Do Maine Coons Get Along With Dogs? Here’s What You Need To Know

If you own a Maine coon cat & planning to get a dog along with it, a very common question often arises. Do they get along with dogs?

In this article, we will walk you through our analysis and experience. After reading this article, you will get a clear answer if your Maine coons can get along with dogs.

Dogs chasing cats gives a wrong idea in our mind about the relationship between cats and dogs. You might expect that a cat would not get along with dogs.

However, the situation is quite different for Maine Coons. They are well-known for their genial behavior, and we also call them as the dogs of the cat world.

Naturally, we would expect them to form a cordial relationship with a dog. It is a well-proven fact that Maine Coon cats can be great with kids, animals, or other humans in the house.

However, the initial few days of the introduction should be under scrutiny, and this part may be responsible for the relationship between the Maine Coon and the dog.

So, you need to know a few things before you trudge along with this territory. We will walk you through the process, and you will face no difficulty if you are planning to introduce your Maine Coon to a new dog or vice versa.

Do Maine Coons Get Along With Dogs?

Yes, Maine Coons are exceptionally astonishing with dogs. If the dog does not have a problem with a smaller animal like Maine Coons, you can expect the same from your cat.

Maine Coon’s loving, amiable, and dog-like behavior make them a natural companion for a dog.

This relationship is also fruitful for their mental health as they do not suffer from any separation anxiety because of this companionship.

If you choose the correct dog breed and follow a suitable introduction procedure, you don’t need to worry.

Things You Should Know Before Introducing Both of Them:

The initial introduction has a significant effect on the relationship between a Maine Coon and a dog. If you remember a few things before adopting a new dog, they will form a loving friendship in no time.

If they are taking some time, you can be attentive to their behaviors. The following considerations should help you a lot in this process:

1. What Breed of Dog Do You Have? Is It Ok With A Cat?

The dog breed is a crucial part of the relationship formation, and you can push the balance on the desirable side by choosing cat-friendly dogs.

If you already own a dog, you should be well-versed with its traits and behavior towards other animals.

Hunting traits can be detrimental to the situation, and you should avoid adopting a cat if you observe this trait. However, we have curated a list of dogs that will be kind to a Maine Coon.

These breeds may give you a simple time going through the introduction phase, but it does not mean that they will always favor sharing your love and the house with another animal.

The best you can do is hoping that your cat is accepting of the Maine Coon. However, there are a few breeds that do not like sharing their homes with prey.

Although we are not saying that it is impossible to construct a bond between them, it will be significantly harder. The dog-breeds are:

2. Give Proper Time After You Introduce :

When you introduce the Maine Coon to a dog, you cannot just force them to live cordially from the start. You need to give sufficient time to adjust to the presence of each other.

First, you can keep them at two separate corners of the house, from where they can see each other, but cannot interact. It will give both sufficient time to adjust to each other’s presence.

After that, you can help the cat be comfortable with the dog’s smell and vice versa. You can achieve this by removing the dog from its quarters and playing with the cat there.

You can do the same with the dog to get it familiar with the Maine Coon’s smell.

After that, you can let them be together for short periods. You cannot let them play for long, as it might result in a chase in no time.

The introduction period should be under scrutiny. An initial conflict can become deleterious in your venture to unite your pets.

You can increase the time duration of the meet gradually.

You should reward it with treats for good behavior, and avoid conflicts at all costs. They will be content with each other’s presence if you are attentive and patient with them.

3. Watch Them Periodically:

You can give both of them enough time individually. You can play with it separately and share the love that you have for both of them.

If you are partial towards any one of the pets, the other might get jealous. You do not want to be the reason for their conflict.

Love both of them equally, and play with each of them with the same amount of love.

You can keep a separate schedule for playing both of them during the introduction period and combine the time when they are comfortable with each other.


A Maine Coon and a dog can be an incredible duo for your house. If you have an office job, it will be good for both of them to have some company.

They will interact with each other and keep each other happy. If you have a dog who is comfortable with having a cat around, then a Maine Coon can be the best choice for you.

Be attentive to their needs, and follow a gradual introduction process to form a budding companionship between your Maine Coon and the dog.

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