Do Maine Coons Get Lonely? Here’s What Our Research Says

Maine Coons are famous for their magnificent size. They are one of the largest domesticated cats in the world.

Only one cat breed in the world can come close to its enormous size, and that is the Norwegian Forest Cats.

However, there is another characteristic of the cat that makes them such a desirable cat breed.

Gentle giants is another popular name for the Maine Coons, and it is due to the lovely behavior they have towards everyone.

They are extremely friendly, cheerful, and they like to accompany their caretaker all the time. So, it is a common question to ask what happens when you leave these cats for a long time.

We always try to keep our cats’ best intentions, and it is essential to know the duration for which you can leave your cat alone.

In this article, we will discuss this aspect of owning a Maine Coon cat and what it entails in terms of companionship when it comes to this breed.

Let us behind by answering the question at hand, and then we will proceed to a descriptive view of the situation.

Do Maine Coons Get Lonely?

Loneliness is a too complex emotion for a cat to have. However, if you are talking about the effects of loneliness on the human mind, Maine Coons may have the same feelings when they have to live without their owner for a lengthy duration.

Maine Coons are incredibly social, and that restricts them from lengthy alone times. If you are leaving the Maine Coon for a short duration, it will not affect them.

However, continuous exposure to long periods of alone time may lead to anxiety problems and depression.

If you are wondering whether Maine Coons feel the effects of being alone, they do when it is happening continuously. 

Can Maine Coons Be Left Alone?

Maine Coon cats are one of the most magnificent cats in the world.

Not only the stunning looks make them so desirable, but the bond with the owner also gives the best experience of owning a cat in general.

Maine Coons are also different from most cats.

While Maine Coons come across to be an independent breed, they do not like to stay away from their owners.

In this way, Maine Coons and dogs are a lot alike. It is also one of the main reasons why Maine Coon cats are called  “dogs of the cat world.”

Maine Coon’s independent nature does not stop spending most of their time in close contact with the owner.

Maine Coon cats earned the domesticated cat status quite a few decades ago. They are as much dependent on the owner when it comes to food, water, and affection as any other cat.

Maybe the dependence is more for the Maine Coons because they can bond quickly with anyone around them. If you show love and affection to a Maine Coon, they will return the same to you.

The primary concern of leaving Maine Coon alone for the long duration is that they can suffer from anxiety and depression.

Hence, we would not recommend you to leave a Maine Coon alone in your home for more than a few hours.

Even if you are leaving your Maine Coon at the house, make sure that you keep sufficient toys, food, and water for the Maine Coon so that they can stay busy while you are away.

We will cover the necessary things you should do before leaving a Maine Coon alone later in the article.

So, we recommend that you should not leave your Maine Coon for more than a few hours. The best condition is when you don’t have to leave at all.

But we all know that most of you have to leave at some point every day. Hence, you should keep reading and know what to do before leaving a Maine Coon cat alone for a few hours.

Are Maine Coons One Person Cat?


One of the most desirable characteristics of a Maine Coon cat is that they are highly sociable cats.

They will follow you all over the house, and the Maine Coons do not have a clear idea about personal space.

Their amiable nature is a treat for every Maine Coon owner. However, you might want to know whether they bond with only one person or be loving towards everyone around them.

Maine Coon is not a one-person cat. They may be extremely loyal to a particular person, but they are also very friendly towards everyone.

If you spend most of your time with the Maine Coon, it is more likely that the Maine Coon will also want to spend its time with you.

But if you have a visitor in the house, the Maine Coon will be friendly and pleasant to them as well.

The amiable nature of the Maine Coon is responsible for this trait. They can quickly bond with anyone that gives time to them.

It is also one reason why Maine Coons have a happy life when they have someone around at every moment. Caring nature is a must when you have a Maine Coon at the house.

One of the most determining criteria of this kind of trait is the nature of the Maine Coon.

If you have an extrovert Maine Coon cat in your house, it will bond with absolutely anybody. They will meddle with visitors as well as it bonds with you.

They can adapt to any situation. However, introverted cats are more challenging to handle. Maine Coons do not fall into this category in general.

However, a traumatic experience can make the cat timid and afraid of everyone. In those situations, they only bond with one person or a family at best.

Any foreign presence can trigger trauma in them, and they will take shelter under the owners’ protection.

Hence, we can say that any Maine Coon cat with no traumatic experience will most definitely be an extroverted cat, and they will bond with absolutely anyone. But, the other side of the spectrum is quite possible for the Maine Coon cats.

Why Should You Not Leave Your Maine Coon?

The primary reason you should not leave your Maine Coon alone is to develop mental problems by repeated exposure to alone time. Cats can develop stress and depression if you are leaving the Maine Coon for lengthy periods.

Another reason is that the Maine Coon can hurt itself without any supervision.

It is the primary reason why you should cat-proof your house before leaving a Maine Coon alone.

You have to make sure that they are stuck in a small room as well. It will make the experience more traumatizing. 

How Long Can You Leave Your Maine Coon Cat Alone?

Maine Coons do not respond appropriately to alone time. The duration of time you can leave your Maine Coon depends on the age, mental condition, home condition, and the Maine Coon itself.

Here, we have given you an idea about the maximum duration for which the Maine Coon will be able to stay alone on their own. But the duration may vary drastically from one Maine Coon to another.

If your Maine Coon is less than four months old, you cannot leave the Maine Coon at all. It is an extremely critical time for the Maine Coon cat, and they need you with them at all times.

When your Maine Coons age ranges from 4 to 6 months, you can leave your Maine Coon alone for a maximum duration of 5 hours.

You should avoid going out for more than nine hours till they reach the one-year mark. Stick to a maximum duration of 12 hours of alone time even after they are two years old.

Maine Coon cats do not like to stay alone on their own, and we would recommend that you have to avoid such situations at all costs.

Signs That Your Maine Coon Is Looking For A Companion:

Maine Coons requires the presence of a companion at all times.

If the cat is suffering from any mental stress or depression, it will let you know in their ways. The following signs denote that they are probably in dire need of a companion:

  • Maine Coon can suddenly change their appetite due to stress and depression. If that is the case, you should address this issue as soon as possible.
  • Maine Coon cats become clingy when they have you. If you leave the cat for a long duration without anyone around, they will not leave your side and meow at almost everything. 
  • Depression and anxiety often trigger irregular grooming for Maine Coon cats. 
  • Maine Coons are famous for their lively nature. However, alone time can make them sleep abruptly and stay low for most of the day.
  • Maine Coons can also become violent if they have mental stress.

Ways To Entertain Your Maine Coon When You Are Away:

When you leave your Maine Coon alone in the house, you have to make sure that they remain entertained when you are away.

Another critical step is to make the house cat-proof and give access to the complete house. Here is a list of things you can do to keep your cat entertained when you are not there:

  1. A comfy place to sleep and spend time will be perfect for a Maine Coon. They can sleep their worries away when you are not there. 
  2. If your Maine Coon likes to play, try to buy a climbing tree for the cat. They will spend their time playing on the tree.
  3. A scratching post is also a cheaper alternative to a climbing tree. Maine Coon’s indomitable desire to scratch things will be fulfilled.
  4. A place near the window would also be great for the Maine Coon.
  5. Maine Coons also like to watch TV most of the time. You can play a lengthy wildlife video when you are away.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can You Leave Your Maine Coon Cat Alone Overnight?

If you have a Maine Coon kitten in your house, you cannot leave your kitten alone overnight. However, if you have an adult Maine Coon cat, you can leave it overnight.

Provided that you have taken the precautions of cat-proofing your house. Also, you have to make sure that you have given enough entertainment for the cat.

Can You Leave Your Maine Coon Cat Alone While Pregnant?

You cannot leave your Maine Coon cat alone when she is pregnant. Pregnant cats have many requirements that they cannot fulfill on their own.

The food intake also increases a lot during pregnancy. If you leave your pregnant cat overnight, the food will be over, and you would be risking the cat’s pregnancy.


As you have understood from the article, leaving Maine Coon alone can result in many complications in their emotional state.

Repeated exposure to lengthy alone time will make the cat suffer from depression and anxiety-related issues.

Hence, you should avoid keeping your Maine Coon alone. But if you have to, then keep the duration below twelve hours at all cost.