Do Maine Coons Get Cold? [ Know The Answer Here ]

Maine Coon cats have magnificent triple-layered coats on their body, and the long hair looks fantastic on them. Apart from the aesthetic aspect of the coat, it serves a vital purpose for the Maine Coons. As Maine Coons originally belong to the colder climates of Maine, USA, their thick coat helps them in withstanding cold temperature. So, you might wonder whether Maine Coons get cold at all.

Maine Coons can get cold despite having such efficient fur on their body. It does not make them impervious to cold climates. Any temperature below 45°F can be detrimental to the health of the Maine Coons.

They can even suffer from hypothermia if the cat is in such temperatures for a long time.

Hence, this article will help you in determining the course of action for winters. You will be able to understand the symptoms of cold and act accordingly after reading this article.

How Much Cold Can A Maine Coon Tolerate?


There is no concrete answer to this question. The tolerance level of an individual Maine Coon can depend on the age, health, and other qualities of the cat.

Hence, a veterinarian could help you in this regard as they can run the necessary tests to give you the desired result.

However, in general, you cannot keep the Maine Coon outside for a more extended period if the outside temperature is below 45 degrees.

It does not mean that they cannot withstand this temperature at all. Their thick coats have it covered for a short duration.

So, if you have an outdoor Maine Coon, you have to make sure that it stays inside during the harsh winters.

Maine Coons can hide their pain quite well, and you have to be extremely careful if they show any concerning symptoms. Cats can have severe hypothermia if they are outside for a lengthy duration.

How Do I Know If Your Maine Coon Is Cold?

It is incredibly crucial to understand that the Maine Coons also feel the effects of cold-like any human being.

A regular healthy human being will have a body temperature of around 98 degrees, whereas a cat’s body temperature lies in the range of 100 to 102 degrees.

While this temperature difference doesn’t seem much, they need to burn many calories to raise the body temperature to 102 degrees.

Hence, the requirement of temperature regulation is much more for a cat. That is where the extra thick coat of the Maine Coon excels.

However, it does not mean that they can withstand cold temperatures well. They will feel a cold climate as much as we do.

The difference is that the cats are incredibly efficient in hiding their weaknesses.

Hence, extra care and observation may be needed to determine whether your Maine Coon is cold or not. You should not for the following signs of a cold to understand this condition fast:

  • The cat might sleep in a ball-shape every time it sleeps on its bed. However, many cats can sleep like this for no reason, and you have to pay special attention to understand whether it is due to cold.
  • Some parts of a cat’s body give away warmth to regulate the internal temperature. It results in frigid temperatures of ears, paws, or tails. Hence, if you observe that those parts’ temperature is shallow, you have to make sure that the cat is warm in its position.
  • Maine Coon cats are generally loving and caring towards their owners. So, snuggling may be a fairly common behavior for the Maine Coon cat. However, if your Maine Coon is becoming too snuggly, it may be because it is feeling cold. They can come to you for an extra bit of warmth.

These are the most common symptoms of a cold that you can see in a Maine Coon cat. If you are not careful at the early stages of cold, it can lead to hypothermia and exacerbate the situation.

Maine Coons are at the risk of having hypothermia[1] like any other cat breeds. The symptoms can vary from stiffness in the muscle, dilated pupils, losing sense, troubled breathing, and many more.

You have to take your Maine Coon to a veterinarian if you get the slightest sense that the cat struggles with cold.

Cats can die of hypothermia sooner than you think as they have a heightened body temperature.

Maine Coon cats are well equipped to handle the cold temperature because of the double-layered, waterproof coats and puffy paws.

But that does not make them immune to cold climates. You have to make sure that they are comfortable in their surroundings.

Ways To Care For Your Maine Coon In Winter:

Taking care of the Maine Coon in the winter is nothing but some extra steps to ensure the cat’s safety. In this part of the article, we will give you some tips and tricks to help you when the cat is feeling cold.

  1. The diet of the Maine Coon cat needs utmost care. These cats have a heavy diet in general, the requirement of calories increases during the cold days. They need the extra bit of nutrients to make sure that the body temperature stays the same.
  2. If your Maine Coon goes out during the summer days, you have to stop this habit during winter. Although they can withstand cold temperatures for a short duration, prolonged exposure to such cold can be detrimental to health.
  3. Be careful that the cat does not have access to potentially deadly chemicals in your garage. One of the most harmful chemicals during winter is the antifreeze that you use in the car. Make sure that the car is not leaking any of it as the cats can taste it. It can lead to severe health issues as these chemicals are poisonous to cats.
  4. When you take the Maine Coon on a car ride on winter days, you must keep the heater inside the car. Otherwise, the temperature inside the car can go to an uncomfortably low value, and your cat can suffer from hypothermia.
  5. You cannot put extra clothing on the Maine Coon no matter how cold it is outside. It takes away their control over the body temperature, and they can suffer from overheating. So, avoid using sweaters or any other warm clothes for the Maine Coon.
  6. Maine Coon cats spend a significant portion of the day sleeping. The amount can be as high as 20 hours for an adult Maine Coon cat. Hence, you can make sure that the cat is comfortable in his designated sleeping place. You can just put the bed at someplace where the temperature is comfortable for the cat. You do not need to spend extra money on self-heating beds to become uncomfortable for the Maine Coon.

Do Cats Need Sweaters When They Are Cold?


The answer to this question will vary from one cat to another. The cat’s breed comes into consideration; its age and health issues also contribute to this decision.

For example, a Maine Coon cat will not need a sweater when it is inside the house.

Their thick double-layered coat will be able to handle the temperature quite well. You might make the situation terrible if you force the Maine Coon to wear a sweater.

On the other hand, Sphynx cats need sweaters because they do not cover a coat.

Hence, spending on some high-quality sweaters is a must for them. You can consult a veterinarian regarding this as they will give a personalized view of the situation.


Maine Coon cats are one of the best cat breeds because of their loving nature and beautiful looks.

Their majestic thick coat may give you the notion that they do not feel the effects of cold, but that cannot be more false.

Hence, you need to take specific steps to ensure the comfort of the Maine Coon during winter days. It is entirely in your hand to make your beloved furball comfortable no matter what the situation is.

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