons Sleep A Lot? [ Know More Here ]

Cats can be pretty sleepy heads when you need them. If you monitor a cat when you are not around, you would realize how much time they spend doing absolutely nothing. Maine Coons are not an exception either. So, you might need to ask yourself whether they are sleeping the usual amount or a little more.

Do Maine Coons Sleep A Lot? Yes, Maine coon cats do sleep a lot. In fact, they can spend as much as 20 hours of their daily life just by sleeping. It is not a lot in comparison to other cat breeds because all of them show similar behavior. However, if you see that your Maine Coon is sleeping even more than usual, you might need to check whether anything is wrong.

So, we will talk about the sleeping habits of this unique cat breed. Later we will also discuss the possible reasons for oversleeping. You might need to pay special attention to that.

Do Maine Coons Sleep A Lot?


How much sleep is a lot of sleep for a cat? That is the very question that we need to answer to understand whether Maine Coon cats sleep a lot or not.

According to different studies, an adult Maine Coon cat should sleep for at least 16 hours every day. However, a Maine Coon kitten or pregnant cat can sleep for over 20 hours of sleep.

If you compare the numbers with any other cat breeds, you will find that they do not sleep longer than others.

Their need for sleep is comparable to other cats. However, the requirement of sleep may vary across age and health conditions.

Why Does My Maine Coon Cat Sleep So Much?

Maine Coon cats can sleep for as long as 16 hours, which is still customary for them. So, you might need to understand when they are sleeping abnormally.

Generally, there are some conditions when the Maine Coons can sleep for an unnecessarily long period.

So, you might need to figure out when they are going out of their norm, and it is easy to spot if you are attentive to their habits.

This section of the article will explore all the probable reasons why your Maine Coon can sleep so much.

Senile Cats:

Age is an essential criterion to look for when it comes to a Maine Coon cat’s sleeping habit. When the Maine Coon grows to a certain age, they start to sleep more.

Their inactivity is because senile cats generally have less energy. However, if you found yourself in a similar situation, don’t let the old Maine Coon sit around all day.

It will create unforeseen circumstances for the Maine Coon as obesity is a severe problem for them. So, no matter how old the Maine Coon is, you should always encourage the cat to play with you if it has good health.

Boring Days:

Maine Coon cats are one of the most playful cats amongst domesticated cats. They need a significant amount of love and attention from their owners to thrive.

Hence, lacking attention can make the Maine Coon suffer from boredom. It is the primary reason why your Maine Coon is probably sleeping for such long durations.

This condition is primarily noticeable in households where the owner has to stay away for a lengthy part of the day.

During this time, the Maine Coons become incredibly bored and lazy. Hence, they show an excessive sleeping habit.

You have to remember that the Maine Coons need your attention for a healthy mental state. They need some stimulating distractions when you are away from home.

A climbing tree, outside window view, interactive toys are significant objects to keep a Maine Coon distracted. And you have to play with the Maine Coon for at least 20 minutes daily to keep them active.

Another way of keeping your Maine Coon active is by adopting another from the same kettle.

As they already make a bond when they are growing up under their mother’s care, they will be great companions for each other when you are away.


Pregnancy[1] is the most common denominator when you have a non-spayed Maine Coon female, and it suddenly starts to sleep for most parts of the day.

During these vulnerable times, the pregnant Maine Coon cat needs a considerable amount of energy.

If that is the case, take your cat to the veterinarian so that the Maine Coon has a safe pregnancy and make sure that it is comfortable while sleeping.

Tiring Weather:

No matter what the weather is, a Maine Coon will always find an excuse to sleep more. The colder days become especially lazy for them, as they need to conserve their energy to remain warm.

Summer days also become tiring for them as they prefer to stay in a shaded area, having a little snooze. So, if your weather is harsher than usual, it may happen that the Maine Coon would sleep for a lengthier period.

Mental Health:

Maine Coon cats can suffer from severe mental illnesses [2] if you are not careful. Staying away from them for a long time can cause separation anxiety and depression.

They could also become excessively stressed in this situation. As a result, they often sleep more often than anticipated. In this scenario, you have to spend a considerable amount of time with the Maine Coon.

Physical Health:

The physical health of the cats can also be responsible for excessive sleeping amongst Maine Coons.

Cats are good at hiding their problems, and you have to be extremely careful when it comes to their physical health.

There can be a plethora of ailments that can make the Maine Coon sleep more than usual.

In this part of the article, we will give you a list of all of those illnesses and provide you with some of the common symptoms so that you can quickly catch if there’s something wrong.

  1. Arthritis [3] is a common problem amongst cats when they grow above a certain age. You can determine whether they have this ailment by looking at their movement. Generally, cats slow down in day-to-day activities, and they prefer staying in the same place.
  2. Anemia is another ailment that makes life extremely hard for the Maine Coon. The gums become pale if they are suffering from anemia. Going to the veterinarian is your best bet in this scenario.
  3. If your cat starts to lose weight abruptly and struggles with the daily chores, then your Maine Coon might have some cancer. They sleep unnaturally long during this time.
  4. If you have an old cat who suffers from obesity, diabetes might be the reason for excessive sleeping habits. They become exhausted from any activity and prefer to sleep for most of the day.
  5. Bladder infection is more common in cats than you have anticipated. They have a troubling time urinating, and movement becomes too tiring for them. However, a veterinarian can help you out of the situation.
  6. Hairballs are a big problem for cats like Maine Coon, who have excessive hair. Cats may try to throw up at random moments without success, and they grow thinner and thinner due to lack of digestion.
  7. Maine Coon cats are especially vulnerable to heart problems. The most common symptoms of any heart ailments are extreme laziness, reduced appetite, and reluctance to exercise. Paying a visit to the vet is a must in this case.
  8. Kidney disease, or especially Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), is typical for Maine Coons. In this situation, cats like to sleep more, have blood in their urine, have an extreme need for water, and show lethargy.
  9. Obesity is an extremely concerning aspect of owning a Maine Coon cat. They have heightened needs for food when they are growing up. If you are not careful with their exercising needs, they will become obese. Obesity always comes with extreme lethargy, and that can lead to excessive sleeping. This scenario is easily avoidable if you take some time off your busy schedule to exercise your Maine Coon. It will help both their mental and physical health, and you will have a happy Maine Coon.

Many ailments like this can cause excessive sleep. Hence, you have to keep your eyes out for any of these symptoms. Taking the Maine Coon to a vet is probably the best against any of these diseases.

How Much Sleep Is Ideal For A Maine Coon?

Maine Coon cats have a severe need for sleep. In general, an adult Maine Coon can sleep for as long as 16 hours every day.

The amount of sleep varies concerning the age and health condition of the Maine Coon. A Maine Coon kitten sleeps for at least 20 hours a day.

A pregnant Maine Coon can easily sleep for more than 20 hours. A Maine Coon can sleep like any other cat.

Maine Coons are most active during the early morning hours, and they prefer to sleep most of the day.

That is why it may seem that your cat is sleeping for the entire day, but actually, it just has a different schedule than yours.

Do Maine Coons Sleep More Than Other Cats?

There is no reason to believe that the Maine Coons sleep more than the other cats. The Maine Coons are more active than most other cat breeds.

While that is true, Maine Coons also love to sleep a lot.

So, we can say that Maine Coons sleep as much as they should. All the cats with similar age and health conditions will sleep the same amount on average.


Maine Coon cats can sleep for an extended period when you compare them with humans. They sleep throughout the day, and they are most active during the early morning.

Sixteen hours of sleep on average may seem too much for a Maine Coon, but that is comparable to any other cats in the world.

It is when they are sleeping excessively, it can be a matter of concern. So, keep observing your cat for the slightest hints because that will result in a happy Maine Coon.